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Review #1, by KRedden Awesomeness Plans and Lemon Sherbets

8th December 2009:
Keep writing. I want to know what happens next!

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Review #2, by Adrielne Awesomeness Plans and Lemon Sherbets

8th December 2009:
Hey :)
I really do like your story. Despite the thing-that-makes-my-insides-hurt, that being your MC being James's sister/twin/adopted sister/neighbor.
That's why it's only a 6/10 on my scale - you could have gone less cliche with that.

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Review #3, by mrs lily potter wannabe Boredom and strawberry lollypops

30th July 2009:
hahahahahahahahhehehehehehehehehehohohohohohohohha! This is awesome! it sounds xctly like you'd imagine any girl- slightly sarcastic, funny, crazy, angry. bye, im gonna read your next chappie!

Author's Response: thanks enjoy it

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Review #4, by Harrypotterbookworm sex education and cheese

30th July 2009:
Love this story! James, the protective brother. I can so see that. I think that option B is the best. I would love to see them have a fight and actually get really mad at each other. And it must be HUGE considering that she didn't get mad at him for inviting her worst enemies to there house. I wonder how James would take the fight and them getting together afterwards? Funnily and angrily I am sure.
Keep writing

Author's Response:
thank you so much
i really appreciate the feedback
i reckon im going to go with option b it seems like more fun andi think i can do a lot more with it. And dont worry this fight will be huge and bring out interesting twists in the characters you wont expect...
i just posted a new story which should be validated in a couple of days which i would love for you to read and review.

Its called Never Ever and its an Oliver/OC story so if you could check it out that would be awesome

thanks a million


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Review #5, by daisychain1 Purple hair and cookies and cream ice-cream

25th May 2009:
That was very interesting! I like the story line, and the purple hair was great! It was very funny, i like the detail in it as well.
I will defiantly read the other chapters! I love the banner (just add that in as well!)
I was wondering perhaps if you could review mine- Tangible Hope- Superior to me. Its only a one shot but i would really Appreciate it.
rating 10/10 :D :D


Author's Response:
thanks heaps i hope you enjoy the other chapters as well
of course ill review your story i cant wait to read it

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Review #6, by Liquorice_Love sex education and cheese

2nd March 2009:
8/10 - I think these last two chapters lacked a little bit of what the first few had, but they were still good. I'm looking forward to the next!!

Author's Response:
Thank you for the feedback
I really appreciate the comments
I'll try post the next chapter soonish


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Review #7, by Microwave_Maniac sex education and cheese

27th February 2009:
): Sad to hear you were ill, hope your feeling better x
and ughh i know about the school work! its just piling up D:

Sooo, i liked the chapter (:
and yay new characters!
you need to watch out for a few mistakes here and there, just like full stops and "
but u know, other than that it was enjoyable to read xD
i liked the effect with starting with the presence, going back to explain then bringing it back to present too (:
I cant wait for the plot to start developing xx

Author's Response:
Thank you so much
i know there were some mistakes but i really just wanted to update it was ages since i had
i'm glad you liked my structure technique it's actually one of my favourite ways of writing
I hope to update soon but i'm not promising when...thanks for the review


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Review #8, by Spicky Boredom and strawberry lollypops

3rd February 2009:
thats HILARIUS!!!
love it!!!

Author's Response:
I'm really glad you liked it
keep up the reviews
i really appreciate them


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Review #9, by Spicky Purple hair and cookies and cream ice-cream

3rd February 2009:
cool, good start!!!
i love the crazy characters!!!

Author's Response:
thanks heaps for your review
i love to know what you guys think


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Review #10, by Microwave_Maniac Accidently attempting to murder and fudgy muffins

28th January 2009:
haha, I do so love your titles for these stories.
your story length is good and such =]
what have you decided to do for the story plot?
I think you maybe need to add in a few more descriptive words?
just to help set the setting and stuff~ ( I don't know if im explaining this well lol ) you know, you dont mention expressions much unless its pointing out horrification
I look forward for an update =]

Author's Response:
Thanks soo much for your review and yeah i totally get what your saying about the whol descriptive words thing... i really apreciate that sort of feedback and i'm grateful you take the time to give it to me

Anyway i think i'm going to make this story a love hate game full of pranks and mischief the other option didn't seem as fun

I'm hoping to update soon I'm also working on another story called never ever which is an oliver/oc so hopefully i'll post that really soon as well

Thanks again


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Review #11, by pensiveprincess Accidently attempting to murder and fudgy muffins

23rd January 2009:
yes, lily really does know how to make an exit. she and james are quite the dramatic ciricus... hummm... that explains harry's personality so much... haha... anyways! great chapter! :) update soon!

Author's Response:
Awesome thank you soo much for reviewing
I really appreciate it
I'll try update as soon as possible

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Review #12, by Microwave_Maniac Keeping track and chocolate waffles

27th December 2008:
Hulllo 'again =]

Nice chappie~ aw mel and sirius have a happy dance x3
in b) u mentioned 'sort of like a game of love and revenge' if u mean like, they are gunna have a constant battle of revenge (like pranks) then the relationship develops from there then im all B)
buut if not i would say i like the sound of a)~ then it will remain a light funny cute romance story


Author's Response:
hey... i just want to mention i love your reviews... anyway i meant b to be a game of revenge aka pranks so i think thats what i'm going to it sounds like fun
it will probably be easier for me to write because it would be something i can relate to more... i might even put in some of my experiences plus the magic of course

thanks again

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Review #13, by Microwave_Maniac Boredom and strawberry lollypops

27th December 2008:
Rawr Hullo~ I think I was supposed to leave a review aageess ago~ but i forgot to check for updates =]

Hm. I dont think I have much to say~ twas a good read and stuffs~ like the background information on how they know each other and stuff was put in nicely, and reading more on mellies character =]

i dooo have a tiney tiny critisism though D= dont worry though its more of an opinion~ i think you should lay off the brackets a bit~
I bound out of my room slamming the door behind me (oh donít worry Iíve already mentioned that girl could sleep through a hurricane and a tornado and a tsunami at the same frickinĎ time)

you could have just done:
I bound out of my room slamming the door behind me oh donít but worry Iíve already mentioned that girl could sleep through a hurricane and a tornado and a tsunami at the same frickinĎ time.

just like make things more part of the sentence than a point in wich u bracket~ but seriously just more of my opinion rather than a bad point bout ur story! so dont worry to much bout taking it seriously, so if u like to use brackets continue!

anywayyss sorry for the long review xD and im off to read the next chapter sooo expect another and probable long one

Author's Response:
i love the long review... don't be sorry
i like constructive crit as well
its good to know others opinions

thanks for reviewing

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Review #14, by pensiveprincess Keeping track and chocolate waffles

22nd December 2008:
lovely job! sirisu and mel are v. v. v. funny!!!

hummm. it'm partial to love evolving from hate so i'm going to go with b... but eaither sounds good!!!

update sonisssh! :)

Author's Response: thank you soo much
i will try i update soon but i have been sick for the past three months and its getting worse
soo my updates will happen when i feel a bit better
im soo glad you like it and thanks for reviewing it makes me want to update more

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Review #15, by Lovin_me_some_lupin Boredom and strawberry lollypops

1st December 2008:
Very funny:P I love how the story is turning out keep up the great work~!

p.s. So i kind of forgot to put my e-mail in my previous review in case your interested in the banner? So add me on msn or just e-mail...whatever floats your boat lol. vero_nunez_84@ hotmail . com

Author's Response: Thanks so much i just added you
i'm glad you like it and i would really love a banner

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Review #16, by Shoot For the Moon Boredom and strawberry lollypops

20th November 2008:
uhhhm, kinda too quick paced
sounds like a french person talking fast, lol
good otherwise!
update please

Author's Response: i see what your saying
i wanted to make my character very animated
a bit like someone i know very well
i also wanted you to be able to see her train of thought

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Review #17, by pensiveprincess Boredom and strawberry lollypops

16th November 2008:
haha. james is such a moron. :) that totally made me crack up! nice job!!! update soon!!!

Author's Response:
i'm soo glad you liked it

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Review #18, by Lovin_me_some_lupin Purple hair and cookies and cream ice-cream

5th November 2008:
hey i loved the first chapter,very funny! I can't wait to read more!

p.s. i made a banner for the story, if youre interested let me know.

Author's Response:
really that would be awesum
i thought i would have to write like 10 chapters before anyone would make me one so yes please
THANK YOU so much
i'll put the next chapter up real soon and i'm so glad u liked my first one

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Review #19, by Microwave_Maniac Purple hair and cookies and cream ice-cream

5th November 2008:
It was kinda short. and you need a bit more description in it.
It seems like its gonna be a good story, and the humour in it is good. im sure when your plot starts to develop and etc my rating will get higher. :]

Author's Response: thanks for the feedback
to be honest its my first one and i didn't think people would read it if it was too long and with lots of description in fact i didn't think people would read it at all so im really excited right now ill try make the next one longer and more descriptive

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Review #20, by pensiveprincess Purple hair and cookies and cream ice-cream

4th November 2008:
hey! :)

so this story sounds really entertaning! update soon! i can't wait to see where your going with this!!!

Author's Response: hey
thanks soo much for your review
my first fanfic and my first review YAY
To be honest i'm not completly sure where i'm going with this
I have heaps of ideas for but i need to choose which one to do!
i'll update real soon so make sure you keep telling me what you think
I love the feedback

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