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Review #1, by purple_warfreak Demons

30th December 2010:
That was just so sweet! You better make a sequal for this. It made me hung up. But over all, it's great. Excellent one-shot story. Please I'd like to read more of your new stories.

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Review #2, by Dmali Demons

15th August 2009:
oooh. please lenghten it . it was so good. and hermione on both sides was awesome.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'll hopefully be writing a sequal, though I need to think of a plot. All I have is the title. Silly me.

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Review #3, by ElToroNegro Demons

28th July 2009:
Wow, just wow. This is genius. Had the urge to punch the wall because I was so angry, then nearly cried at the "wakeup"-scene. Best one-shot I've read so far, incredible.

I know, most of the time I leave a comment on your stories, they're full of praise. Don't think I don't really mean them! This story is really just incredible.

Author's Response: Oh wow that's so sweet of you! I have to admit, when I read a review, there's a tiny part of me that's like "Oh they're just trying to butter you up so you write more. They don't *really* think that." Thanks so much for writing such amazing reviews! They really make my day when I see a new one =]

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Review #4, by Daphne 13 Demons

23rd July 2009:
Loved it. You should definately make a sequel. ;)

Author's Response: Thank you! I might make one in the near future :]

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Review #5, by Jessabelle Demons

14th July 2009:
i love this song!!! one of my favorites. :D
the first time i heard it I was thinking it would be awesome if someone wrote a stoy about it. ha ha
Brian McFadden is so hot. and has THE COOLEST accent.

Author's Response: Really? Well, today was your lucky day, then!! lol. I always thought that the song was so powerful that I just HAD to come up with a story to go along with it. I had heard of stories subbing Neville for Harry and thought of the plot while putting the song on repeat. It's disturbing how much inspiration I get from songs.

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Review #6, by MichieFinneagan Demons

23rd May 2009:
Hey, nice plot here!!! Anyway, will this story be a h/g or h/hr? If it's a h/g, i will continue to read it... Keep up the good work!!!

Author's Response: thanks so much! umm... if you look at my other stories, you can figure it out.

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Review #7, by h hr dream writer girl Demons

6th December 2008:
luv it Absolutely adorable. definitely make a sequel pleaz.

Author's Response: thanks hunn :D

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Review #8, by Ellaoptimistic Demons

4th December 2008:
OMC, I love it. Its very awesome. =D I hope to see a sequel. =D

Author's Response: thanks very much =D

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Review #9, by gglol16 Demons

19th November 2008:
That was good, though i was kinda confuzzled in the beginning but it was still pretty good!

Author's Response: yeah, sorry for the confusingness of it. but i had to start it out so that it didn't ive away anything major.

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Review #10, by dangel Demons

19th November 2008:
Oh please, make a sequel! This was absolutely amazing! By the way I am a HHR shipper and I hope that if you make a sequel it will be with this pairing!

Author's Response: hehe, i plan on making a sequel in the next few... months? i dont know, but i know that there SHALL be one and it SHALL be hhr!

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Review #11, by something random Demons

19th November 2008:
Awsome one-shot, I really enjoyed it. I think you should do a sequal.

Author's Response: thank you :) sequel is iffy at the moment, but deffinitly a possibility.

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Review #12, by miinganharmony Demons

13th November 2008:
Awww :) :) :) I loved, loved, LOVED that story, and adored the last line. Terrific one-shot, though definitely out of the norm. Great job, like everything you do :) Brilliant.

Author's Response: thanks so much hunn!

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Review #13, by alli Demons

13th November 2008:
yes u should deff do a sequel but as Harmony not harmony and Harry/Ginny

Author's Response: haha. if i ever do a sequal it will be harry/hermione for sure!

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Review #14, by ActingwithStyle Demons

12th November 2008:
that was , I have to say absolutely amazing!
it was quite interesting jumping from reality and back into the dream world.
You did a really good job on that bit. Hope to read more from you!

Author's Response: thank you hunn :))

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Review #15, by fanwright19 Demons

12th November 2008:
well that was interesting and wierd I can't bolive that harry had neville's live and he wanted to be the boy who lived again.

Author's Response: yeah, who knew that harry would miss it all?

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