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Reading Reviews for A Cinderella Story
72 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Emma Katherin

18th April 2013:
Not very good. Probably one of and if
not the worst Hp fanfic I have ever read

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Review #2, by avada kedevera Christmas with the family

9th April 2012:
i'm gettin a dit dorreb of tjis

Author's Response: What was the point? You just wasted a few moments of your life trashing some story I wrote years ago, that I've forgotten about.
Also, learn to spell

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Review #3, by avada kedevera Flint

9th April 2012:

Author's Response: This was another completely pointless review

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Review #4, by avada kedevera Can't think of one.

9th April 2012:
BORING! i love you again. bonjour! :-(

Author's Response: Don't read it then...

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Review #5, by avada kedevera Truth

9th April 2012:
Not that good. i did NOT like the last phrase---"i love you"---bit... "no, thanks!" :-(

Author's Response: Really, what is the point?

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Review #6, by avada kedevera Houses

9th April 2012:
quite alright, i did mildly enjoy it. :-l

Author's Response: I'm glad you mildly enjoyed this chapter. Just stop leaving all these stupid reviews about how much you hated the others

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Review #7, by breanna daniel Houses

22nd September 2011:
It was better and the spelling improved.

Author's Response: Thank you :)

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Review #8, by breanna daniel Sorting

22nd September 2011:
It was good but you need to work on spelling and puncuation.

Author's Response: Thank you and I will

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Review #9, by LillyNymphadoraPotter Sorting

22nd August 2011:
This is really nice. Please, go on!!

Author's Response: Thank you for your review :)

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Review #10, by rosie_sirius93 But your also the reason I went into the forest.

7th January 2010:
o *dun dun dun* :D
I really hope your computer starts working again so that I can have more to read!! And because I hate the cliffhangers you keep leaving! :D

Author's Response: My computers working again, it's really old, so it keeps having problems. Thank yo again for the lovely reviews!

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Review #11, by rosie_sirius93 A werewolf

7th January 2010:
EXCELLENT? How was that even a quessstion? :P
I like that this chapter was longer, making it even better! I think that your writing has improved (sorry that i haven't read in a while :D)
and I can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Hi! I know it's been like 2 years and you've probably forgotten this story, in all honesty, so had I, but thank you anyway!

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Review #12, by sinwillys822 Drama occurs.

10th December 2009:
i thought the chapter was good, can't believe ur eleven.

Author's Response: Thank You! I worked so hard on that, I really needed to hear that. Yep, I'm eleven, just started at my new school, so boss.

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Review #13, by Lalala Katherin

25th September 2009:
I know who u should make Katherine u should make her blake lively and in gossip girl they wear uniforms so the outfit of the character would make sense :)

Author's Response: thank you for reviewing.

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Review #14, by Kt_Clare_Lily But your also the reason I went into the forest.

7th September 2009:
This is great! I love it and thank you for reminding me because my computer got reimaged and it deleted all the stories i was keeping track of and i couldn't remember them all, but it was great and i can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! My computer stopped working too, but it kept everything i had going. I can't update very soon, I've just started in year seven, it's hard work!

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Review #15, by sinwillys822 A werewolf

1st July 2009:
i thought it was good and can't wait to read what happens next.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, your reviews really inspire me. My computer\\\'s not working at the minute (using my sister\\\'s) so there won\\\'t be an update in a while. It\\\'s great that you think it\\\'s good.

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Review #16, by rosie_sirius93 a train ride

22nd June 2009:
The only bad thing about the chapter being short is that I wanted more!!! Shame the queue is shut for now, I wanted an update!! And I agree, the validators need a break, they go through so many chapters all the time!

Author's Response: THANK-YOU! I know it's short, I can't seem to be able to keep going with writing the chapters at the minute. You're right- the validators need a break, but that means I'll be able to write and write.

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Review #17, by Kt_Clare_Lily a train ride

15th June 2009:
This is really great! i'm lovin this story more and more each time! Can't wait to read more!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'll try and update straight after the queue opens again.

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Review #18, by rosie_sirius93 A rehearsel

5th June 2009:
I loved the arguing at the beginning, reminds me of my sister and myself lately.lol
Again, dialogue fantastic and the last bit was the best. I want to know what happens next!

Author's Response: THANK YOU AGAIN! I loved writing the dialogue at the beginning, it reminds me of my sister and myself as well. I am writing the next chapter now, It'll be up ASAP.

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Review #19, by rosie_sirius93 A stunning brunette

5th June 2009:
Another thank you?! :P
Happy (belated) b'day to your mum ;D
I love how you write the relationship between Albus and Katherine, so so sweet!!
Another fantastic chapter, can't wait to keep reading!!

Author's Response: THANK YOU! Their relationship is sweet isn't it?

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Review #20, by Kt_Clare_Lily A rehearsel

3rd June 2009:
You know you are extremely mean! Nyways, this is really great and i love it! Can't wait for more!

Author's Response: THANK YOU! I know I'm very very mean. Great to know you love it! I'll update soon

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Review #21, by Kt_Clare_Lily A stunning brunette

28th May 2009:
WOW! Once again, it's amazing! I can't believe you are sending Katherine away, she is my favourite! That girl that appeared was that Caitlin??? Anyways can't wait for more!!
Thanks for the mention at the end!!

Author's Response: THANK YOU!!! I can't believe you think it's amzing, that's so cool. As for the girl at the end... not telling. I'll updat soon, the weekend has begun and I have monday off

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Review #22, by Kt_Clare_Lily The fate of Katherine's life

25th May 2009:
That was such a sad ending!!! and it's not even the end!!! Hurry to update please, i'm hooked!

Author's Response: I know! Thank you so much fr your review, I really wasn't expecting it to be validated, I'm starting to write the next chapter now, it won't be so long!

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Review #23, by rosie_sirius93 The fate of Katherine's life

23rd May 2009:
BRILLIANT! )and now I get the title... :P)
That was really well written and I can't wait to read more, UPDATE SOON!

Author's Response: THANK YOU AGAIN! I will, the next chapter is half-written.

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Review #24, by rosie_sirius93 It's Laura

23rd May 2009:
A thank you?! :D
And you live in France? Epically JEALOUS!!!
Anyway, THAT WAS AWESOME!! You are getting better and better by the chapter! I loved Meryl, very creative! :P
And I thought you characterized everyone brilliantly, especially Katherine's mum!!

Author's Response: THANK YOU! It's great to know you like it, and Meryl was just something I thought up on the spot. Katherine's mum will come up more and more. 10/10? THANKS!

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Review #25, by Kt_Clare_Lily It's Laura

14th May 2009:
I Like it!!! What happened to Mark's twin?? Caitlin was it? Anyways, controversy with HArry, James and Al!!! I'm loving this story more and more!

Author's Response: THANK YOU! Mark's twin, she ran away, but he is keeping something secret about her. It's great you love it.

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