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Review #1, by siobhan_malfoy Just Peachy

21st December 2009:
hahah it's really good!

Author's Response: Thank you thank you thank you!

Thanks for the review, reviewers are the best :)

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Review #2, by Yasmine :) Just Peachy

21st December 2009:
i nearlyy cried when i was reading about the part where madame pomfrey was like
Shes not going down without a fight.
i swear to god that i am falling in love with this storyy,... i found it when i was readin another one of my favourites 'Titch' and decided to come and check it out!! keep up the GREAATT workk and update soon :)) 11/10

Author's Response: Aww, thanks so much! I haven't had any reviews since May, so this was an immediate heart warmer :)

I don't think anyone's ever really stated that they love my story, so thanks much!

I love 'Titch' too haha

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Review #3, by Spicky Just Peachy

3rd May 2009:
really great!!!
LOVE the story!!!
please update soon!!!

Author's Response: Thanks! I need the encouragement, I've kind of hit a stand-still. :)

I'll try to get something up for you

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Review #4, by thats a really tall crayon Just Peachy

18th April 2009:
I really want to know whats going to happen to her!!
haha i love the smoothie incedent!!
Good job on this chapter!!!

Author's Response: haha thanks! Smoothies are amazing ;)

Thanks for the review! I'm losing momentum with the lack of reviews so I have no idea when the next chapter will be up...

Thanks for the support!

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Review #5, by Lily123Evans  Laughing Fits and Evil Dumplings

10th April 2009:
WAIT! nevermind what I said last chapter, I clicked the wrong thing when I was trying to find something, I'm in idjit, I know. Sorry bout that. Excelent CHapter as well.

Author's Response: haha ok then...i was wondering what you were talking about for a second... :)

Well, thanks for the reviews, it's much appreciated!

I hope you like the rest of the chapters.

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Review #6, by Lily123Evans  Blinded by Hunger

10th April 2009:
Good story but, may I ask why you reviewed your own story a trillion times? Pretty cool but, just wondering. Maybe I should do that too...

Author's Response: hmmm...I'm pretty sure I didn't...

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Review #7, by Laura I Never Did Like Divination

8th February 2009:

Author's Response: Haha I'm glad you think so!

Thanks for the review!

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Review #8, by Laura Blinded by Hunger

24th January 2009:
Well, I hope the review box is happy with my words. I heard about this story from a friend that claims to be your freind. I've only read the 1st chapter so far but I thint it's really good. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of this fic so keep updating!

Author's Response: Reviewbox is very happy, thanks. I think I know who you're talking about.
Thanks for the compliments and thanks for reading!

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Review #9, by Spicky I Never Did Like Divination

22nd January 2009:
oh no, what does oliver know about it??? (parents, siblings, girlfriend, who died from it???)
i LOVE this story!!!

Author's Response: AHHH!!! Is right! haha
Well, Chris is just one smart cookie.
I'm glad you love it.

Thanks for the reviews, they made my day!

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Review #10, by Spicky Christmas Carols and Grand Entrances

22nd January 2009:
LOVE it!!!
so, now shes going to have guys all over her, i'm sure that that will go down well with chris...
keep updating (singing to the tune of that song... thats really cool... that i cant remember the name of...)

Author's Response: I'm so glad you love it! Yeah, the guys now love Monica. Who know's how Chris is going to react... ; )
I'll update when I can.
What song are you singing? And, if you don't mind my asking, why?
Thanks for the review!

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Review #11, by Spicky Didn't See That Coming

22nd January 2009:
LOVE it!!!
sooo funny!!!
poor her!!!
ps could you please have a look at my story 'three little words'? thanks

Author's Response: Yeah, I feel for Monica.
Sure I'll take a look at your story, just as soon as I finish answering your reviews : )

Thanks much!

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Review #12, by Spicky Laughing Fits and Evil Dumplings

22nd January 2009:
i'm now quite scared for your sanity...
(please dont follow out the threat, i'm reviewing, okay?!)
i LOVE the story, sooo funny!!!

Author's Response: To be honest, I'm not surprised that you're currently scared of my sanity. I'm used to it by now.
I'm so glad you love the story and I'm glad you think it's funny.

No worries about Monica and the buffet table, it's all good ; )

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Review #13, by Spicky Blinded by Hunger

22nd January 2009:
your SO funny!!! (but what is going on between you & your review box...?)
LOVE the story, really good start!!!

Author's Response: My goodness! I love your reviews, they make me smile : )
There's a very strong relationship between Baby Reviewbox and me.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #14, by City Lights I Never Did Like Divination

12th January 2009:
Hey! Does the whole, "The Grim" sickness have anything to do with Monica's Ravenclaw friends taking some kind of revenge for a yet-unknown reason?

Author's Response: Ooh! That's a really good idea! If only I'd been clever enough to think of that! No it doesn't. I'm really glad you asked though.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #15, by Thats a really tall crayon I Never Did Like Divination

12th January 2009:
Baby Revierbox,
OMG! I was freaking out when Monica was like sick all of a sudden, it was so radom!!! Whats going to happen?!?! Your a great writer!!!

Author's Response: Aww! Thanks! Yeah, it's all random, but I live for random! Haha. *begins chanting in a teasing way* I know what's gonna happen. I know what's gonna happen.

Thanks for the review. Baby Reviewbox loves being acknowledged. Thanks bunches!


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Review #16, by lala25525 Christmas Carols and Grand Entrances

4th January 2009:
haha lol i really like this story!! monica has a great personality!! lol great story!! 10/10!!!
~lala25525 =D

Author's Response: Wow! That's a lot of loling! Haha I'm glad you liked it! I really like Monica also. She thinks like I think but her personality is a tad different.

Thanks for the review, it made me smile ; )> (That's a smiley face with a gotee incase you were wondering, probably spelled 'gotee' wrong but I think you get the picture)

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Review #17, by thats a really tall crayon Christmas Carols and Grand Entrances

1st January 2009:
This story is soo good!!! This was a good chapter!!( but they are all good!) So are Monica's old friends just gone?!? At least she found new ones!
I can't wait for the next chapter!!

Author's Response: Oh, thanks so much! I'm flattered. Yes, the Smarties are just gone, I never liked them much, and yes, she did find some excelent new friends!

Thanks for reviewing! Again ; )

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Review #18, by MrsNorris17 Christmas Carols and Grand Entrances

23rd December 2008:
I know this is nerdy of me, but you said he is 'growing on the inside' followed by 'the doctor said so'. I immediately thought of Doctor who and his TARDIS... I'm such a dork. (sorry if you aren't english/ have no idea who the Doctor is)

anyway... Chrisss :] he is soo cool! love him!
andd- the singing! LOL. loved it! such a sirius thing to do :] espesh making up the lyrics. it was odd cause that song had just started playing on my itunes :D

yay- monica is smexy now :]
oh btw i absolutely LOVE rachel. she is one cool bean! and Ava :]
sorry for the long review! the long and the short of it is:
great chapter, keep it up!

Author's Response: Oh thank you, thank you! I love long reviews! I love Christ too! He's just completely awesome.

I loved writing the Christmas carol part. It was great fun. That's cool that it came up on your iTunes, creepy creepy! lol just joking. I actually know a guy who was called Sphen in 5th grade, so that's where that came from. It does seem like a very Sirius thing to do! lol
That was my favorite part of writing this chapter.

Rachel is definitely one cool bean. She's so cool. But I just love Ava, you'll see more of her character developement later on.

I hope you could picture the hair okay, it was kind of spontaneous, but I needed to do something.

Thanks for the long review!


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Review #19, by taco_chipz Christmas Carols and Grand Entrances

22nd December 2008:
when i first read the sirius part I was thinking it was sirius black, but then when rachel liked him i realized it wasn't the same sirius lol

Author's Response: It is Sirius Black. Sorry if that confused you...hmmm...I need to go back and edit that. Thanks for the review, it really helps!

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Review #20, by taco_chipz Christmas Carols and Grand Entrances

22nd December 2008:
heyy!! great chapter!! this is my favorite so far, i like the length of it and the plot too! between monica's hair cut and the whole chris thing she is making me envious! i love the part about "picking up on the vibes", it reminds me of lunch and such! keep writing!

Author's Response: It reminds me of lunch too! Haha! I'll keep writing. Thanks for the review!

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Review #21, by noodle-roni Didn't See That Coming

11th December 2008:
"books like pets" now that's clever. I also liked the reference to the Muggle toaster.
I've enjoyed the banter in this episode more than in the previous chapters. I also enjoyed the real emotion in the ending scene.
I am interested in the previous 6 year relationship and how everyone is not only growing up but apart - why is that? I am curious.
I am also curious about everyones personal magical skills and what lies hidden as they are now mostly grown and will soon head out into the magical world.
Hopefully sparks will soon fly - I can hardly wait. Get going on that 4th chapter - I too am hungry.

Author's Response: "books like pets" if only books were pets...well to me they kind of are, well everything to me is kind of like a pet (I have a satisfying obsesion with naming things). There's nothing quite like the mystical powers of a toaster, they are quite fascinating when you think about it. You should listen to Yeah Toast on youtube by Heywood Banks, it makes me laugh everytime.

I really need to do some re-editing; characters, teachers, magic, observations, past relationships, appearances, past events, you name it. Since I'm aware of everything going on in the story (characteristics of characters, weather, conversations, and just about anything else that affects the visualization) I have this huge picture in my head. Sometimes I forget that you don't see the same things I do. It's like you're watching this story on a little TV and I'm watching it in a movie theater. Or you're watching it in widescreen DVD form, and I'm watching it in fullscreen DVD form. I sometimes forget that I need to write EVERYTHING down, not just the outlines.

Thanks for the constructive review, it really helps!

I'm writing the fourth chapter now, but who knows when it will be up!

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Review #22, by crazybibliophile Didn't See That Coming

8th December 2008:
I have to say...your style is very strong, it comes across in your story very clearly... your fic has the same nonsensical and wonderful quality of your reviews. :)

It's a little disjointed, and that's a problem that I always have, like all the time - losing out on scene changes and stuff because I'm so focused on getting to the funny bits... I'm very guilty of that. XD But you actually pull it off well, so that's okay. :D

I really do love Chris. He's so incredibly awesome. :) I want to marry him too!!

You are so fantastically random. This chapter was hilarious - the whole story's hilarious, right from the beginning. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my GOSH!
YOU reviewed my story! That makes me so incredibly happy!

I hoped the writing style just screams me! I'm glad you thought so. My reviews have a nonsensical and wonderful quality? Hmmm...why thanks!

I need to work on some of the bumpy parts, and I get side tracked by the funny parts too. Who doesn't? I'm glad you think I pull that off, it's kind of the way both Monica and I

I love Chris too! He's so fantastic! He's just incredible and sweet...I could go on forever because I know him best!

Thanks! I love to be random, and I'm flattered that you liked that part of the story!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for reviewing!

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Review #23, by Love Hurts Honey  Didn't See That Coming

8th December 2008:
haha i love this story... update soon =]
im getting excited=]

xxlove hurts honey

Author's Response: The fourth chapter is halfway typed, so it should be up soon.
I'm glad you're getting excited! I'm excited too!

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Review #24, by Love Hurts Honey  Blinded by Hunger

8th December 2008:
haha nice A/N
love the story =]

Author's Response: Thanks much! I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #25, by thats a really tall crayon Didn't See That Coming

2nd December 2008:
Baby Reviwebox,
I can't wait till the next chapter is up!! It really needs to be up, doesn't it? Yes, and I hope Baby Reviwebox isn't hungry anymore!

Author's Response: Yay! Yay review! Yes, the next chapter does need to be up! Haha! It should be up soon, I still need to write it but I've got it pretty much planned out, so...yah!

Baby reviewbox is getting better. He says thanks for feeding him and do review again.

Thanks much for reviewing!

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