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Review #1, by daisychain1 I Just Want To Feel Loved

16th July 2010:
i havent been on hpff for like AGES! so when going through my favourite authors to find a good read i instantly went to you :D and i was like YES NEW STORIES! well they're probably not brand new but they are to me :)
anyway onto the story! i loved it! i love the whole love sorta triangle thing, i love blaise hes like one of my fav characters and i love how u protrayed him as good cause i have read a lot where he is like evil. so this was a nice twist and having drace as horrible, cause he actually would be like that although in every fanfic hes protrayed as being like so nice and loving but his characters not so it was good to read something different! i love the whole storyline as well i thought that was good and your imagery was very good, urm. oh and i didnt notice any mistakes i actually wanted way more! like when you read a story and you get so caught up in it and everything else goes out of your mind and then its like WHAT? ? ? I'VE FINISHED? yer so lol and the banners awesome xxx

Author's Response: haha that's alright! I'm glad you're back!!! :)
these aren't new stories, at least this one really isn't. It's about a year old... anyway, glad you loved it! I enjoyed writing this one as it's in Pansy's POV. I couldn't really see Draco being nice/sweet just yet. I still saw him as a cold guy and he's pressured with Death Eater stuff etc. So I am glad you liked my portrayal.
You wanted more? wow I'm flattered! *blush* I'm glad you loved it! I know the feeling of wanting more from a story! And yeah, the banners I give credit to TDA! The artist who made this one did a fabulous job!
Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #2, by mbstargirl123 I Just Want To Feel Loved

13th February 2009:
I think this is a pretty good story! I thought you characterized Draco and Pansy pretty well for a shorter fic, but if you ever feel like adding on, I think developing the dialogue between Blaise and Pansy in the common room would be a nice touch. It seemed like their relationship was kind of sudden, and although that does happen sometimes, I think that adding more to their characters in concern to one another would be a good idea. Nice story though, especially for just an idea!

Author's Response: thanks! I'm glad you thought this was good! I was worried I portrayed them wrong...or what not. I'm glad you thought it was good. I do agree that their relationship seemed sudden now that I look back on it. anyway, thanks for reveiwing!! :)

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Review #3, by threefouroh I Just Want To Feel Loved

26th November 2008:
Yesss! No, I'm not cheering on Draco being a flat-out jerk. I just really liked this one-shot. To be honest, I'm quite a fan of one-shots because it's interesting to see what a writer can do with one chapter. Draco's character was believable, and considering the lack of Blaise in the HP books gives every author room to build what they would think he is. And the Blaise you developed in this story - ohh, so charming. Seriously, I like it.

Yes, there were a few erros - but very minor, and not exactly rate-changing or anything. Though, I just wanted to point out that the -*-*-*Next Morning*-*-*- disrupts the incredible flow of your story. Even adding a few extra spaces between the two paragraphs would have been enough to indicate a change of time. As well as the "It was a Saturday morning" sentence in the following paragraph. Just my opinion, though. To each his own, and what not.

Anyways. So well earned 10/10 in my eyes.


Author's Response: wow first one to review this one shot! Thanks! You made my day! I am thrilled you thought Draco was believable... I haven't written too many things with him... and Blaise is a character I tried my best shot at. I am thrilled you liked this and took the time to review! I'll go and edit and take your suggestion! Thanks! :)

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