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Review #1, by Harrypotterbookworm Time Passes By, Direction Unknown

29th July 2011:
Why oh why do I keep reading sad Sirius fics? They just get me so emotional! *pats eyes*

This fic was beautifully written. It flowed without a snag between the different memories, which each were wonderfully descriptive and emotional. It seemed to me that is exactly what Sirius would be thinking. It's all just so heart wrenching! Great job.

I would have liked to see a memory of when they are in the shreiking shack or just outy of it when Harry sees and understands who Sirius is (and as not a killer). It seems like a bit of a jump from him leaving him but not for long to him dying is all.

The theme of leaving him was very creative and it fit wonderfully throguhout this piece. Often the theme can take ownership over the writing but you didnt do this.

Overall, absolutely a delight to read. Thank you. Hugs,


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Review #2, by Wicked Vixen (Logged Out) Time Passes By, Direction Unknown

27th February 2009:
You really can get into Sirius' head! It was brilliant! 10/10!

Author's Response: Thanks so much, I'm really plased that you think so! It was a bit strange for me, since I don't really write about Sirius usually (my friend is obsessed with him, so she'd probably have a fit if I did!), but I have fun doing it nonetheless. Thank you for giving me such a great review!

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Review #3, by nickie02 Time Passes By, Direction Unknown

22nd December 2008:
I cried, that is rare when it comes to reading fanfiction, but you did. My heart went out to Sirius in this story. I don't know if that was your intention, but when I read the part of Remus turning on him on that did it, and was made worst when he was watching Harry. Great job, loved the story, even with the tears.

Author's Response: Thank you so so much for the wonderful review, I am so glad you liked it! Originally, it was going to be losing the Potters from both Remus and Sirius' perspectives, but then Sirius sort of took over! I was going to have the Azkaban bit as the scene in the Shrieking Shack in POA, but then I thought of this and could not resist! Glad I did now, thanks for the 10/10!

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Review #4, by DeathMakesArtists Time Passes By, Direction Unknown

17th December 2008:
*sob* This is one of the most tragic, heart-wrenching stories I have ever read! Definitely not a good idea to read it with sad music in the background... gosh, it was sooo beautiful. And so incredibly sad! Every emotion was described so perfectly, everyone was in character and... wow. Everything was amazing. I really don't know what else to say. Poor Sirius and Remus, they're such great characters, they don't deserve such an awful fate! ;_; Congrats for portraying them in such a brilliant way in so many stories, you're definitely one of the most talented authors out there. 100/10, and it's going in my favs!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I'm really glad you liked it. It took a really long time to write and I had to keep starting over s I'm glad you think it turned out alright in the end! Hehe, was listening to a) this song and b) general evanescence so it was kinda depressing but fun. I hated what I did to Remus, he was being so mean! Had to be done though!

Thanks for the review! You are so so kind!

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Review #5, by Moonylupin Time Passes By, Direction Unknown

15th December 2008:
I think I start almost every review with the word 'wow', so I'm doing it again! Wow... that last bit with Sirius falling through the veil was so sad, especially when he saw Remus and wanted to apologize for leaving him again. *Sniffle* This was pretty amazing. I love the way you captured Sirius in this and showed the innocent man who had been denied everything he could have had if he hadn't befriended Peter. My favorite was the bit in Azkaban with Remus and Sirius. You get to see it from both perspectives, both lost everything, but one of them lost his freedom. Such a great story!

Author's Response: Thanks so much, it was a major work in progress and took a while, even if it is short, so I'm really pleased you liked it! I loved writing the Azkaban meeting with Remus and Sirius too, because it randomly popped into my head when trying to think of something to fit with the lyrics and I was like 'aww!! Poor everyone!' *torments characters mentally whilst in fits of manic laughter*. Happy days...

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Review #6, by JunBug Time Passes By, Direction Unknown

13th December 2008:
It was pretty good although I was a little confused...but anyways whatever about that. It was pretty good though. ;D

Author's Response: thanks, it cnfused me a little writing it! Thanks for the review!!

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