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Review #1, by Jane Emily The Funeral and the Goodbye

8th November 2008:
AWSOME BANNER!!! its REALLY good writing...except this isnt a story and its not a day in a llife of her.. But its really good writing.

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Review #2, by Ghost Chicken The Funeral and the Goodbye

31st October 2008:
*sniff* I'm on the verge of tears already. You've got the raw emotion--the dispair born of a deep love--woven into her thoughts. But there's still a glimmer of hope, however remote it may be. Ginny's point of view. Good job.

Author's Response: OH!! I am so glad you like it, this was something so out of the norm for me I never write a fic with the female protagonist being anyone but Hermione so to write one on Ginny was so weird, it means a lot that you believe that it worked. Thanks!

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Review #3, by harrylilyjames The Funeral and the Goodbye

31st October 2008:
Okay, I was thinking while I was reading this that it was at Dumbledore's funeral and it was when Harry and Ginny broke up, right? But then it said, 'I was letting him go in peace' it sounded as if he died. It could just be me, but just wanted to tell you.

Other than that, I really liked this fic, it was really well written. Great job!!
10/10 =]

Author's Response: You got everything right, but what I meant was so let him leave her in peace so that he didn't worry how she was he could juts concentrate on what he needed to do.

But I'm glad you like thanks :)

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