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Review #1, by DeltaWezen Les soeurs ne sont jamais tout à fait le même

26th January 2009:
I may have guessed this in a previous review, but I can't remember: Is Victoire pregnant? If so, it would be that Chris Notbell's kid wouldn't it? Anyway, another great chapter. I think all of the adults are acting like children, but some people are like that. I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Again im not telling! itll be up in a couple of days, just got to get the end of the chapter right, bare in mind when she goes to see her mum and dad, its a couple of weeks into the holidays, and shes been staying at teddys that whole time, what if teddy gave in to her and im generally bad at writing them scenes atm? . and adults act more like kids then we care to notice lol! but yehh food for thought!

i now find myself logging on just find reviews like that!
you make my day!!! X

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Review #2, by Slytherinlover L'invitation

23rd December 2008:
do you speak french?

Author's Response: I know 3 years worth of highschool french, but thats about it. i have a rough idea of what the chapter titles are, coz i told my friend what to put, therefore if grammer or spelling is incorrect im very sorry. thanks for reading! XX

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Review #3, by DeltaWezen Trouvé une nouvelle maison.

21st December 2008:
Wow. She's totally pregnant, isn't she? With what's-his-face-the-mistake's kid. This should be interesting. :) I really like this story, though I'm confused about the werewolf/vampire thing, as well as Bill's relationship with his kids. I look forward to reading more, though.

Author's Response: Heyy! thanks for your review. The Bill thing will become clear, soon i hope, if i can get the right wording for it all, and the right way to write it all together and the vamp thing may disapear, i wanted the werewolf thing to show shes more like Bill then anyone cares to consider, and i know in the books it says he doesnt become one, but im not claiming he does either, just that Bill, Victoire and Teddy are affected by the moon, with like mood swings and stuff. XX

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Review #4, by emmapotter Trouvé une nouvelle maison.

10th December 2008:
That was a good writing the chapter titles in French? I don't know French so could you Translate them for me and others who don't know at beginning of every chapter? If you don't mind that is ('course)..anyway...well written..10/10!! :)

Author's Response: truth be i don't speak french either myself, a friends being creating the titles for me! over chrismas and new year im going to be making some chapter headers, which will have the title in english for you (and me!) thank you so much for reviewing! it means alot! stay tuned, ch 5 should be up before the 19th- if i put my bum in gear, just have the ending to finish up on that one XX

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Review #5, by highflyer L'invitation

26th November 2008:
still very confused.

not a baby.

and they had sex at age 12? Honestly, that's weird, and a little discusting. Do 12 year olds know what sex is?

keep going.


Author's Response: heyy, responding to both your reviews, the vamp thing was a little idea that i wanted at the time, but by the time i realised how much i really hated it id already posted it, and the sex at 12, you'd be highly suprised at what kids get up to and at what age. I have a close friend who had only just turned 12 when she had her little boy, and know of 2 girls and a lad who are aged between 12-15 in the same situtation as vic/dom. its a weird time we live in, or it may just be were a i live im not too sure. XX thanks for the imput! XX much love from Fedex.

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Review #6, by highflyer Un grand problème pour une petite fille.

26th November 2008:
Tis is very confusing.

she's like 17,
the size of a baby,
and a vampire?

I don't quite get it.

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