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Review #1, by Defies_Gravity Chapter 8

2nd September 2011:
hey can u write some more plz :D this is gr8 xx

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Review #2, by yay Chapter 8

5th September 2009:
yay! this is lovely. nice job!

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Review #3, by infantryforron Chapter 8

22nd August 2009:
Hey, I really enjoyed this series, and it's a shame that you stopped writing. Out of all of the series I have read, this is probably my favorite, because you make choices for the characters that I think they would have made in the books. You also don't dwell on the battle of Hogwarts like other authors do. I really like how you use both Ron's and Hermione's POV into it, and how you transition from one to the other. I also like how it is more about Ron than Harry, because you never get to see Ron's side of the story, and I really like when he gets his way.

I hope you pick up this series again, and if you need any help with it, I'd be more than happy to help.


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Review #4, by twixie Chapter 8

14th January 2009:
Fantastic chapter! I love the interaction with all 4 of them and I loved Ron & Hermione letting their feelings out with each other! Oh you have got to tell about the hair!! PLEASE? I can't wait for the next chapter! 10/10

Author's Response: im really glad you liked it. this chapter was certainly my favourite chapter by far, i loved writing and i'm glad everyone's enjoyed it :D

lol i'll put in Ron's hair problem tale in somewhere, hopefully i'll squeeze it into the next chapter.

thanks for reading!!!

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Review #5, by Jaelle Chapter 8

14th January 2009:
nice chap, I like that it's so long :-)
I really would like to hear about ron's hair problem but what I would like even more is a next chepter soon! good luck and a happy new year!

Author's Response:
yeh i love long chapters lol.

yay!!! i was really hoping someone would ask to put in Ron's little "hair problem" haha!! of course i would love to put it in for you guys!!!

thank you soo much for reading and reviewing!!!

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Review #6, by charlie23 Chapter 8

13th January 2009:
Wow, I think that's my favourite chapter so far. That was so nice and the ending was really fun. I really liked it and don't really have any CC to give as it was great. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response:
thank you sooo much! i loved writing this chapter, i can't end a chapter sad i just hate it lol.

Thanks so much, i seriously appreciate your reviews!!!

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Review #7, by Banba Chapter 8

13th January 2009:
I am so glad that you decided to end it on a happy note. Ron's fear of spiders always makes me laugh, and unfortunatly I can sympathise with Hermione on lending out books. I can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response:
haha i love Ron's far of spiders!!! lolz i guesses Hermione wouldnt live without her Hogwarts: A History book lol with Ron around at least.

Thank you for reading and reviewing:D

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Review #8, by harryronhermione Chapter 7

10th January 2009:
great chapter!! Can't wait for the next one!! Keep up the fantabulous work!!

Author's Response: haha thanks alot!

yay next chapter!!!

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Review #9, by ASDG Chapter 7

1st January 2009:
very very good.
Hurry and write the eiggth chapter!

Author's Response: thank very much.

haha next chapter will be up soon...:D:D

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Review #10, by Marianne Chapter 7

1st January 2009:
i'm a bad reviewer but i really do like the story :D
Ron and Hermione are definitely my favorite couple :D and you're doing a good job with them :D
Happy Christmas and a fantastic 2009 to you and enjoy the summer because here it's freezing.
I'm impatiently waiting for the next chapter
Greetz from Belgium (if you don't know it, it is a small country in the middle of Europe)

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Review #11, by Ghost Chicken Chapter 7

30th December 2008:
I'm really enjoying this story. Keep up the good work. Ron and Hermione have issues and they're working them out beautifully.

If Hermione isn't eating, I'm guessing it's because she had become accustomed to privation on the run, so this food thing is a bit overwhelming for her. It's kind of a conditioning Ron'll have to help her through.

Author's Response:
thanks for reading. yeh ron and hermione are really mature now after the war, especially Ron. i just thought after something so traumatic he might have put all that stupid Viktor stuff behind him soo yeh.

there is a reason why Hermione isnt eating, and it's part of her insecurities you'll see in the next chapter:D:D Ron helps her through of course:)

thank you again for reading and reviewing, it makes me happy.

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Review #12, by Jaelle Chapter 7

29th December 2008:
okay, I'll wright a review, I don't speak English very well so please forgive me for that.

I've read all 7 chapters and I think you're a very good wrighter! Seriously! I could'nt stop reading once I've started and I would really like to read more, I hope there's a next chapter very soon!

I like how you switch between RON POV and Hermiones POV. because you show what the both of them are thinking and feeling and thats great!

could you please add a new chapter soon couse I realy want to read more!

good luck

Author's Response:
thank you very much.

im really glad you enjoy reading it yay!!!

next chapter should be up soon ye!

Thank you once again:D:D

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Review #13, by charlie23 Chapter 7

28th December 2008:
I'm so intrigued and can't wait for the next update. What's up with Hermione? You wrote very well again in this chapter and all your hardwork over your holidays is really appreciated and paying off. I like the way this story is developing and I liked how Ron's become the bigger and better man not caring quite so much about Krum, or at least being more mature about the whole thing.

Again, can't wait until the next chapter xx

Author's Response:
thanks again for reading:D:D

lol yes my holidays are great for writing, im so relaxed yee!

i really hope you like the next chapter coz im a little anxious as to what people will say but no matter. i will take it in my stride.

thank you again for reading and reviewing:D:D

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Review #14, by AnLu Chapter 7

27th December 2008:
I just stumbled across your story yesterday and I really like it
Everyone is very much in-character in my opinion and the story is fun and fluffy - just how I like it ;-)
I look foreward to the next chapter and merry christmas to you too!!

Author's Response:
haha thank you for stumbling across my story hehe:)

:D:D happy new year now lol

thanks again!!!

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Review #15, by mommcgonagall Chapter 7

27th December 2008:
It's great, keep going!

Weasley is our king!

Author's Response:
haha thanks for reading:D:D

yes i agree Weasley is our King, he's so awesome.

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Review #16, by Kennan Nelson Chapter 7

26th December 2008:
It is a good story. I don't know where you are going with it, though.

Author's Response: lol thanks:D

haha i just write it as it comes to me. im thinking about them back to Hogwarts, yay:D:D

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Review #17, by ginnyxoxoharry Chapter 7

26th December 2008:
really really good! i quite enjoyed it!

Author's Response: thanks sooo much:D:D

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Review #18, by twixie Chapter 7

26th December 2008:
Well done! I absolutely love Ron & Hermione! Please continue and don't make us wait too long for the next chapter! 10/10

Author's Response: thank you soo much:D:D

haha i'm gonna post the next chapter today, WOOP WOOP!!!

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Review #19, by Anonymous Chapter 7

26th December 2008:
Great Stuff: Okay writing, no significant charachter lapses, and excellent love scenes. I nicked off one point for awkward language: Hermione's memories of the room hanging out [i]or[i] ploting the search for horcruxes, etc. POV Hermione is perfection, that's the better parts, and while you might have some problems you mention, such as AN after 5, etc., awkward language where it needn't be (outside diolouge) could be marginalized to great effect before other finnesses. Not to say that's a big problem, it's just the most noticible.

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Review #20, by Banba Chapter 7

26th December 2008:
You are doing a very good job. I like what you have done with Viktor and Lavender, and I hope to hear a little more about Harry and Ginny soon.

Author's Response: Thank you so much:D

yeh im going to put more Harry anf Ginny, im missing those two. they havent really been in the story i'll put in a chapter for them:D

thanks again:)

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Review #21, by the odd one Chapter 7

26th December 2008:
I love your story ps how about a blast from the Aussie past and have them dance to a song by Air Supply. They could be one of the muggle bands Hermione likes

Author's Response: thanks for reading:D:D

ahhh nice idea, maybe at the date aye? i was actually wondering what muggle bands she liked.
haha i just searched Air Supply and their lead vocalist is Australian and his birthday is the same as mine, kool aye?? but like 50 years earlier, maybe it's a sign lol.


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Review #22, by charlie23 Chapter 6

19th December 2008:
Cool update and a bit of a cliffie at the end there. Your story is really well written and descriptive - I can really see in my head how they're interacting and so that's really good. Looking forward very much to the next update.

Author's Response:
haha thanks a lot:D yes a cliffie hehe, but will Ron be his usual self and go crazy with jealousy?

thank you for reading and reviewing:)

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Review #23, by charlie23 Chapter 5

13th December 2008:
Grreat update. I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to reading about their date. I also loved the awkwardness of Ron's conversation with his dad :-)

Author's Response: thanks sooo much:D

yep their date is currently being written yay!!!

haha Ron and his dad's talk was sooo funni to write lol, my friends were actually the one's to make up the idea of there being an awkward convo lol.


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Review #24, by FriendofMolly Chapter 5

12th December 2008:
Awh, so sweet. For someone who has the emotional range of a teaspoon, Ron really busted out of the silverware drawer. I sure Hermione understands Ron in ways he doesn't even understand. I can't wait to see their "first" date. Will they go somewhere in Muggle London, or fall back to a Wizarding location.It's good to read the Trio/the Four having normal good times. Will it last. Only you know.

Author's Response:
yeh Ron has grown up:D

haha i have planned their first date out hehe, but you're actually really close, it could be in a muggle place:O

it's going to be really sweet for sure:)


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Review #25, by Sternbetrachter Chapter 5

12th December 2008:
this chapter was more than ok - it was great

Author's Response:

reviews make me happy and wanna write more!!!

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