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Review #1, by rosie_sirius93 Young One

16th January 2009:
wow! That was bloody brilliant (gotta love ron!) I think using the diary to show the year pass was so clever! Such a long chapter to! I always thought Sirius was sort of a jerk at school (didn't stop me from loving him!) but i loved your Sirius in the first year and thought the kiss was so sweet! I think you also showed all the different Marauder characters really well and how their relationships developed throughout the year (particularly Lily and James!)
Please update soon!

Author's Response: I liked my Sirius too...but I believe I shall begin to hate him as he progresses into a self-obsessed teenager (well, not completely self-obsessed, but at least with enough arrogance to get some colorful dialogue going on between him and Isabella).

I really had a lot of fun writing this first chapters are always the hardest and tend to be the worst of all my chappies, but this one came naturally, and I was hard-pressed to end it. Glad to know that you enjoyed it!!

By the way, I am really and truly sorry for not answering your review sooner...nearly 2 months since you left it!'s just I wasn't sure if I was going to continue writing this, but now I'm pretty sure I will. Also, school has me up to my neck in things to do - but you already know all about that. Anyways...most certainly updating soon! Look out for the second chappie!

Thanks sooo much for this lovely review! You are simply amazing, no lie =)

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Review #2, by evanlyn Young One

2nd January 2009:
Its weird...I always kind of hates Sirius, but you having him as a first year and so sweet made me really like him!! I love Isabella...but you simply MUST make either Remus or Sirius tell her she's beautiful, she's way too hard on herself!! Oh, and if I can make a teeny request - I know its not a Lily/James story, but some Lily/James bits would be awesome.
I am really loving this story!! its a wonderful idea to go right back to the first uyear and see how it all developed. Maybe some from Sirius's point of view would be good too. Although he might not be the diary typr. But you never know...

I just also want to thank you for your extensive review response. You'd be amazed at how often authors don't respond! Yours are always so nice too. I am going to university in 2010. We do school years from january to december here because thats when our summers are.
I'm a really bad writer (I just don't have the patience for it) but I'm trying to really hard to do my next gen fic I have in mind...I hope I can post it soon!!

xx Sally

Author's Response: Lol, I'm glad you like Sirius...and I love Isabella too. She makes me laugh =P I know that sounds kind of weird, since I'm the one writing her personality out...but she does talk to me in my head. All right, now I sound REALLY weird...but I'm sure you understand what I mean.

I will definately, definately, DEFINATELY be putting Lily/James stuff in this story - I luvverz that couple too much to leave them out ^_^

Ahh, you read my mind! Yes, there will most certainly be several instances of Sirius POV. No, he's not the diary type. But he sure does do a lot of thinking. Spending some time in his head will be fun...

Btw, you're very welcome! I love responding to the people who leave me reviews. But I must apologize most profusely for not answering this review sooner! I really am sorry, Sally. But you know how it is - school starts, and then there's hardly time to do anything at all. Yet I found time! *hugglez you*

I bet you'll do great in university! Have fun - it must be exciting. And I disagree, you are not a bad writer. I know this'll sound stupid and generic, but it's true - just keep writing! Soon it'll start to get better. Can't wait to read your story!

Again, thanks sooo much for the lovely review - it's always so much fun to read, and it brings a lot of pleasure. You always have interesting thoughts on my writing - it's very, very intriguing. I RUV RU! ^_^

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Review #3, by x3Loverlyx3 Young One

18th November 2008:
I don't know what you're talking about with it not being interesting... I thought it was pretty good. Seriously though, you did really good with the characterization; she actually sounds like she's eleven (the whole simple drama that like rules the world type of thing) which is something rarely seen when people start their stories at first year.
I also really like your storie's summary -the poem-, it sounds really sweet and sad and stuff... Anyway, you did a really good job on this chapter!

Author's Response: You'll think I'm insane, but I sat here and read this review with my mouth hanging open. I was really worried about it not being interesting because, as you said, the drama is simple. I can't believe it!! I actually characterized her well - that's exactly what I was aiming for; I wanted her to sound like she's eleven so I could have something to build on as the story continues. I love the poem,'ll see quite a few poems in this story. thank you sooo much for wonderful review. It's really, really awesome to get such an amazingly encouraging review!! *hugglez you*

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