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Review #1, by Aaabi Too Much to Ask

17th February 2011:
Hehe, really evily awesome! *roles hands together evilly* I think Dumbleypants got well and truely played :D

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #2, by .neemo... Too Much to Ask

29th April 2009:
hello again. well was nice, missed the jokes but worth the read... keep up the excellent works

Author's Response: Thanks. I'm glad you thought it was worth the read.

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Review #3, by Simison Blake Too Much to Ask

15th April 2009:
My eyes! My eyes! The imagery is horrible! Cool story though.

Author's Response: Yeah, I was just trying to make jabs at him. Thanks for reading and reviewing.

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Review #4, by IluvHarryHermione Too Much to Ask

20th February 2009:
hilarious!!! =) i luved it

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it so much.

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Review #5, by something random Too Much to Ask

20th December 2008:
Hehe he's such a sucker. I really enjoyed this one-shot.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #6, by Happy Rotter Too Much to Ask

28th November 2008:
Brilliant one-shot there, I agree with the Editor about the 'Revenge can be sweet' thing, but I don't think revenge is the best way to solve things all the time, other things usually work for me, things that you wouldn't exactly be able to classify under 'revenge' but definately not under 'forgive' either.

Using people is fun though, that is one of many things that I am Good at.


Author's Response: Yeah, but in this case, revenge was sweet. Revenge for James and Lily Potter, God rest their fictional souls, and revenge for Snape's treatment of any non-Slytherin he comes in contact with.

I think Harry would agree that using Dumbledore was fun. I know I do, lol.

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Review #7, by joyce_potter Too Much to Ask

21st November 2008:
great wow harry made dumbledore mad haha he deserved it.

Author's Response: Yes, he did, lol. Thanks for reading and reviewing.

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Review #8, by lostinwonderland Too Much to Ask

10th November 2008:
i love this fic.
im not sure about how u characterized Dumbledore though.
do u think u could check out my one-shot?

Author's Response: Sure, I'll check it out. Thanks for reading and reviewing mine.

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