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Review #1, by chaslev The Burrow

16th February 2011:
This is great writing. It's fun to see something written that's in the main story universe, is original and fun, but not just filling in the holes. I've got this sinking feeling about the 18-months of no revisions ;(

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Review #2, by Ginnys_x _heart Hunting the Wolf

5th August 2009:
I like the way Amalia visits the places that Harry, ron and Hermione visit for horcruxesw i alsoo like the idea of her maybe meeting Ron and how kind Mr Weasley is. I hope the next chapter isn't to long away!

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Review #3, by Ginnys_x _heart Dusty wands

31st July 2009:
ooh, a mystery for amalia to solve I hope fenir isn't waiting for her in the apartment or something! I hope the next chapter is soon!

Author's Response: A new chapter just got validated and I definitely have more to come! Thanks for keeping up with the story. I hope it is interesting enough for you to continue (o:

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Review #4, by Stephanie Dusty wands

23rd July 2009:
Awesome story! PLEASE CONTINUE!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing! More to come soon!

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Review #5, by Ginnys_x _heart Practice Makes Perfect

20th July 2009:
I really like this story! It makes sense and I like the links to the past and olliviander, how strange about the chimer scale, but it is quite cool! I hope the next chapter is soon!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I took a little break from writing, but have recently started up again. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! More to come soon (o:

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Review #6, by dancer Magic Tricks

3rd November 2008:
I think this is going to be an interesting and (could be) humorous story. Looks like Harry has met his match in Amalia. I'm looking forward to more of it. Thank you for a good read
p.s. It's really nice to read a story that uses good grammar and punctuation.

Author's Response: Thanks for the feedback! It is a work in progress, but there is definitely more to come. Thanks again for being the first to review (o:

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