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Review #1, by Leefy Concrete Angel

23rd October 2017:
This is absolutely beautiful. I'm crying.

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Review #2, by Renae N Concrete Angel

7th July 2013:
Don't read this at 3am if you don't want to find yourself crying uncontrollabley in the dark. Great story. Sad and depressing but great.

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Review #3, by potter_epic_riddle Concrete Angel

14th November 2011:
This was so good!!! You should do another one, but 'Fix You' by Coldplay

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Review #4, by muggle born princess Concrete Angel

25th January 2011:
god that was such a sad but lovely story i absalutly loved it and i did cry a little

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Review #5, by Puretorture777 Concrete Angel

20th August 2010:
I loved this story! It made me cry.

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Review #6, by kookoobaby456 Concrete Angel

15th June 2010:
It almost made me cry. Espcielly that i was playing the song with it.

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Review #7, by Warror Concrete Angel

2nd January 2010:
Good job but really sad. You showed the song's meaning really well and worked in the other details in well.

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Review #8, by DP Concrete Angel

12th December 2009:
i LOVED this.. it was so sad i almost cried.. an i NEVER cry

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Review #9, by jaxcat Concrete Angel

7th August 2009:
Oh my f***ing god...I love this song!

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Review #10, by Shelby Weasley Concrete Angel

29th July 2009:
Hm. Well overall it was good. But I honestly think that since Harry was 16 (?) in the story that calling him a 'little boy' was a bit far, even if he was small. and everyone seemed to treat him as if he were like, ten.

But other than that I enjoyed it :)

Author's Response: Maybe, but there are people that are 16 and 17 who are less than 5 feet. It's fun to make Harry little.

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Review #11, by Lily__Potter Concrete Angel

17th June 2009:
This was so good!! I actually cried. I know that doesn't mean alot, but it's really hard to make me cry. I'm usually a unemotional person.

Author's Response: Thanks, I tend to cry because of stories like that too. I keep forgetting to add a tissue warning. I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #12, by Alanna Skye Concrete Angel

8th April 2009:
I love Harry/Concrete Angel stories because they show his life in a light that gives reason to how much he was hated by his family and that he never got to be a little boy.
I loved you story with all my heart and cryed all the way through it.
keep up the good work,

Author's Response: Thanks. I love them too but they are so hard to find.

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Review #13, by Saffiecat911 Concrete Angel

5th March 2009:
omg i am still crying, i read all the hermione concrete angel fics and cried through them, but i loved how snape and draco were in this one!

Author's Response: Thanks. I have a thing with adding Snape and Malfoy in when ever I can.

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Review #14, by naru894 Concrete Angel

8th February 2009:
i really prefer happy ones, but this one was beautiful, it made me cry, even though i still preger funny ones, it was beautiful

Author's Response: Thanks. I had intended to add a tissue warning but I guess I forgot.

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Review #15, by 7157 Concrete Angel

21st January 2009:
your story made me cry, it was so sad yet beautiful. you have expressed everything well in this story. 20/10

Author's Response: Thanks. I should have put a tissue warning, so many people cried over it.

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Review #16, by padfoot__prongslet Concrete Angel

7th December 2008:
omg this is soo good
its such a sad story it made me cry lol i cudnt believe it wen he died aww poor harry but at least he is safe now
this is gd u should write sum more

Author's Response: I wrote another but I have to wait for the stupid people to re-validate it. They are way too strict.

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Review #17, by Nightrunner Concrete Angel

3rd December 2008:
What do I think?
I'll tell you as soon as the tears stop.

Great story. Very sad, but great nonetheless.



Author's Response: Thanks. I forgot to add a tissue warning. Guess I should have done that.

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Review #18, by BKL8008 Concrete Angel

3rd December 2008:
Although not canon (I don't know when you wrote this?), it is very well done and moving beyond words. It speaks to some of us on a personal note, as well, that someone who never went through this as a child could ever begin to comprehend.

For what it's worth, it made me cry - and that doesn't happen very often.

Excellent work.

Author's Response: Um, I think I wrote this last month. It's hard to say because I usually start writing a story but it doesn't get posted for a few months after. Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #19, by auror_snape Concrete Angel

3rd December 2008:
This was super sad. I'm crying right now, actually. But I liked how Harry's short stature made him the favorite of Hogwarts, and everyone's child or baby brother. The baby brother who never grew up, always remained a child. That somehow makes his fate a tiny, tiny bit better.

Author's Response: Thanks. Your the first person to review this on this particular website. I only just got the dumb thing validated. The people were complaining that I forgot a warning so it took longer than it should have. I love making Harry cute and little. Its so fun!

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