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Review #1, by E.B 'Can't beat the baccy buzz,'

15th March 2013:
this is really great :) might i just note though, ron is actually rose's dad, so she shouldnt be calling him uncle... otherwise i have no critics whatsoever :)

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Review #2, by Live-life Hardly Shakespeare.

12th April 2011:
This fanfic is seriously funny ive been laughing outloud just about ever other word! Please update soon! :D

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Review #3, by terri Hardly Shakespeare.

9th January 2011:
i want to know what happens! this is one of my favorite stories and i have read it about 10 times. continue to write the story. i want to see this finished. PLEASE?!

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Review #4, by madness Hardly Shakespeare.

6th January 2011:
So dont you think that leaving it on such a big cliff hanger and then not updating for a year is a bit harsh? Yeah, me too. Please update. I would be happy to help you if you are stuck. You could also get a banner from the tda link. Please update xxx

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Review #5, by rose_luvs_scorpius Hardly Shakespeare.

2nd November 2010:
please continue this story it is amazing and i absolutely love every bit of it!

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Review #6, by LidaRose Hardly Shakespeare.

28th May 2010:
Where have you been? I've been waiting with baited breath for an update! I'm hooked on this story! More please!

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Review #7, by Meg Hardly Shakespeare.

9th March 2010:
That was so not fair! I find a story and read it all in one morning and have that as the ending for now OMG so not fair!

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Review #8, by Kelly Hardly Shakespeare.

5th March 2010:
wow, love ur story so funny :)
and i am so glad ur writing it/updating again

i think this is the 200th review so YAY congrats
keep writing :)

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Review #9, by SaritaMalfoy22 Hardly Shakespeare.

15th January 2010:
‘Don’t worry Ro.’. Roxy sniffs. ‘Common knowledge that Cosmo thinks with his…..’

‘Sausage…….anyone’ James interrupts offering us his packet.

One of my fave lines EVERRR ^ ^ ^ ^ :L
And omg that bitch tessa!! Heres sincerly hoping it's not Scorpius's :D Update soon :)

-Sarita x

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Review #10, by Andromeda Black Hardly Shakespeare.

3rd January 2010:
YAY. A new chapter, finally! And I liked it a lot. I love James so much, he is sort of completely useless and insignificant, just sort of mooching around in the background...and yet he is such an important part of the story!! I read the chapter so quickly that I can't really remember my fave bits, and I can't really be bothered to go back and find them, so just assume that I loved it all. Which would be correct, because I did. Keep going.

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Review #11, by Sarcastic_Bones Hardly Shakespeare.

1st January 2010:
HaHa! OMG, this bit made me laugh for, like, an hour:

‘Scorpius thinks I’m cool.’ I reply dazedly.

Professor McGonagall stiffens and rolls her eyes. ‘Congratulations’. She replies dryly.

LOL. Anhyoo, I actually really liked this chapter. :)
And, Whoa, MASSIVE cliff hanger at the end. But I enjoy cliff hangers so... meh.. :)

Can't wait for the next chapters. xx

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Review #12, by phoenixy_friend Hardly Shakespeare.

31st December 2009:
You're right, there are a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes. Really, though, all I'm angry aabout is that you put this cliffhanger in just as I started reading it. Thanks, thanks a lot.

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Review #13, by Voldy_needs_a_hug Hardly Shakespeare.

24th December 2009:
omigosh!! Jim Carey taught me how to spell that ♥

hey. plz try not to take AS long as last time?
im still lovin ur story


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Review #14, by Ava Pearce Hardly Shakespeare.

22nd December 2009:
what a bombshell to drop!
it is so mean (but still awesome) to give us that just before the queue closure!
Ava xx

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Review #15, by Rosie_Posie ‘ Vodka. Straight up,’

22nd December 2009:
Hi! I love this so much I am rereading it! I just found a mistake

( Uncle Ron is and his ears have gone very pink, Auntie Ginny finds very amusing)

Ron is Rose's dad so it should probably say

( Dad is and his ears have gone very pink, Auntie Ginny finds very amusing)

its only a very little mistake!


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Review #16, by Fireball Nymph Hardly Shakespeare.

22nd December 2009:

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Review #17, by lilysilverman A touch of 'hanky panky'

21st December 2009:
You are so funny! I literally laughed out loud while i was reading this. Good job!

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Review #18, by just another reviewer Hardly Shakespeare.

20th December 2009:
"voldy was just misunderstood"
I thouroughly enjoyed this chapter, although I have to say I'm really anxious for the next one. Please please please update soon!

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Review #19, by Rosie_Posie Hardly Shakespeare.

20th December 2009:
Hi! Sorry I haven't reviewed I just kept wanting to go on to the next chapter!

Love the story by the way ScoRo are so CUTE!

Hope you update soon (which will be after the queue reopens unless yr a TA!)
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Review #20, by HarryP Hardly Shakespeare.

20th December 2009:
yesss love it! so funny!

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Review #21, by thereallilypotter Hardly Shakespeare.

19th December 2009:
O. M. G. i realy need to know WHEN the next chapter will be so i can check (never mind the fact that i will check everyday anyway.) TELL MEEE
i need to know!!!

Author's Response: ok THANK YOU for reviewing- that also goes for everyone who has done on this chapter. Bad news.

There is a que closure (who the HELL do you spell que.that looks wrong) and it goes on till Jan the 5th THEN i bet loads of people will update so it will take guessing half way through jan.

you check everyday..?? wiiicked man. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.
merry christmas my little elf.


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Review #22, by thereallilypotter Hardly Shakespeare.

19th December 2009:
O. M. G. i realy need to know WHEN the next chapter will be so i can check (never mind the fact that i will check everyday anyway.) TELL MEEE
i need to know!!!

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Review #23, by RonNiffler Hardly Shakespeare.

19th December 2009:
Holy.! No way! Ah! Ok you have to update soon! Great chapter!

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Review #24, by I love Scorp Hardly Shakespeare.

19th December 2009:
Oh no- I must fight the truth drug. He cannot know I have been weighing up the pros and cons of handholding that really is weird, even for my standards.

‘You have REALLY big hands.’ I shriek snatching my own back.

Great now I look AND sound like a lunatic.

LMAOo. hahaha luv it.

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Review #25, by princessmione Hardly Shakespeare.

19th December 2009:
omh so funni i love this i hope tessa is lying about been preggers i love this story

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