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Review #1, by potterfan310 Control

15th February 2013:
*Overall story review*
I am so, so, so, so, so glad I found this. It's brilliant.
I LOVE THIS STORY!!! It's took me about three hours to read it all.

Ella is absolutely brilliant.!
I had tears of laughter just from the first two chapters. The fact she thinks you put it under your tongue like as thermometer is brill.

"Itís the only way we can find out. So pee on these sticks or in nine months spread your legs and see if anything pops out.Ē - Selena is such a nice friend :)

Eating horse feed, oh my. Is there anything Ella won't eat???
I LOVE Ella, she's so loveable, mad and just pure amazing. And James is such a cutie. I love them together. Shipping Jella ♥ ♥

Scorpius can be a right prat at times but he's turning our nicer and their Granny Grengrass is totally awesome. I can see where Ella gets her madness from :D

"Draco, youíre dribbling gin on the carpet" - Loving the mental image I get from this, lol.

This has had me laughing all the way through!!
"I hold my legs together and mentally shout at L.P. that she is not allowed to come out until her father is here" - Even when giving birth Ella is such a laugh.

I actually cried when she had the baby, I don't why but the fact she had no family with her made me sad.

I feel bad that James missed it, he was at FRED??? The lovable idiot. Why wouldn't they think to look there, he's his best mate after all?

Selena is such a great friend and I can't believe her and Scorp are together. They much such a cute couple.

Lizbeth Pandora, what a cute name :) I think it's really adorable that her nickname L.P no longer stands for little problem. But who knows as she gets older she may trun into a little problem. Lol.
Will she stay a Malfoy or will James insist she becomes Potter???


They are so adorble together and make the perfect little family, James, Ella and baby Liz ♥ ♥

OH MY GOD. JAMES SIRIUS POTTER I WILL KILL HIM MYSELF IS ELLA AND SELENA DON'T! No, no, no, he can't have been the lying, cheating bit of scum. I can't believe he was with her when Liz was born. I refuse to believe it.

I know this hasn't been updated since 2009 but Please, I am begging you. I need the next chapter even if it is the last.

This story is amazing even if there are a few little things that aren't canon and things like Mom not mum etc.

I'm really intrigued and I'm looking forward to the alterntaive ending/sequel. I have so many feels right now it is unreal, I've laughed, cried and screamed out loud (which has got me some really funny looks off my family) because of this story and I am so desperate to know the ending.

Even though James has hurt her, I want them to make-up because they were the perfect little family.

I am deffo adding it to my favourites and I will love you forever more if you update xxx

Soph x

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Review #2, by potterfan310 Awkward Forest Sex - Prologue

14th February 2013:

I LOVE your OC's Ella and Selena. It's not oftern that I read a story where Scorpius has a sibling. She's as mad as a hatter and I really like that she's friends with the black squid. :)

And James, well he saounds like such a hottie ;)

Awkward forest sex - love the name, lol

Off to read the rest of it and I CAN'T WAIT!

Soph xx

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Review #3, by quibbler98 Awkward Forest Sex - Prologue

4th July 2012:
sorry, just started reading this and i am IN LOVE !

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Review #4, by DumbledoresArmyRocks Control

8th June 2012:
Oh! Please continue! I love this story! And the fact that james cheated on Ella really shocked me... I can't believe it. and he was with this amber girl during Liz's birth. I actually believed he was at fred's

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Review #5, by DumbledoresArmyRocks Fighting of Many Different Natures

7th June 2012:
I get it. By George as in George weasley... This story's really good so far! keep up the good work!

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Review #6, by SexyAuror Control

3rd May 2012:
Sorry, if this is harsh, but honestly, throughout all those chapters in this entire story, in this one, James completely went out of character, and I thought it was out of nowhere and kind of ridiculous. He never really seemed like the type to cheat, and I was surprised- and kind of sad surprised- because I liked James a lot. Sometimes even more than Ella... But your story is AWESOME. Keep writing! :)

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Review #7, by thebooklife You'd Think It Would End Here

28th March 2012:
So I read this story like 548097309482 years ago and for some reason I stopped reading it, but then I realized I had 2 chapters left to go, and I just read them, and then I was like, WAIT IT'S NOT FINISHED WAIT IT WAS UPDATED 3 YEARS AGO WAIT I NEED THE SEQUEL NOW FML. So if you could update like... now that would be cool.
*(im)patiently waiting*

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Review #8, by fairegirl22 The Storm

5th January 2012:
:( T.T its now 2012, and last i reviewed was in Dec of 2010...and you still havn't updated even though you did; Im just really sad that you havn't but understand if you have other things to do but I just miss this story alot

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Review #9, by Dizzy73 Control

8th December 2011:
PLEASE UPDATE!! Only one more chapter to go ;-;
I am begging you!!

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Review #10, by IFightDragons Control

2nd November 2011:
james is a bastard!
how could he do that
please update soon this story just got really really good!!

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Review #11, by frenchliam Control

25th July 2011:
this is such a sad ending, I never saw it coming. I hope you do post a sequel, it just can't end like this! You have left me with my mouth hanging wide open

Author's Response: I will be posting one more chapter and then a sequel. Sorry it's been so long!

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Review #12, by trident Control

18th July 2011:
you sud update! this is an amazing story i love it!

Author's Response: Thank you :)
There will be an update soon.

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Review #13, by MadeleinePotter Fighting of Many Different Natures

23rd May 2011:
I'm not sure if you have named the baby but for future suggestions, I like the names Grace, Molly, Sophia, Alexander, Jacob and Noah :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the suggestions!

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Review #14, by peaches_369 Control

28th March 2011:
really good!! keep it up!!

Author's Response: I will :) Thank you for reading.

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Review #15, by Kathryn Potter Control

24th March 2011:
pleaseee update asap! Ilove this stroy so much i need the alternate ending:.(

Author's Response: I will be updating soon, and if people really want it I will do an alternate ending.
Thanks for reading, and I'm sorry it took so long.

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Review #16, by fairegirl22 The Hard Part

8th December 2010:
Okie Dec 2010 ALMOST 2011 make it your new years resolution to update plz? OKAY once AGAIN as i said in not only March not only June not only July but ALSO Novemember PLEEAAASSSE UPPPDAAATTTE Im not going to give up you know if i run out of chapters which i have 26 more to review on, ill just pm you or something. You know i love this story b/c do u see anybody else begging you as much as this? Please.Please.Please.PLEASE WITH A umm...Pinwheel on top? lol xD please update? Please? ♥Fairegirl

Author's Response: I will be updating soon. I swear that on my nerdy little life.
Thank you for being persistent by the way :)

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Review #17, by fairegirl22 Liz

13th November 2010:
OKAY once AGAIN as i said in not only March not only June but ALSO July! See how much of a diticated reader i am just waitin for ur update? so i'll say it again As i said in June and March Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please UPDDDATE.pretty please with a cherry on toop??? *puppy eyes u know u cant resist*
ur very loving reader~Fairegirl
xD i'll just keep goin backwards to review so once i run out of chapters to review with my pleads i hope u'd update by then

Author's Response: I really do appreciate the persistence, and you're right -- I can't resist.
Updating soon :)
Thanks for reading.

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Review #18, by S2rawanammouriS2 Control

8th October 2010:
Upload!! Upload, upload, upload!

Author's Response: Soon :)

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Review #19, by ForeverAWeasley Fighting of Many Different Natures

27th July 2010:
this chapter doesnt make sense.. im sooo confused

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Review #20, by fairegirl22 You'd Think It Would End Here

17th July 2010:
As i said in June and March Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please UPDDDATE.pretty please with a cherry on toop??? *puppy eyes u know u cant resist*
Im waitin for ur update :) take ur time, just as long as the next chapter is long and good i'll forgive you :D
ur very loving reader~Fairegirl

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Review #21, by fairegirl22 Happy Christmas

2nd July 2010:
As I said in March of chapter 31, Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please UPDDDATE.pretty please with a cherry on toop??? *puppy eyes u know u cant resist*
Keep going please this story is going so well

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Review #22, by fairegirl22 Control

24th March 2010:
Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please UPDDDATE.pretty please with a cherry on toop??? *puppy eyes u know u cant resist*

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Review #23, by miamore17 Control

31st January 2010:
Please update again, great story. I can't wait to read the last chapter and sequel.

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Review #24, by Midnight_Witch Control

6th January 2010:
I am in love with this story & Ella.
She's just an amazing individual.
James is such a prat for doing that to Ella.
I'm glad Selena gave that skank a black eye.
And I love the baby's name and it totally has nothing to do with the fact that it's my friends name.
Cheers & update soon please :]]
Oh and a cage fight between Ella and the skankosaurus would be lovely!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the kind review :) And I will be updating soon.
Unfortunately I know very little about cage fighting...too bad really.

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Review #25, by Rowdy18 Control

27th December 2009:
Oh wi wow I love this story! It took me forever to read and to know that there's only one chapter left of this one makes me sad :(. But yay for a sequel! I can't believe James cheated on her. What a loser. He shouldn't have done that even if he was scared...but I did love them together...any chance of them getting back together? hehe. Maybe...she could forigve...maybe not...who knows...enough of me rambling...more soon!


Author's Response: Thank you! I appreciate anyone taking the time to read my stories :)
But does Ella really seem like the 'forgive-and-forget' type?
No. Haha.

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