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Review #1, by _mysticlies_ Hermione's Lesson

7th August 2014:
Oooh! Can you do a one-shot about Ollie teaching Mione to fly or something like that?

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Review #2, by marauders_and_me Hermione's Lesson

30th July 2012:
It was funny and cute! I like your work Keeper, I sincerely do... Your ideas are really original, from Narnia crossovers to Hermione/Charlie pairings, not to mention Just Seth and King Arthur, everything you write is so creative and well thought out not to forget ingeniously written.

Author's Response: You just made my day! XD Thanx!

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Review #3, by Owlpost68 Hermione's Lesson

10th May 2012:
Hi there, I think it was a really cute idea, though there were many spelling errors. And I don't think he'd have trouble saying 'pocket' because everyone has pockets in their pants or coats and shirts and things. Maybe if it was something else like a CD player or since it was the 90's a cassette player. And also everyone has shoe laces, and if you can't legally do magic until 17 he'd know how to tie shoes. So I'd try and think of other things that wizards really wouldn't understand.
It was very cute though :)

Author's Response: I'm going to leave it the way it is. Its just a one-shot I did when I was first starting out. Glad you thought the idea was cute.

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Review #4, by james girl Hermione's Lesson

27th April 2012:
I loved it! Can you make another Hermione/Oliver one-shot or story?

Author's Response: Yeah--any story ideas you would be interested in reading? =)

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Review #5, by nemo Hermione's Lesson

8th August 2011:
More more more! :)) I love Oliver!

Author's Response: Hhaha, this is one of my old old ones! But glad you like it! Once I get a better plot in my head I'll do a Oliver-Hermione again!! XD Glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #6, by iheartyou Hermione's Lesson

24th April 2011:
Wow, that was really good!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it!! = )

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Review #7, by Bookfeary Hermione's Lesson

2nd February 2009:
I thought it was cute but I mean, even pure-blood wizards know what a tennis shoe is and how to tie them.

Author's Response: so? I thought it was cute. But we don't have to agree on that one - I'm the author = )

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Review #8, by Foreverjaci_2008 Hermione's Lesson

25th November 2008:
I fell in love with Oliver Wood when Sean Biggerstaff graced the screen in HP and the Sorcerer's Stone - Oh my how delicious! So this was a thoroughly entertaining story for me to read! You can always throw some more Oliver and Hermione my way when you feel up to it - I definitely won't complain. Brilliant and as always and happy writing to you.

Author's Response: thank you! =) Yeah, I'll try and throw some more your way if I can think of any good plots! thanks again - Keeper

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