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Review #1, by Riya Potter Chapter One

24th May 2010:
Actually, tonks isn't mentioned in the story, so u should edit the info of d story. Otherwise, the story was quite good, and touching. Keep writing...

Author's Response: Tonks is mentioned undirectly. When he's thiking about how he's worried it could effect his families life he's referring to Tonk's being pregnant and the fears he had about it. Thanks (:

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Review #2, by elvesandimps Chapter One

12th May 2010:
referring to Lupin as the man or he and making him remain nameless worked really well. it kept a veil of mystery over the piece. same as the way it switches to the beast - keeps them separate, as though it's two people. and how when he's a werewolf only sensory description is used.

I love it!!! :) the style is totally right up my street

Bit unsatisfied with the ending though, almost suggests a lack of remorse - looking ahead and forgetting about that full moon, Can I be really nosey and ask why you ended it with him just walking away? Almost didn't fit with the character he was at the start.

Feel free to tell me to get lost and mind my own business :P

[did truly enjoy it tho :)]

Author's Response: Wow thank you so much ! This is honestly the best review I have ever gotten. I didn't really know how to end it all, I kinda just made him seem like he was used to the feeling of waking up like, so terrified that he just has no reaction. I just wasn't sure if I should do another or not so I just ended it in whatever way I could think of at the time if this has made any sense.

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Review #3, by RavenclawsTalon Chapter One

15th April 2010:
wow that was really sweet. poor mooney, do you have any idea who he killed?

Author's Response: Thanks Ash, I just had him kill a random character, no one really important

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Review #4, by tori kirst Chapter One

12th May 2009:
Its erie, and totatly what lupin would be feeling. you sense his pain and his confusion about everything. i am soo proud of you :)

Author's Response: Awee, thanks Tori xD

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Review #5, by harrylilyjames Chapter One

2nd December 2008:
not a bad story.
there were a few mistakes, such as wolf don't have 'red' eyes, they have yellow.
Also you may want to read over it as there are a few mistakes, but they are only small ones- such as "at out silly" - the 'out' here should be 'how'...and just mistakes like that.
I like reading about Remus, he is such a complex character and I love reading about what other authors think about him.
It was a nice story!! Poor Remus =[

Author's Response: Hayy, I think your on the site TDM?

Anyways, his red eyes are suppose to relate to Voldemort's red eyes, like how his eyes would go red when he has this hunger to murder. Thanks for pointing out my mistakes and for reviewing. :]

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Review #6, by JESSSSSSSSSS Chapter One

26th November 2008:
I love it Alex! So descriptive

Author's Response: Thanks Jess XD

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Review #7, by Ashley Chapter One

15th November 2008:
wow very nice indeed

Author's Response: Thanks Ash(:

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