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Review #1, by Rita_Book Sleepless Musings

21st April 2010:
Nice. You totally get inside of her head!
McGonagal should do something though, I think the stuck-hand-charm-thing has been going on long enough.
-you give me new reason to be on the computer(besides FACEBOOK)

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Review #2, by Rita_Book James the Insert-'J'-Adjectives-Here

21st April 2010:
Hey! This chapter had a good plot!-I loved how James took off his
shirt-and Lily secretly liked it-and James kind of knew it-and Lily knew that James knew it. :D
Lily yelled a too much. I didn't imagine that her type of character would be sooo... b*T(#y.
Hurry up with the chapters-keep 'em comin!!!

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Review #3, by Rita_Booke Sleepless Musings

21st April 2010:
better than the last chapter, I HATED the last one.
good comeback. Though I thought the chocolate thing was a bit strange.

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Review #4, by dream_BIG Sleepless Musings

18th January 2010:
i was giggling out loud throughout this, and that's saying a lot because not a lot of stories can make me actually giggle out loud. apart from clash...and some other stories.
anyway, besides the point.
OH! did you know that this story was the first james/lily i read when i first found this, last year-ish? it was so amazing, and i got hooked. to this story, to hpff...yeah. so that's why i love this story beyond anything :)
you're brilliant and absolutely hilarious! please update soon, i cant wait to find out what happens nexttt :)
oh, my guesses!
the first time, jimmy was telling snivellus not to touch lily, otherwise he's dead. 'dont f***ing touch her', i think he must have said. second time, i have no idea, and the third time, he was announcing his everlasting, undying, complete and total adoration for his precious lilyflower.
i get virtual cookies, right? please? i love virtual cookies!
anyway, update soon!!

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Review #5, by smileyface Sleepless Musings

15th November 2009:
YAY for awesomeness! That totally changed my crappy mood I was just in! Thank you for that!!! Well I love love love what lily was thinking, written perfectly. It was doing that really complicated thing that I do all the time when ever I'm to stuck in my head! I'm os glad I'm not alone hahah. James is adorable sleeper as Lily described! i would be going crazy by then...well she kinda was there so a little. Well, I can't wait to hear what happens in the morning hahhaha. I think the first thing he said was like, 'Your fucking snivellus, don't fucking touch her.' Then the second one was, very difficult so I'm guessing something like, 'Carful hunny,' or nope i give up on that one. And the last was a bit of a give away heheh. MIss your stories, sorry I'm so busy. But pleasee keep up everything!!!


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Review #6, by Jamesie Poo Sleepless Musings

3rd November 2009:
Awesome chapter!! Amazing! wonderful! Beautiful! Perfect! :O
You HAVE to publish the next chap ASAP or I'll die. I'm serious. Really. *Putting up a demanding look*.
James is sooo adorable here ohh! :D
I like Lily-is-next-to-a-sleeping-James scenes! It's so cute :P
You write really good and sooo funny! I liked Lily's thoughts, they're hilarious! XD
Anyways, GL with the next chap. Ahem Ahem.
No pressure. ;)

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Review #7, by Jinx Sleepless Musings

1st November 2009:
finally an update.
jesus lady, took you long enough :)
so to be honest, i have nothing bad to say!
except i didn't understand what lily was talking about when she said "Oh, you thought I was referring to – to a – yeah, him?"
noww...for what james was saying?
1) you're dead snivellus, don't freakin touch her
2) come on (really, i have absolutely no idea about that one xD)
3) lily, lily i love you

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Review #8, by Mrs Lutz Sleepless Musings

26th October 2009:
is it, "your freaking dead, snivilliy. don't you dare touch her"? Ha, that the best i got! lol I love this story so freaking much! the only thing i would love to see is longer shapters. but overall really good!

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Review #9, by victoria Sleepless Musings

26th October 2009:
james was mumbling lily, lily, i luuuvvv you, but he didnt finish the [l]ove you :)

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Review #10, by disgirl0 Sleepless Musings

26th October 2009:
ok...i loved this story!! its soo funny!! i love the idea of them stuck together, literally..hhaha...
ok, so about james's mumbling..
“You’re fleggh dead, Shhnilly, dunn fleurghin touch hee”
i think he said something along the lines of...your dead, snivellus, dont touch her.
“Carull, Oonee,”
carol, only (?)
“Lily, Lily, I luuuh-uuhh.”
lily, lily, i love you

yep, those r my guesses..update soon, i love it!!

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Review #11, by Harry and Ginny Sleepless Musings

26th October 2009:
awesome chapter u have here. i could only understand the last thing James mubled when he said "Lily, Lily, I luuuh-uuhh" i think he said "Lily I love you" and i understood only one more word that had something to do with Snape. will u update soon please?^_^


Harry and Ginny

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Review #12, by Kerry Cho Sleepless Musings

26th October 2009:
Lily, Lily, I love you?
nice chapter! :D

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Review #13, by Riley Sleepless Musings

26th October 2009:
write more! write more! that was so funny and I can't wait to read more!

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Review #14, by Yasmine :) Sleepless Musings

26th October 2009:
WHOOHOOO! i lovee thiss storyyy :) sooo funneeyyy!! LOLOL, updateee SOOONN.

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Review #15, by violetter Sleepless Musings

25th October 2009:
This story is great! I like the humor, and it's really cute! Keep the chapters coming!

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Review #16, by smileyface James the Insert-'J'-Adjectives-Here

13th September 2009:
girl, you really need yo update i bet i miss you just as much as everyone else (even though thats not really possible because i miss you the most, by far)! Your so good and I really want to keep reading more so please update soon because I'm dying to know what happens next. Everything is so perfect but yet so unexpected!


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Review #17, by Confused Fly Sirius, Everyone’s Tired Of You Already

31st August 2009:
Hey! I like this! So funny! Actually, I was laughing all the time while reading this! Interesting plot and all.. And it's very easy to read. You don't have to concentrate to hard to understand it all. Which is a good things. Heheh. And yeah. Peter is weird. Definitely. His obsesion with cheese is , erm, which would be the right word here? So, anyway, update soon! Please? [soonest september 1st, I guess.. tomorrow! Aaa!]

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Review #18, by waffles James the Insert-'J'-Adjectives-Here

30th August 2009:
this story is AWESOME, update soon!
i love it!!

Author's Response: well, I think that /I/ should THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHAAANKYOUUU for reviewing! It honestly made my day, I'm so sorry for not getting back to you sooner! stupid school and stuff, interfering with my ability to respond to reviews. grrr.

I'm so glad you liked it, hopefully the next ones are just as good! thanks again for reviewing! :D


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Review #19, by red James the Insert-'J'-Adjectives-Here

28th August 2009:
Brilliant. I think Lily has been quite mean.
When is the update?

Author's Response: She has, hasn't she? Been a bit snippy, she has. But she's still feeling the repercussions of being stuck to a James Potter, who she's not exactly sure what she feels for yet. It varies - most of the time, she won't even admit that anything's changed. Ah, Lily. xD

I've updated the next chapter, and the eleventh should be coming soon! :D Thanks so much for reviewing!


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Review #20, by disgirl0 James the Insert-'J'-Adjectives-Here

26th August 2009:
wow!! great fic!! i really really liked it!! its very funny and made me laugh, especially the getting dressed part...i must say, i was wondering about that from the beginning!! ahaha...cant wait for the next update!!

Author's Response: awh, thanks so much for reviewing! I'm glad you liked the story, it's primarily there for comic relief, so I'm glad it actually is funny to the general public and not just to me, inside my head. xD

AHAHA, who wasn't? /I/ was even wondering how the heck they were going to get into their pjs, and then Sirius decided to explain and I was like 'OOOHHH.' So James had his little urges, because what boy doesn't, really? ;)

Thanks so much for reviewing, and sorry that it took so long to get back to you!


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Review #21, by Harry and Ginny James the Insert-'J'-Adjectives-Here

19th August 2009:
wow! James is pretty angry with Lily and i bet Lily is wondering why he snapped at her. what's going to happen now with Lily and James? will u update soon please?^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: Yeah, James can get angry sometimes. He's just so sweet and random all the other times, so no one really expects it of him. :D He does have a temper, and he doesn't like being abused or being yelled at all the time either. Lily was being sort of mean, I have to admit that she had it coming. Although she is really sorry about it - she didn't mean to be so explosive with him.

They're still pretty rocky, but I love James and Lily, and they'll figure out the truth soon enough, because they be smart little peoples. xDDD YAY FOR JILY OR LAMES! ^_^

I'm glad you liked my story so much, I'll try to update as soon as I can! Thank you for the reviews! :D


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Review #22, by sreduaram James the Insert-'J'-Adjectives-Here

19th August 2009:
oooh! a new chapter!! was this story deleted for a while? i was so excited to see a new chapter for this :) it seriously (or siriusly) made my previously crappy day so much better!

god, this chapter had me hysterics. it was AWESOME! i mean james potter and undressing in the same chapter, what's not to like? i love lily's "voice of death". and just all of James' thoughts. and then on to what was clearly the most important part. the undressing :P James thoughts during that were so amusing. it was like a mental cold shower. and Lily's reaction to the abs. its pretty sweet that he thinks of her when he decides whether or not to wear a shirt. and that argument. way to go james! not that i like them arguing, but he made his point, and for once it will be lily who needs to apologise. i do want to see how that gets resolved though :)

and after reading your responces to my reviews i was insanely excited that someone actually read my story, so there is a shoutout/dedication to you in the chapter of how to lose a potter than just went up :)

amazing and brilliantly awesome chapter. update soon! 10/10

Author's Response: AWH YAY! I need to find a nickname for you, because saying 'A NEW REVIEW FROM SREDUARAM!' is really long and cumbersome. and I want to say it as much as possible, so we shall find an amazing way to make it shorter, I'm sure. ^_^

it wasn't deleted, it was hidden! I was absolutely so upset. this story is one of my favourites to write, and then it was hidden from everyone because the titles of the chapters were too long - admittedly true, but still! xDDD James is intense and spontaneous, so his chapter titles need to reflect that, no? :P I am so happy I made your crappy day better, this story's meant for that - comic relief and all that jazz, you know? I am absolutely glad that you read it and reviewed, because I know you are one of my dedicated readers now and I absolutely love you, so yay! :D

ahahaha, that is SO my point of view. James undressing = WOWZA! no wonder Lily had a reaction to his abs. you do know why she practically forced him to take off his shirt, right? ;) ah, what we girls do for a goodlooking six-pack.

HAHAHA, Lily's voice of death was amusing too. Lily has always very much reminded me of myself, so I sort of model her after me, and that made me laugh and wonder if /I/ really have a voice of death. it's made me want to try it out. :P

AHAHAHAHA I loved James when Lily was undressing! He's just like 'Think of something else, think of something else...' and it was actually really hilarious to come up with all the J adjectives. :P it was a challenge to see how many I could come up with, lol! xDDD

of course, isn't that so James? he really does care about Lily, and he wants to do right by her so that he'll maybe have a chance. xD I'm glad that James sticking up for himself pleased you - I was so happy in my head when little James went 'No WAY am I letting her get away scot-free with that!' I did a sort of happy-dance cheer, although it does put Lily in a compromising position. ;) the next chapter is entirely in her P.O.V. though, so you might get to see what's going through her head. not giving any spoilers! :P

OHMYGOD I LOVE YOU. the next chapter of TG...OF is definitely dedicated to you, I'm letting you know now. you're just way way too amazing for me. I have got to go review your stories, I just started school and I have no time but AH I WILL MAKE MYSELF DO IT. especially since your stories rock - I absolutely LOVED 'A Proposal...or Three'. SO like James to do that! HAHAHA, I should stop talking here and just go give you a review. and I will. promise. and you can hold me to that.

I have the next chapter written, but not typed, so I promise it should be coming in the next few days! thank you so much for your reviews. you're amazing. :D

much, much, much love,


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Review #23, by sreduaram Sirius, Everyone’s Tired Of You Already

8th July 2009:
oooh whats the 'perhaps more' in "Operation Win-Lily-Evans'-Heart-And-Perhaps-More"
haha i love the idiocy of the marauders at times. and that lily just starts yelling at him for no reason.
oh this sucks for me, i've run out of more chapter or this to read. so i thinm you should most definately update soon. just for me of course :P


FINALLY, /someone/ got the 'perhaps-more' that I so slyly and subtly inserted in there! :D maybe it was just me, but I thought that since this was James and he can't ever be subtle, the perhaps-more would be a little more obvious. ::winks:: I think you know what it's implying, and once again, James' reasoning behind that comes from too much Sirius, which is never good for anyone. xD

personally, the idiocy of the Marauders is, for me, what keeps them together. how they're such kids and such /boys/ and they'll always be roughhousing with each other and punching each other, and making dirty jokes and annoying the hell out of each other, but in the end they'll all come back and they really do love each other, despite the fact that of course, they're MEN and MEN don't love other MEN. xDDD

Lily starts yelling at them cause she thinks she's justified, which she really isn't, which starts them off, and it's a vicious circle which has ultimately love for a goal, but it's just so fun to watch them keep going at it. YAY! :DDD

awh, I'm sad that you're sad that you have no more chapters to read. I've updated now, so I hope you have fun with those chapters. YAY FOR YOU AND ME! :D



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Review #24, by sreduaram Stupid Mistakes Are My Life, Apparently

8th July 2009:
way to go james ;) telling a girl that they should sleep together will surely solve all problems.
haha this fanfic really is just so funny!
my favourite parts being 'casual observation time', the cone of silence, and the generation of homosexual babies.
it will be interesteing to see James attempt to redeem himself from that :P

Author's Response: Well, of course. I mean, he's a guy. That'll solve all of /his/ problems. xDDD JUST KIDDING! James is boyish and somewhat dirty, but not THAT dirty. That's Sirius for you. ;)

I'm so glad you like the humour, it basically just writes itself, it's so great. I really do love it, and James himself. He's so innocently corrupted, and hysterical, and exaggerated, and all over the place. xDDD He makes me so happy.

HAHAHAHA, YAY! Those were some of my favourite parts too, it's just James being James, which I find so hilarious. Especially casual observation time. ::shakes head:: He doesn't even want to admit his stalking problem to himself. Is there a Stalkers Anonymous? We'll need to sign him in for /several/ group sessions. xD

yeah, he'll do it in his typically James way, because he can't be subtle or tactful to save his life. ;) but that's what's so awesome about him, isn't it? :D



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Review #25, by sreduaram Was That a Flirt?

8th July 2009:
for such a seemingly sweet guy, James sure has a whole lot of voices in his head!
haha, ah lily and her accidental flirting. I for James, just beign attached to Lily was probably heaven.
and again i say, i really do love your chapter titles!

Author's Response: HAHAHAHAHA, thank you for noticing that. Yes, he does have quite a few voices in his head, but really, he brought it on himself. I mean, if he didn't hang around with Sirius so much, then he wouldn't have the Sirius voice there to bug him. The Remus voice is actually probably good for him - but James is a prideful creature, he won't take orders from subconscious voices who'll know what's best for him, he'll make his own mistakes and damn, he'll be proud of them! xD

Lily's accidental flirting is actually really funny, and probably something I would do. My friend tells me I have a gift for flirting and that I do it naturally - I've never consciously, purposely flirted before, so I have experience in the 'accidental flirting' department. :P

Yes, you're absolutely right there - but this was like being elevated to the next, AWESOME level of heaven! :D

awh, I'm glad you do! I had to (stupid HPFF, if I didn't love to write so much... ::shakes fist:: xD) shorten them, unfortunately, cause they were too long - that's why my story was hidden for a length of time. I'm glad you like their spontaneity, though! It's so James, I love it. :D

Thank youuu for reviewing! (:


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