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Review #1, by Harmonia Well, it's raining, Sir.

1st February 2012:
This was freaking hilarious!!! I literally laughed out loud at the part where Snape "giggled". LOL.

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Review #2, by _starlit_sky_ Well, it's raining, Sir.

21st January 2012:
That was simply FANTASTIC! How did you come up with that??? I'm going to read the rest of your series right now! Oh, and you could make them in a story form, with chapters and not individual one-shots.. I think that it would be easier for the readers... But it was great anyway! You made my day!

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Review #3, by Blaise Zabinis Fiancee Well, it's raining, Sir.

7th October 2011:
This is my second time reading this short, and I have to say that it is still just as funny as the second and first times! I really do hope that you return to writing these oneshots and ask that you keep an eye out for my brother and my series, Hogwarts School Host Club. If you've ever read the manga Ouran High School Host Club you already know that tons of giggles are in store!

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Review #4, by Dancegirlgirl Well, it's raining, Sir.

28th July 2011:
Ok this is funny. No HILARIOUS. I love this story

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Review #5, by BlackFaerie Well, it's raining, Sir.

8th March 2011:
Genius. Absolute genius.

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Review #6, by lily601kd Well, it's raining, Sir.

12th September 2010:
pure geinius my friend, bravo. (claps)

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Review #7, by grangerdanger Well, it's raining, Sir.

30th March 2010:
Ahahaha! Good one! This would be a great technique to use in school... Though I don't think my teachers would fall for it.

Keep writing! Cheers!

-> GrangerDanger

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Review #8, by Freefallinglaughter Well, it's raining, Sir.

5th October 2009:

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Review #9, by blessedbyLORD Well, it's raining, Sir.

12th June 2009:
lol that was funny as heck.

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Review #10, by Person4567 Well, it's raining, Sir.

23rd May 2009:
That's great, that's amazing, that's fantastic. I've got to read the others.

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Review #11, by Amanda_Lynn Well, it's raining, Sir.

8th April 2009:
LOL!!! That was priceless! Snape giggling!

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Review #12, by Hermione_Harry_Ron333 Well, it's raining, Sir.

15th March 2009:
LOL. I love it. It was so funny. Great story. LOL. :)

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Review #13, by Sani Well, it's raining, Sir.

29th January 2009:
i really like this, snape really knows how to underestimate a person. it's a good thing harry is smarter than snape.

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Review #14, by Nightrunner Well, it's raining, Sir.

23rd January 2009:
If Harry ever decides to run for Minister of Magic, he has my vote. Or President of the United States, for that matter.
He'd have congress chasing its own tail for months!

Great little story. Now, for the second one!


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Review #15, by PhoenixRoseQueen Well, it's raining, Sir.

13th January 2009:
oh... oh, wow. I am crying right now. That was just so hilarious I can barely sit up. I can't speak.

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Review #16, by siriusluver06 Well, it's raining, Sir.

15th December 2008:
wow that is hilarious

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Review #17, by LilyPotter Well, it's raining, Sir.

13th December 2008:
Sorry I didn't review for the chicken one but they were both great. Now i"m going to type in hamburgers to see what I get. 10-10

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Review #18, by Seleneth Well, it's raining, Sir.

9th December 2008:
Delightful use of randomised sequences, and a great ending to confuse everyone all the more. A highly amusing peice of writing. I look forward to reading more of thisbehecate's work

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Review #19, by David Well, it's raining, Sir.

2nd December 2008:
Very good.I liked how you could get Snape to get out his more stupider side.

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Review #20, by irrelevant Well, it's raining, Sir.

27th November 2008:
THAT was SO incredibly GOOD!!! I mean, even i forgot what Harry said about rain in the beginning... and Snape... GIGGLING... that was just too much XD looovely, it is... perfect! :)

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Review #21, by Geniusfollower Well, it's raining, Sir.

27th November 2008:
This is simply the best story I have read on this site in a long long time!! a 10 on 10 for ur efforts.

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Review #22, by Ravenclaw deatheater Well, it's raining, Sir.

26th November 2008:
OMG!!! I LOVE this story!!! Please please please update soon!! Snape was more likely to kick a puppy than pet it- by far the best line in the cp. 10/10

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Review #23, by Rose Aleera Well, it's raining, Sir.

25th November 2008:
It was so much FUN!!!
You are a genius!!! XD

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Review #24, by someone___1 Well, it's raining, Sir.

25th November 2008:
that was pretty funny. so its the first in a series??? i cant wait!!

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Review #25, by obliviatethemoon Well, it's raining, Sir.

25th November 2008:
haha thats awesome!! i cant wait for the next one! :P

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