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Review #1, by KJ Expelliarmus Addiction

19th January 2013:
It was a lovely D/G one-shot. I liked it very much, especially as you portray Draco (like it or not, he is a guy who has everything, and they will do anything to get what he wants) and Ginny (I loved as she rushed to think that way about whether herself). The only downside that I could put is that you edited it so as not to see the explicit content. Could you put it back, please?

I hope you can write other wonderful D/G stories very soon.

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Review #2, by Lisa Addiction

19th December 2012:
I liked it very much...but I would have really liked to read the entire story...before scenes were removed. You could totally write this couple agian.

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Review #3, by LillyRoseanne Addiction

31st March 2010:
how expletive was the expletive content???

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Review #4, by Hermionegrangeravis Addiction

23rd February 2010:
itwas great what happened in the middle though?

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Review #5, by NEWTboy Addiction

18th August 2009:
hey, yeah i liked, freaked me out though. you read the epilouge of the seventh book right? but i like the AU aspect of it

Author's Response: yepp I've read the epilogue, but most D/G writers tend to overlook that unless their so skilled that they can include it without turning it into a H/G. But yeah, I'm not that great. but thanks:)

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Review #6, by Bubblegum Addiction

8th August 2009:
that was really good

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Review #7, by Ginny45 Addiction

19th April 2009:
Love it.
Esp with the bit after much prefer it with that
Em ly xx

Author's Response: thank you for your review! Really sweet x3

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Review #8, by Erudessa94 Addiction

9th April 2009:
It wasn't terrible. I like this line "Hazel eyes connected with the stormy gray". And i thought it was cute how harry backed Ginny up. I thought love came a bit fast, i mean a one night fling to i love you is kinda quick, but sweet i guess. Try to show more emotion in Ginny, like what did he make her feel like? or how does she know its love or why does she think its love? Overall not terrible it was pretty good. It was at least a fun read!

Author's Response: thank youu x3 I shall go back and edit both.

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Review #9, by butter_beer_junky2499 Addiction

8th March 2009:
If this were an oreo I wouldn't eat it again - it's missing the cream filling!! :(...

Author's Response: Sorryy :'[ .

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Review #10, by writergirl8 Addiction

29th January 2009:
i think it was realy good but...thats the whole story! y rn't you writing more!

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Review #11, by Zaahira Addiction

7th January 2009:
*rubs her hands together* ooo, there is nothing I like better than a good Draco/Ginnystory!!! This was really good, I liked it a lot. 10/10!

I'm almost done writing Flight of the Phoenix, yay!

Author's Response: thank you soo much!! cant wait to read more!

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Review #12, by Kitkat Addiction

2nd January 2009:
I have to disagree with Rose Aleera, beacause I honestly get quite irritated when Draco gets out of character and becomes too nice. He is obnoxious and cruel, and I love him that way! Well that doesn't sound good, does it? Anyway, I personally like the way you portrayed Draco, although it did seem to be a bit out of character for him to just proclaim his love for her in front of everyone. I kinda imagined him, not to be so easy at showing his emotions. But, I should probably shut up now, due to the fact that if I don't stop now I will start to ramble (if I haven't already).
8/10 :)

Author's Response: ahh, thanks soo muchh. you've totally just made my dayy. and i understand. my sister seems to think im a weirdo for like someone so cruel and mean. he's just kinda awesome that way. x3

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Review #13, by Rose Aleera Addiction

15th November 2008:
I actually didn't like the fiction that much, more because of Draco... I think he's too much cold... I still don't understand why Ginny choose to bewhit him... 6/10

Author's Response: oh sorry i knda wanted him to be that way because i didnt want him to be too out-of-character cuz in all my other fics he ends up that way so, yeahh but thanks for revewing

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Review #14, by Teller of Tales Addiction

15th November 2008:
The story was "okay" but to me the story was kind of fast. To me, it from Point A to Point M to Point Z instead Point A, Point B, Point C, Point D, etc. You need to build upon the story more gradually. I hope you understand what I am trying to say. Write more stories so you can help improve on your problems.

Author's Response: oh thanks for the input ill try and thatt

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