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Review #1, by sariga All In The Name Of Science

20th October 2015:
This is an awsome piece of fiction. why is it abandoned?

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Review #2, by DanySnow All In The Name Of Science

10th February 2013:
Keep writing, please! It's an interesting story, and I like the way you write :)

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Review #3, by AndyWasHere All In The Name Of Science

11th May 2010:
Hey! I love this story and I was wondering when/if you were going to continue it? I really hope you do!

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Review #4, by NinjaJumpPrincess All In The Name Of Science

6th April 2010:
I love this story so much and a new chapter would be extremely appreciated. (hinthintnudgenudge)

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Review #5, by Jodi All In The Name Of Science

21st November 2009:
I do there is more to come :) x

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Review #6, by Twilight_Princess All In The Name Of Science

1st October 2009:
LOL, I feel so bad for them! And did Ann really think that the questions and answers would be easier later on? Man, I wouldn't have known what to say in the FIRST response to the letter! Well, I do hope you can update soon!!

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Review #7, by tufftaffy All In The Name Of Science

1st October 2009:
I really wish Ann had read the other two books. I feel like she could've been such a huge help if she had read 6 and 7 as well. Anyway, again, marvelous. I love this story.

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Review #8, by Kaitlin F.A.Q.

25th September 2009:
Terrific! I really wish someone would believe her though. And I know I keep harping on this, but please don't kill Sirius!

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Review #9, by Twilight_Princess F.A.Q.

25th September 2009:
Poor Ann! I would have also liked to have seen Kreacher's look at what she told him. And how did Remus shower so fast? I wish I could shower that quickly! LOL, I can't wait for the next chapter!!

Author's Response: Ack! I realized the shower thing right before I submitted it...I was hoping no one would notice. Oh well :)

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Review #10, by gnarglephilia Questions

21st September 2009:
Yeah, Fan Fic that doesn't take itself too seriously - well done and submit some more - please or I will shave your head!

Author's Response: What are you talking about? I take everything I do completely seriously. And I'm pretty sure I submitted the next chapter as soon as I read your threat! Thanks.

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Review #11, by Kaitlin Shopping and Stalking

18th September 2009:
It's terrific! I think your story is totally worth the wait. Please tell me Ann is going to save Sirius? It would be so tragic if he still died...

Author's Response: Thanks so much, and sorry for the long waits. I won't give away the end though - you'll just have to keep reading hopefully.

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Review #12, by Twilight_Princess Shopping and Stalking

18th September 2009:
LOL, so they finally meet! Nice touch with the guy in the market. I cant WAIT for the next chapter! Please, PLEASE update soon!!

Author's Response: Thanks again for your comments. The next chapter is posted and another one is waiting on validation!

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Review #13, by DomoLurv Permission

16th August 2009:
I really love this story, can't wait to read more~ :D

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Review #14, by Emmeline Permission

14th August 2009:
I love this-its actually hilarious
Cant wait for more!!

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Review #15, by Twilight_Princess Permission

2nd August 2009:
LOL, oh, that was great!! I probably would have done the same thing and get infected with my own product so it wouldn't be traced back to me! And is Severus falling for Ann?? Or at least liking her a bit? I can't wait until she gets to meet Sirius and Remus for the first time now!!

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Review #16, by Dilys Derwent Permission

1st August 2009:
yay! she is going to meet Sirius and Remus. that should be interesting. good idea to get her out of hogwarts for a bit. and you put in some more of the Weasley Twins! brilliant prank. keep up the amazing writing and update soon!
Dilys :)

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Review #17, by luisiach Permission

31st July 2009:
oooh you've got a very original plot here, and very well written too!
I specially liked the part where she exchanges letters with Voldy, that's funny. I didn't think he would write back!
anyway, I hope you keep writing, I really enjoyed the reading.
Hope she saves Sirius in the end >.<
I'll be eternally in denial...

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Review #18, by anonymous Permission

31st July 2009:
hah! i love it! ann is so hilarious. it's a shame dumbledore doesn't believe her, but i guess that would make ann's life too easy. i am not entirely convinced that she's dead, but she can't be in a dream. she'd have woken up by now if she was.
i have a feeling snape has started to develop feelings for ann. too bad he doesn't realize it. what will the order think if they find out she's pen pals with voldy! or if voldy found out she was a muggle! ann would be in deep trouble, she better keep the secret well.
great story!

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Review #19, by clarysage Permission

31st July 2009:
I love this story! One of my favourite storys on the site. (:

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Review #20, by tufftaffy Inquisition

26th July 2009:
AMAZING! Please, please, please post again soon!

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Review #21, by pirateninjazxlibz Inquisition

22nd July 2009:
Yess! I love stories like these. :3. I absolutely love your writing style, as well as the story/plot itself. Ann is amazing, and I can't wait for you to update the next chapter. :D.


Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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Review #22, by Twilight_Princess Inquisition

22nd July 2009:
LOL, as usual, love the ending!! Will the staff and Order find out that Ann doesn't do magic?? What's to happen to her when Umbridge takes over?? PLEASE UPDATE SOON!!

Author's Response: Thank you! I can't give away any spoilers though, you'll just have to keep reading, ;)

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Review #23, by jollygood Inquisition

22nd July 2009:
Glad to read this update! Hope you can keep going.

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Review #24, by Dilys Derwent Inquisition

21st July 2009:
i have completely and utterly fallen in love with Ann. she is one of the best characters i have ever read. she is so inquisitive and spontaneous and i just love it when she is being sarcastic to Umbridge.

i have only read a couple of fics about muggles somehow joining the magical world and knowing what's going to happen and i never much liked them but this one is completely different and with Ann as the main character it is hard not to love. she is asking all the questions that i always wondered about magic and i love how you have portrayed Snape as i think he is very in character with the books but this different side of him is still very believable. i also think the other characters are very in keeping with the book. Sirius's letter sounded just like him and even Voldemort's (to my shock) sounded scarily how i imagined Hitler would. i am slightly miffed though that Dumbledore comes off in this as rather more narrowminded and less trusting than i always believed him to be in the books, but it is your story and i can somehow understand it.

i love how you have other scenes that don't include Ann in but give us some more background info and stuff. in the last couple of chapters (although i have read it all tonight and so it has sort of blurred into one) we haven't seen so much of the Weasley twins so i was wondering if there would be some action with them? you write them very well amongst all the others i have already mentioned!

anyway, this is a long review, but i thought it imperative that i tell you how amazing and unique i think this story is and i urge you to keep writing and update soon! you have me hooked.
Dilys :D

Author's Response: Wow, that was such a nice review! Thank you so much for the comments. There are so many things I want to happen, it's hard to figure out how it's all going to work. Staying in character is getting harder the more the plot develops, so I really appreciate your compliment. I hope you keep reading, and let me know what you think. Thanks!

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Review #25, by Twilight_Princess The Power of a Good Night's Sleep

11th July 2009:
LOVE IT!! Though, I dont know about the whole writing to Voldemort. Anyways, this story is different, unique, and plain lovely (most time laughable). I do hope you can update soon!!

Author's Response: yeah, the writing to Voldemort is not the easiest thing to do, but it has a purpose, I promise. Thanks for the review, another chapter should be coming soon!

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