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Review #1, by Misha Blueprint

8th August 2014:
I've read the first tale a long while ago and then like yesterday I searched it up again and I found the other two new fanficts and HOLY S*IT they are amazing Amore is my heroine

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Review #2, by Padfoot27 Blueprint

30th July 2011:
Loved it, i love reading about Regulus and Amore really love it hope there is more soon

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Review #3, by kaylee2015 Blueprint

28th December 2010:
PLEASE WRITE MORE! this was amazing. i really enjoyed it and im on the edge of my seat lol

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Review #4, by tEar_leSs Blueprint

15th July 2009:
oh yeah! i didn't know there was a sequel. XD. so happy the regulus and blaise didn't die! lol. anyway, i think this is going to be an interesting story.please update soon!

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Review #5, by emilysoxo Blueprint

9th July 2009:
aww i love draco/amore time :)
its sweet
lol i wonder who blaise's new woman is going to be?
haha. jk.
good job :)

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Review #6, by tiffany_nicole Blueprint

20th February 2009:
I am realy loving this whole trilogy thing, so please continue writing!!! Fabulous job!

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Review #7, by britney sprouse Blueprint

18th February 2009:
my fav line =>But me and your father have a surprise for you to make this holiday season even brighter, we’ve invited Blaise and his son to spend Christmas break with us.
this was real good now i am thinking who will nadine fall for.
i guess i want for fight b/w nadine and blaise

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Review #8, by xxxKrissyxxx Blueprint

30th January 2009:
the ending was very unexpected
I cant wait for the next chapter!
Nadine and Blaise Jr. in the same house.
and then Regulus, Amore, And Blaise Sr togehter again! Yay!!


Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! The next chapter should be up soon, and yes that will be interesting!

ssb =)

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Review #9, by BSFB Blueprint

28th January 2009:
Holy Cow! Nadine and Blaise staying in the same house? Can't wait to see the battles between them and how Regulus, Amore and Blaise will handle them! I absolutely loved the line that said Amore was Regulus' only companion for a while. But it broke my heart that Regulus' and Blaise's friendship was nearly enialated. Can't wait for the next chapter!!! xoxoxoxo

Author's Response: Oh yes! It will be fun =) And you can be sure that it'll be an interesting chapter.. Yes Blaise and Regulus's friendship took a back burner during the past years. Next chapter should be up in a jiffy!

ssb =]

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Review #10, by :)nick:) Blueprint

27th January 2009:
*SQUEES* Yay you updated. Well I want more please, with a side of Witches's Chess too.

Author's Response: =] I'm glad you liked it more to come!


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Review #11, by jkrowling_fan Pandora's Box

19th December 2008:
Hi ssb!

God, I'm so-o-o-o-o-o-o happy at the moment! My Christmas Holidays are starting from tomorrow and now I read this! Its like some sort of a double offer =)

Every time you finish one chapter, I go like - Oh no, it's ended already! MORE! (Today seems to be the exclamation mark day for me) MORE! MORE!

" ... The relationship that had developed between her and Regulus had seemingly progressed further. From the way that their relationship had been before, it seemed as though they were on the golden path of matrimony. Amore reflected with a smile what had happened before they both had worked out their differences ..."

How can you juz TORTURE us like this and not say anything about THAT night? I mean, after Reggie opened his eyes ... the love that blossomed b/w them, the romance after years of hate ... *floats*

I positively hate Nadine atm, coz she's stealing precious Amore/Reggie romance time for me. And, she and Blaise Jr. seem to be quite friendly ...

This time I have three questions for you. Please try to explain the answers fully =)

1. Whom did Blaise marry? I mean, of course he married that 'mysteriously b'ful witch whose husbands all died'. But,

(a) he's not dead. Or is he?
(b) How did he meet her? or fall in LOVE with her?

2. What happened to Amore's Kid No. 2? He/She's obviously nt present, otherwise Amore would have nt been alone in the house.

And the most imp ques,

3. What happened after Regulus opened his eyes???


p.s. Did you get the chance to read "Tales of Beedle the Bard"?

p.p.s. Did you get the chance to notice that this is my longest review, EVER? =)

Author's Response: I Love love love Christmas break! And today's actually my first day off so yay! Next the new chapter of this is ready to be posted, I honestly have no clue about what is happening in the queue because I have two stories with chapters still waiting.. so that's a tad confusing! Anyways onto your questions I tend to have the same answer to all of these :D And your going to hate me for it, so sorry in advance, but you'll just have to wait and see! I can't just tell you :] Cause then I wouldn't have a story left to write! And thanks so much for your awesome review- and I'm glad that you liked that quote in the story! :D

Have a very Happy Christmas!
ssb ;]

P.S- yes I did! And I love it, now all that's left is for J.K's encyclopedia to come out :D!!! Did you read it and like it??

P.P.S- Yes, I did hun, and I'm glad that it is! :]

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Review #12, by endless_epolgies Pandora's Box

12th December 2008:
hola hola =]
i really like your story.
and i'm also rather jealous of Nadines' looks.
haaa. but i loved those two chapters, the way you described things made me imagine it in my head without having too try.
so im adding this to my favourites. and by the by your banner is beauTIful!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm so glad that you like it! And yes Nadine, did get the best from both worlds ;) I'm glad that you can imagine the story in your head, I love it when I'm able to do that.
Once again thanks so much! And the wonderful banner was made by Hysteria at TDA.

ssb :]

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Review #13, by brtiney sprouse Pandora's Box

12th December 2008:
u really gave a good news in the end iwanted to say just a word 'WOW'
and ask r u on facebook if yes my name there is britney sprouse add me if u r

Author's Response: :D I'm glad that your happy.. the chapter has been submitted two days ago!

And no :( I don't have facebook sorry!

ssb :]

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Review #14, by alicia and anne Pandora's Box

11th December 2008:
o i'm so excited about you returning with the sequel :-) what's in the box? love it :-) x

Author's Response: Thanks! It's great to have it up! And you'll just have to wait and see! :]

ssb :D

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Review #15, by xxxKrissyxxx Nadine

10th December 2008:
OMG! I missed you so much! You are so totally forgiven for the long wait ^__^

Like seriously, your stories just keep getting better and better! I absolutely love the descriptiveness and changes in POV from Nadine and Amore. But when are you gonna finsish in holy matrimony?? I'm like dying for the next chapter! ='(

But anyways, it's so great to be back!! And i can't wait to read more of you terrific stories!


Author's Response: Thank you! I've missed you as well! I had no way of reaching you so I was so dissapointed when I didn't see you anymore on HPFF.

It makes me so happy to hear that you like my stories, your opinions are really what matter to me! :] Holy Matrimony is complete- so sorry I forgot to change it to 'complete'

Thanks once again! And I hope you like my new story that's out it's called Witches Chess- I hope you like it!

ssb :D

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Review #16, by BSFB Pandora's Box

10th December 2008:
YAY!!! I am so glad that you updated Intertwined faster than I thought you would. I've been busy myself and when I finally logged back in, my favorite story was updated!
I LOVE that you made Amore and Regulus' relationship much more... oh heck I don't even know the right word for it. They have an actual marriage! When Regulus was thinking about Nadine, I think my heart actually melted. I also think that there is deffinite chemistry between Nadine and Blaise Jr.
By the way... where is Blaise Sr? Who is the poor soul who had to marry him? Lol. Great Job! xoxoxox
p.s- an unanswered question- was Amore pregnant when In Holy Matrimony ended?
p.p.s- Thank you. Thank You. Thank you! I always
check "stay with me..." and now, it's finally going to be updated. Ssb you are doing a superb job... keep it up!

Author's Response: I know! For the past few months I've been completely horrid on updating quickly, and I'm trying to get my new chapters out faster!

I'm so glad that you like it, and yes Amore and Regulus are alot more matrimonial I suppose! ;) Now Blaise and Nadine.. they are a completely different story!

Blaise Sr, ah I was wondering who'd ask me that question! The fate of Blaise Sr. will be revealed as the story progresses! And that's exactly what I thought, but every story needs a good trouble maker ;]

Thanks so much!!!
ssb :D

P.S- Will be revealed in the 4th/5th chapter! :)
P.P.S- No problem! All I can say is I'm so sorry that I kept you waiting for so long! Thanks so much, and thanks for sticking with my stories! Stay With Me, will be submitted in a few days!

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Review #17, by :)nick:) Pandora's Box

10th December 2008:
Favorite quote out of the story

'“Junior,” mocked Nadine, “Why Don’t you go back to your mommy and complain?”

Pansy snorted from her magazine,"'

I love the way that Nadine interacts with everyone- especially the diehard pureblood fanatics in her little group and the way she deals with it reminds me of amore! LOL! I also want the next chapter to be UP VERY SOON! But i understnd if it will take time- i'm actually meaning on going and reading your new story it seems to be different than your other stories you have now! So that will be a change- of course im a big fan of Stay With Me, doon't let me GO! I will be lookng very forward to that as well so it doesn't make me too sad :D

Author's Response: I like that part as well ;) I'm glad that you still like the story as it goes along! And I will definitely try updating this story as soon as I can- this whole month shall be a frenzy of updates, that I can guarentee!

Stay With Me.. will also be updated next after I submit it to the queue, which I'm planning on doing later on this week! And then next will be Intertwined!

Thanks again!

ssb :]

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Review #18, by :)nick:) Nadine

10th December 2008:
OMG! Hey!! Thanks for dropping me a reminder on my e-mail i had no clue that i had new mail till i checked recently.. like always its such a good new story the new viewpoint of it being Nadine is great. i would love to see more of amore and regulus as a die-hard fan! Blaise Jr. and the rest of the group seems like a lot of trouble and i want to see where it goes one of my favorite quotes being
'Draco Malfoy, a sad result of her own aunt'
That had me laughing! It was an excellent sentence in the story and described her viewpoint of the rest of the 'pure' blood family.

Author's Response: No problem ;] You asked and I left the reminder for you! Thanks so much for the awesome review and I'm so glad that you liked it!

ssb :D

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Review #19, by brtiney sprouse Nadine

27th November 2008:
ssb it is a gr8 start and nadine is good and i am waiting for more
P.S. hey update stay with me dont let me go pls pls psl pls
u have to do it ur fan is requesting

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm glad you like it.. and ya I will really try too- I'm not abandoning my story!

ssb :)

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Review #20, by jkrowling_fan Nadine

19th November 2008:

Well, the wait was really worth it, because the chapter was as beautiful as ever - but really, it's expected of you now :)

Fav quote : "All he did was hold her hand and say, ‘I’m still here.’ " And I went like, Aw, thats so-o-o-o-o sweet. I mean, seriously, how horrible are you - making us girls jealous os Amore - making us wish we were HER ... *sigh*

"And it was the wait that was the hardest.” What I really want to know is what happened after Regulus woke up and saw Amore ... her love, her devotion - aw .

Anyway, the story name - "Intertwined" is lovely; it so describes the destinies of Amore, Regulus, Blaise, Nadine and all the pureblood families. But the one thing that troubles me is why Amore chose to bring up her kid the way SHE was brought up - in the pureblood tradition, the one she herself hated so much. And I feel some trouble coming up with the Moire (or whatever) female - it's the kind of intution you get when you have read Who said... and In hOly ... for the past one year :)

Which leads to my last - lol - question, I know it's more like a demand, but I can't help asking you - When will you update Stay with me... ??? A date, please, even if its 17 December 2040 :)



Author's Response: HEY! :D

Thanks so much for the lovely review! And I do like the title, it kinda came to me. Amore has a reason for bringing up Nadine the way that she was raised, and that question will of course be answered in the story. And yes, Moire, will be an interesting character!

And yes.. Stay with Me... I am thinking about updating it after I update Intertwined, which will be updated after I add my new story :D It's all very confusing, but I'm hoping for an update by the month's end.

ssb :D

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Review #21, by BSFB Nadine

18th November 2008:
Ssb- you are easily forgiven!!! I can't believe the new story is finally here! I really like how you split the pov between Nadine and Amore... so we can get both perspectives. Please tell me that you will update sooner rather than later? Oh, and I love that Nadine is kind've like a dark haired version of her mom. Also, the line:"Draco Malfoy, a sad result of her own aunt."
-i thought that was great! So, like i said UPDATE!!! lol.
p.s- in the upcoming chapters, you better include more Regulus and Amore! I really want to know what happens between them, after that whole "I love you always have..." line that Regulus said to Amore. Blaise Zabini Jr. ? I smell trouble brewing! :)

Author's Response: Thanks soo much! And yes it's FINALLY out! :) I'm so glad that your enjoying it so far, and I will definitely be updating sooner then later this time!

Thanks again, these reviews make it worthwhile to write the story:)

You will definitely see more Amore and Regulus, I couldn't put it in all at once... then you wouldn't read the rest of the story ;)

And Blaise Jr... he will definitely provide something interesting to the plot!

ssb :)

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Review #22, by Ginny_RED_Potter Nadine

18th November 2008:
Please please please update soon!

Author's Response: No problem, I will get right on that!

ssb :)

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