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Review #1, by pooh All Hallows Eve

8th November 2010:
cute story!!!i really enjoyed reading it...

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Review #2, by hot4potter All Hallows Eve

20th May 2010:
its a bit too short and could of been another holiday

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Review #3, by Harrypotterfanforever All Hallows Eve

19th July 2009:
That was really good and funny. Great job!

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Review #4, by HarryPotterandSirusBlack All Hallows Eve

20th May 2009:
This is so sweet! Good job!

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Review #5, by MoonyandProngs All Hallows Eve

20th May 2009:
That was great! I liked that Harry took the recipe that was a cool idea. I loved it! Great work!

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Review #6, by deep All Hallows Eve

9th April 2009:
but it was good very good

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Review #7, by TheClockStrikesTwelve All Hallows Eve

4th March 2009:
I thought this was all way sweet which was nice to read. You usualy read these depressing H/H stories because they can never be but I adored the lightness to this one. I do have to admit though you maybe could have added a little more back story to it. Other then that wonderful

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Review #8, by Dmali All Hallows Eve

4th January 2009:
I liked it, short and sweet. lol, and u have me craving pie now...

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Review #9, by neville5 All Hallows Eve

5th December 2008:
Omg I love it is so cutie you get a 10/10 for you

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Review #10, by something random All Hallows Eve

19th November 2008:
I have to say I did enjoy reading this, nice work.

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Review #11, by perverted_mind123 All Hallows Eve

3rd November 2008:
ZOMG! I love Young Frankenstein with a passion!

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Review #12, by Krystle Lynne All Hallows Eve

30th October 2008:
Harry's right, 'no one deserves to be alone on Halloween'. I loved the 'birds' comment. This was great...sweet, but not too sweet. I hope you're feeling better!

~Krystle Lynne~

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Review #13, by zissa24 All Hallows Eve

28th October 2008:
it was good
just that i don't really get the "no one deserves to be alone on halloween"
i mean its sweet that he's there it was just kind of a generic line
but really cute story(=

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Review #14, by gryffindor_potter76 All Hallows Eve

27th October 2008:
Aw. this was very sweet!

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Review #15, by Timechild All Hallows Eve

27th October 2008:
Interesting. I would like to know what was in the pie.

Nicely written

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Review #16, by canta_loupe All Hallows Eve

26th October 2008:
That's so sweet! I love Harry! I thought the whole idea for your story was really cute, and I loved that you were able to post this just before Halloween! :D And your writing really wasn't that bad. It flowed really nicely, and your characterizations were spot on. :) And I liked how there was a bit of humour in the story. Like this one line, 'Nice hair. I expect the birds to be moving in any time now.' I thought it was funny. :)

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