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Review #1, by HP+Cupcakes=Awesome! Muggle At Hogwarts

10th February 2012:
This is cool! I wonder what it would have been like if Katie hadn't had her memory modified and then she went looking for Hogwarts and then gotten accepted... That would be awesome!

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Review #2, by ClearAsCrystalrEyes Muggle At Hogwarts

18th August 2009:
Aww that was a cute little story. 8/10.

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Review #3, by Darkness_Never_Leaves Muggle At Hogwarts

30th June 2009:
well this is an interesting topic to write about... I've never read anything like this before. Some friendly advice:
I can tell that you're writing specifically from you're point of view, so, i think you should first think about you're main character and what you want her to be like so that you can try to write what she feels like. if you find it too hard to do that you could change the style to third person.

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Review #4, by dracosgirl18 Muggle At Hogwarts

26th April 2009:
That's was very good for your first try!

I know when I started writing, it was kinda hard, but if you would like to write another story and need someone to bounce ideas off of, my door (email) is always open!


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Review #5, by Aashna Muggle At Hogwarts

25th April 2009:
Hi slytherinprincess22
U know dat was a very nice and indigenous idea u had there, it really was very intriguing.
But, after reading the story, i feel that it could have had more to it, it appeared a bit shallow and a lill rushed up. Although, i completely understand as side-track ideas are difficult to think upon. But, overall a charming idea and nice effort!

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Review #6, by oboeroy Muggle At Hogwarts

24th April 2009:
I think the Idea here is amusing but I think the that you need to work on the dialouge of the story telling it just doesn't quite flow, but don't worry the more you write the better you'll get.

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Review #7, by Griffindork Muggle At Hogwarts

24th April 2009:
yay!! you posted it as a one shot!! finally!!
from Treska.. btw i'm not sitting beside you at this very moment.. not at al...


ps* nice missing f key... hahaha

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Review #8, by buttonlady Muggle At Hogwarts

24th April 2009:
The story idea is good... needs fleshed out a bit.

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