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Review #1, by Sarah_Bee Where to go?

16th November 2008:
YES! A MINOR CHARACTER FIC! I love minor characters and you just made my day by having one about a character I don't see any fics on yet...though I haven't looked much either. I love how you portray Louis. What I really love about you as an author is you take a character, and give them your own style and take which makes you original, thus making you a great author. Originality is everything to me with writing. I think this first chapter really gave you a great start and you have loads of things you could really work with in your plot. I think it's a nice touch having Ollivander being connected to Louis as friends. I think if you emphasized their friendship somewhat, it'd be cool since Louis comes off to me as someone who doesn't feel like he fits in with his family. I also think if you added in a girl that sees past his pretty boy veela looks, that would well actually you're the author so you decide. I'll keep my mouth shut on that idea. It's your fic. Sorry if I overly suggest stuff. Well this is a nice change from seeing Dramiones, Teddy/Victoire, as well as Harry/ Ginny. I'm thrilled you're going above and beyond with your writing. Trying something new is a challenge! Also, a little tip for you. Be careful in having too many stories that require more than one chapter posted. I have tried having a short story, novella, and another short story on my author page and updating 3 at once is time consuming and hectic. Plus, my life isn't centered completely on hpff so I don't have time to write as much as I'd like. So be careful with posting too many stories. You don't want to be rushing to update and when you rush, your chapters aren't nearly as good as the first. Well happy writing! This is going on my faves!
10/10 for great originality in your thoughts and plot. ;)

Author's Response: You actually completely made my day. I was afraid that no one was going to read this because this is about such a minor character. I'm glad to see your so interested!
Like I've said before I have most of this story and my other story typed already, i"m just waiting to post it. I haven't completely finished it but it was funny that you mentioned a girl because I was actually thinking about adding one. I like your suggestions.
I'm gonna go read one of your stories now.

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