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Review #1, by Brianna Pull Me Away

31st July 2011:
I really enjoyed this. I think you did a great job with the poem. It was all written well. Good job!

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Review #2, by draco is mine Pull Me Away

28th November 2010:
not bad :) i would have preferred her to live at the end and for ron to be perma dead but yknow :)

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Review #3, by flawlessbutton Pull Me Away

14th November 2010:
Thanks for the option lol :D
Loved the poem! (and the story ;) )

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Review #4, by zEthHPfrEaK Pull Me Away

10th November 2010:
So sad :(.

I think you conveyed the emotions really well, and the entire idea (the plot, I guess you could say) was really good. I liked this story, a lot.

+ I must say: your author note at the end made me laugh out loud! (despite my sorrowful demeanor after reading the story)

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Review #5, by No1HarryPotterFan Pull Me Away

22nd August 2010:
That was so sad and I was heartbroken but just as I was about to burst out crying...I saw your authors note at the bottom. I have never laughed at those before! It wasn't even supposed to be funny...was it? I just couldn't help it...but I will take the advice

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Review #6, by IncompleteSentences Pull Me Away

14th July 2010:
i really love this story and the poem was...incredible, to put it at its least. beautiful work i hope you continue writing. oh and please update perfection soon i love that story as well!

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Review #7, by IHeartBlondeSeekers Pull Me Away

21st February 2010:
I'm sorry but id really didn't enjoy it. In your warnings it said of a sexual nature. I didn't see anything that made this anymore than +15.

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Review #8, by alex in Harry Potter land Pull Me Away

3rd November 2009:
Aww that was so nice :)

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Review #9, by peachy_goodness Pull Me Away

20th July 2009:
I love it and I hate it all at the same time. Wonderful story and beautifully written.

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Review #10, by NotSoSirius Pull Me Away

12th July 2009:
O.O ...she...died? oh wow... honestly did not expect that one.

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Review #11, by Rosalie Beckett Pull Me Away

26th April 2009:
This was beautiful. Had me in tears.
Your use of poetry was wonderful, and your wordflow is stunning.
I've read everything you've written and it's fantastic. Thank you. =]

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Review #12, by NickiForDraco Pull Me Away

20th January 2009:
Omg, That was great, i loved the poem, it was so good.
You should do more.

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Review #13, by Beatrice Scrypte Pull Me Away

12th January 2009:
w8 . . . i dont get it, did she still die @ the end? Plz explain. Other than that it was good :)

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Review #14, by hypermonkey Pull Me Away

9th December 2008:

It plays with the heart the whole way through. Depressing, then uplifting, and then the depressing conclusion.

I did like it, as it is now in my favorites, although she did die.


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Review #15, by ratnasri Pull Me Away

27th November 2008:
it is superb!
i loved the way it is so touching...

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Review #16, by redherring Pull Me Away

11th November 2008:
That was great, but so sad. I'm so glad Draco came back!

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