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Review #1, by Dark Whisper An Undecided Forever

11th December 2013:

This was really cute. I especially liked your descriptions of how he was feeling, "unmanageable nerves" was excellent. I could imagine his nerves as his feelings were suddenly revealed.

I also thought it was only right that they slow down. The dynamics of their relationship changed and so that makes sense for it to be awkward and for her to be unsure.

This was really a cute read... I just love these two together. :)

Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Thank you for the very lovely and kind review. I wrote this story so long ago, it is nice to be reminded of the specifics and to see that it can still be enjoyed. Thank you again for your kindness, and Happy Holidays!

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Review #2, by Angelica An Undecided Forever

2nd March 2012:
Couldn't get past all of the formalities ex: "I am not, You are not, I do not have, I am allowed" use some conjugations like normal people. I don't, I'm, You're. Much more believable.

Author's Response: thank you so much for the lovely review. i agree completely. i wrote this story a very long time ago and was going through an i-hate-conujuctions phase but i have outgrown that by now. maybe eventually i will find the time to edit this, but for now, i am just going to leave it as a reminder of how much i have grown as a writer. thank you so very much for the review! i really appreciate it!! (: have a wonderful day!

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Review #3, by Sara_Sj An Undecided Forever

21st March 2011:
Way too mushy for a Dramione.

I mean, I might be ok with them reaching to this point somewhere after like 20 something chapters in a novella :D

This was going way too fast and fluffy, and Draco was way way WAAY out of character.

So was Hermione, but Draco was more.

I just can't imagine it like that. I'm sorry. You're writing was good, just the actual stuff was hard to believe. I liked the first part to this story (the other one-shot) on its own.

Please don't take my review the wrong way, constructive criticism if you will. I've learned in my experiences as a writer/author that it's those that are worth more than the "WOW THIS WAS AMAZING" reviews. Although those do wonders for our ego, do they not :P ?

Author's Response: haha...thank you so much FOR the constructive criticism!! i definitely appreciate it and agree with you on all points. this was way early on in my writing career and yeah, i'll admit, i pretty much ignored characterization and created my own characters for this. thanks for reviewing and for the advice. i can't thank you enough!! have a great day! (:

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Review #4, by xBlack Paradisex An Undecided Forever

26th February 2011:
this was adorable. so, so adorable. i loved it. great job!

Author's Response: thank you so much! i'm glad you enjoyed this! (:

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Review #5, by Bookaholic Girl An Undecided Forever

10th February 2011:
*Sighs* Reminds me of the Princess Bride. This was ADORABLE!

Author's Response: thanks! (:

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Review #6, by Sara Malfoy An Undecided Forever

18th September 2010:
OMG. Uhm.. please right this as a novel with a million chapters... i NEVER want it to end.

Author's Response: awww, thank you!! your words just totally made my night! (:

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Review #7, by LilBoPeep An Undecided Forever

12th November 2009:
Wow. The sequel was awesome! I love the happy ending!(hopefully not THE ending 'cause you'll be making a trilogy. :D hopefully.) For me though, Draco was a tad bit OOC. Just a bit. In the books, he's like the arrogant, snobby slytherin prince, you know? But here, he's completely "gentelmanly" and adorable, and I totally do NOT object that. :) Anyway, one last thing. I love the fact that he still smirks --- his "helpless smirk." (His smirk is actually one of my favorite qualities.)

Trilogy please!

Author's Response: ahh! thank you so much for another kind review!! yeah, Draco's characterization is a bit off, i agree, but the reason for it in this case is due to the fact that the prequel was my first story and i therefore had a lot to learn. Draco was very OOC in that version and so i didn't think it would be right to change his characterization so much so quickly. anyways, thanks again for the lovely review. i really, really, really appreciate it.

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Review #8, by adluvshp An Undecided Forever

20th October 2009:
hey there. Awesome story! yes yes yes! i do want a sequel. please make a trilogy. i would love to read it. ur fanfics are so simple yet so beautiful and amazing. u rock!


ur fan

P.S. I am writing a dramione 'Opposites Attract'. Could you please give it a read. i would love to know your views on it!

Author's Response: thanks for yet another, simply-put, very flattering review. as i mentioned before i would honestly love to check out your story and offer you some input sometime when i get the chance. if you want to make sure that i can review, you can stop by my review thread on the forums and request for a review when i have a slot open. have a lovely day.

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Review #9, by cedric_diggorys_girl An Undecided Forever

4th September 2009:
another sequel!!! pleasepleaseplease!

Author's Response: we'll just have to wait and see! thanks so much for the review! (:

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Review #10, by Cassandra An Undecided Forever

15th August 2009:
I loved it! it was great! Is there going to be another chapter?

Author's Response: i might write another sequel down the line but as of now, i am not planning on it. we will just have to wait and see!

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Review #11, by dramione4ev An Undecided Forever

19th June 2009:
Oh dear, this review is REALLY late. As I recall, I was actually one of the first.if you look back, you will see someone-Kelly A.K.A. me. I probably hadn't made an account yet, but I can assure you that that is me. I was obsessed with the Clique Series back then which is why I said "Ah-mazing" or whatever else I said. You can also kind of tell by my hyperness. But, I'm calmed down now, which is why this review is in such a different tone. I'm really detirmined to give a review in which I sound like one of those scholarly people who can give you paragraphs of CC and compliments-I really don't understand how they do that. Anyway, I really love your style or writing. I have to admit that Draco was a bit OOC, but I still like it. You obviously see Draco as a gentleman, I see him as a stuckup rich kid with an over-inflated ego. But, I still-as you probably do, love him dearly anyway.

Author's Response: Draco is a bit too OOC for me as well but when i wrote the first prequel i did not know anything more. i was just starting out as a writer at the young age of eleven or so and so when i finally got around to the sequel late last summer i felt as though it was my duty to keep the characters as close to their original versions as possible. since then, i have, of course, changed my image of Draco as well but as a beginning writer you do not know as much as you do after doing it for two years. thanks anyways for the wonderful review. i am glad to see that you liked what i provided and that you came back to read this story as well. it means the world to me. thanks again.

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Review #12, by Ivana An Undecided Forever

8th May 2009:
My god =)
I just love the way you write
Actually I'm french, and your story is just ... amazing !
Write another sequel please =D

Author's Response: thank you so much for the amazing review. it is a joy to hear how much you enjoyed this story and the fact that you are French. i am still in the midst of considering the option of a sequel. i have a lot on my plate right now- writing wise and some other stuff- but hopefully i will get around to it one of these days. when writer's block gets the best of me i hope to turn toward those two stories for some inspiration. thanks again for the lovely review.

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Review #13, by Snagglepuss An Undecided Forever

19th April 2009:
Love this :]
only realized you had the sequel after i reviewed the last one!
I personally would love you to write another one so you have my vote for that!

Author's Response: thank you for the lovely review. i will keep that in mind.

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Review #14, by kATE An Undecided Forever

19th March 2009:
This is the best story I read!!!I mean it!!

Author's Response: thank you so much! your compliments mean the world to be, and i mean that! =P

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Review #15, by .Kay An Undecided Forever

4th March 2009:
This was kind of awkward to read. First off, it's okay to use contractions. Your dialog makes it seem like everyone has something stuck up their arse. Second - don't you think Hermione would be a little freaked?
I mean, having your alleged worst enemy tell you he likes you would be disconcerting enough - but LOVE? I'm surprised she didn't think it was a prank. When you're their age, you don't toss that word around casually.
And I'm not going to even start on Draco's OOCness. (He is NOT a lovesick puppy! He WILL NEVER be a lovesick puppy!)

You have raw talent - it just needs polishing and a touch of realism to work.

Author's Response: thank you for the feedback and suggestions; i love it when others tell me where i can improve. i appreciate what you have to say and can tell you that i agree totally. thank you for your time.

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Review #16, by cedric_diggorys_girl An Undecided Forever

22nd February 2009:
yes please!!! i would love to read another one!!! i insist that you do another one!!! because i loved the last two so so so so much!!!

Author's Response: thank you so much. i am glad that you liked this story and the prequel. it means a lot to me when compliments are so positive. thanks again.

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Review #17, by EmmaGranger An Undecided Forever

18th February 2009:
YES I insist on another one! I Love them, there romantic but not fluffy., Godd Job. Loved Both!

Author's Response: thank you so much. i am so glad to hear that you loved both of these stories. you have no idea how much that means to me as an author.

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Review #18, by Lyubov An Undecided Forever

13th February 2009:
YES YES YES I want anther sequel. These 2 are amazing. I loved reading them. So please please please do another sequel

Author's Response: thank you so much for the lovely review. it means so much to me to know that you have stuck by both of these stories. i appreciate it beyond anything in the world.

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Review #19, by DracoMuggleLuver_01 An Undecided Forever

13th February 2009:
Interesting. I like it. I will say yes to the sequel

Author's Response: thank you so much. a sequel is still being considered, but with so many wanting one, i might just have to write one our of fear of being tracked down.

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Review #20, by Natalia_Malfoy21 An Undecided Forever

12th February 2009:
This was a great story but there was one problem I would like to point out. In the first story you said that it was saturday and there weren't any classes and yet in this one that is a continuation of that day you say that there is one more class that day. Maybe I read wrong but I just wanted to bring that to light. Other than that minor technicality it was awesome.


Author's Response: thank you so much. i will look into what you said- i think that i might have overlooked that. thanks again.

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Review #21, by stepnhunguyen An Undecided Forever

12th February 2009:
I would like another sequel.It's very touching you know.

Author's Response: thank you. i am glad that you liked this so much.

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Review #22, by eee An Undecided Forever

8th February 2009:
dont have to use such formal language. ppl dnt talk that formally.
eg do not = don't. etc
sounds so forced when draco and hermione speak to each other.

Author's Response: thank you for the impute. i like your suggestion, but i do not like using contractions and so that is why i write that way. when writing, things need to be a bit formal and designed. thanks so much for the lovely review though. i appreciate it so much.

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Review #23, by amnitaleandra An Undecided Forever

8th February 2009:
write another sequel! i like this one too, nice work! :))

Author's Response: thank you. i glad to hear that you liked this one as well as the first. always good to know.

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Review #24, by laurenb4harryp An Undecided Forever

7th February 2009:
Oh, that's so cute, aw! And, yes, another sequel, like when they have children or something!

Author's Response: thank you so much. i am glad to hear of your ideas and the fact that you liked this story. thanks.

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Review #25, by dramione4ever An Undecided Forever

7th February 2009:

Author's Response: thank you so much. i am considering making this a trilogy, but nothing has been decided one hundred percent or anything at the current moment. thanks again.

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