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Reading Reviews for A Martyr for you
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Review #1, by Ed Compulsion

11th October 2017:
Think you need to proof read and learn English! Too ,any miuses and wrong words, especially pronouns.

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Review #2, by Bluewolf80 Epilogue: Unseen, is Destiny's Way

30th September 2015:
I super enjoyed this! Looking forward to reading the sequel!

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Review #3, by Bluewolf80 Do I Love you?

30th September 2015:
I shall go to hell for loving you’ she whispered, her sweet breath hazing his train of thoughts, he cupped her chin in his hands.

‘Then you shall meet me there, and I will love you a second more before I throw you back towards the heavens, where you once descended, right into my arms’ he leaned in and kissed her gently, but she urged him on with a fiery passion, twisting his hair around her fingers, clawing at his chest.

Horribly mushy and sounds like a pick-up line, yet also somehow poetic. Fabulous! Love it!

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Review #4, by Pomfrey1983 The First Taste

11th March 2014:
I like Severus and Hermione stories but a lot of the time I can't get my mind around the age difference. I am closer to Severus' age or older than the book version, not quite as old as Alan Rickman.
Just wondering if you still read the reviews after 5 years. Thanks.

Author's Response: Hi Pomfrey1983, thank you so much for your review! I try and catch up on reviews etc. as often as a can but life does get in the way...
At first the Hermione/Snape ship freaked me out a little, but then I thought a 20 year age gap is not unheard of.. even for today... and once I got my head around that I actually really loved this shipping!
Like you've said, Alan Rickman is quite a bit older than Snape's character so it does seem slightly sordid when you have 20 something Emma Watson in the films... I LOVE Alan Rickman!!

Thanks again for your review :)

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Review #5, by megan How cruel his Mother was

27th February 2014:
Great story! I just have one thing to say. Where it should say "and they walked up the path to the apparation point where they" it says "were they" just wanted to point that out for you!

Author's Response: Hi Megan, thanks so much for your review! And for the little spelling error tip!! :)

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Review #6, by Jessie Epilogue: Unseen, is Destiny's Way

13th September 2012:
Should of read this one first! Damn it I read Never Again Lazerus first, but now I've read both I understand the story a lot more, truely two amazing books :) two of the best I've read on here :) well done! An keep writing :)

Author's Response: Ha, excellent! Glad you understand fully now! Bet you were really lost reading the sequel first! Thank you so much for your review! Very lovely of you to take the time.

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Review #7, by The Indian Patriot Throw me outside!

9th July 2011:
i was just thnkng abt the young alan rickman in the barchester chronicles nd t fits u know

Author's Response: Mm... Alan Rickman in the Barchester Chronicles.

Glad you like the story! Thanks for the review... and the 1000/10 mark.

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Review #8, by Mischief_managed18 The Unexpected

26th May 2011:
You're a very talented writer. :) Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you like this one and hope that you read on!

Thanks again for your review!

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Review #9, by theelderwand Epilogue: Unseen, is Destiny's Way

7th September 2009:
Fantastic story. You're writing is superb and the story is top notch. I was exceedingly skeptical as to how well the story would hold together given the Snape/Hermione pairing. I must say it was done quite well and quite "believably." You've managed to capture the raw emotion that had to be attendant to this story line, and you've captured it expertly. Well done.

Author's Response: Oooh thank you!

I'm so pleased that you have reviewed to tell me this, as I strive with all of my stories to get away from the dreaded cliche and steriotypical plots. I'm really that you think I managed to make the Snermione Pairing work, its my favourite pairing!

Thank you again! The sequel 'Never Again Lazerus' is up now too if you fancied taking a gander?

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Review #10, by Plata Epilogue: Unseen, is Destiny's Way

28th August 2009:
It has been a great read but I'm not sure if I want to read the sequel. The thing is, I thought this was a really good ending and I'm scared that the effect will be ruined. But really, you are a superwriter!

Author's Response: Thank you! Thats okay, I understand. I'm just glad that you liked this story.

Thank you ever so much for all of your reviews, they have been really great to read. Feel free to check out some of my pother storys I'm currently uploading chapters for a new novel and there are a handful of one-shots too!

Thanks again!

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Review #11, by Plata The Three

27th August 2009:
This was the most breath-taking chapter ever!

Author's Response: Thank you, i'm glad you think so!

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Review #12, by Plata The Jump: Part 3

27th August 2009:
I wonder why the grave was different for each of them?

Author's Response: Hello there, sorry its taken me an age to reply.

Well I think limbo would be different for all of us, just as Harry ended up in Kings Cross at the end in the Deathly Hallows.

They all had different guides to show them the way, and the graves were filled with the elements of the world. Water, Fire and Air. And the graves were dug from the Earth.

Thank you!

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Review #13, by draco14 Epilogue: Unseen, is Destiny's Way

26th August 2009:
wow i can't wait to read the next the next book hope that i t was as good as this one thanks for the read

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so pleased that you enjoyed this one, and I hope the next story lives up to your expectations!

Thanks again for reading and reviewing!!

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Review #14, by Plata Silver Sickles

23rd August 2009:
I suppose it's okay but why the sword?

Author's Response: I tried to think of the most visious thing that Harry could do to show the readers that just for a few minutes he could be just as sadistic as Draco, and the wand turning into a sword just seemed so symbolic. The Wand is a Wizards weapon, and his wand did literally turn into a weapon.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #15, by Plata Compulsion

18th August 2009:
I think my heart was beating as fast as Hermione's there!

Author's Response: Thank you for telling me that! I love hearing how the story effects the readers like that, it really shows that its had an ipmact so thank you very much!

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Review #16, by essenni Epilogue: Unseen, is Destiny's Way

16th August 2009:
I have finally finished the story and it was great. Thank you so much for writing it! I'll start the sequel soon.

Author's Response: THANK YOU so much for reading and reviewing like a true reviewing star! I'm so glad you have enjoyed this one, and I hope you enjoy the next one too!

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Review #17, by essenni The Blue Stone

16th August 2009:
Very emotional chapter. Was it hard to write? I guess it was hard for Snape to tell Harry about his love to Lily, but I'm glad that he had enough courage to tell it straight away, without trying to get away from the question.

Author's Response: Urm, it wasn't particularly hard to write, this was one of the first chapters I had imagined in my head and therefore the hard part was trying to fit a story that would lead to this particuler moment, a bit odd I suppose, but ah well haha.

The Lily conversation was inevitable really, if there was physical evidence that Lily had once been in Severus's house then odds are that at some point Harry would find out.

And secrets in this story often rise out of their buried places. Thank you ever so much for all of these lovely reviews!

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Review #18, by essenni The Three

16th August 2009:
It is my favorite chapter, either. You created great tension. I only wonder who was guiding Harry, Hermione and Snape while they were kind of dead? Do they remember how they killed Voldy?

Author's Response: Yes, they do remember how they killed him, I suppose they were in a kind of trance, with their literal power of sacrafice leading them by their joint wands.

Thank you!

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Review #19, by essenni The Jump: Part 1

14th August 2009:
Well this is very lovely. Ron was so wise. Does everyone become wise in the heaven?

Author's Response: Yes, I suppose they all get a little wiser after death. In this story, the 'afterlife' idea is that once you have died, your soul becomes part of the sky and they forever watch whats happening back on earth, I pretty much based the concept on D.H Lawrence's words 'the dead don't die, they look and help'

Thanks for the lovely reviews!

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Review #20, by essenni Blood For Blood

12th August 2009:
Wow! Such an illusion. However, if the real Lily didn't come to Severus,it means he is not dying. :D
You did everything well. Now there is only such a small thing as bringing them all back to life.

Author's Response: Well, that is to come haha.

Yes, you do find out who the person with the red hair and the green cloak really is in a few chapters time.

Thank you for the review.

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Review #21, by essenni Defiance

12th August 2009:
Very well written chapter. Good job!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #22, by essenni Silver Sickles

11th August 2009:
I did not expect Harry to go from a complete jerk to a heartless murderer. He doesn't like the Order's style of dealing with Death Eaters I guess. I think that Draco is not the only one who should go to a psychiatrist. However, I liked the chapter. I like the insane Harry more than the hotheaded jerk he used to be.

Author's Response: Yes, its pretty clear that he comes close to loosing his mind completely here!

I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #23, by essenni You Mustn't Listen

11th August 2009:
I haven't disappeared anywhere and I'm still reading your story. Unfortunately I don't have much time for reading as I have a lot to do and I am also finally uploading my story.
Hermione surprised me. I thought that it was going well, and she was trying to fool Voldemort that she believed him, but then she ruined everything. Is she really that impulsive? Voldemort is surely not the one who will forgive a slap.

Author's Response: I think at this point, Hermione assumes she is going to die, and therefore her aim is to toy with Voldemort before he kills her.

Thank for the reviews!

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Review #24, by mischief_managed17 The Unexpected

9th August 2009:
good job :) love it so far

Author's Response: Thanks!

I'm really pleased this story caught your attention and you are enjoying!

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Review #25, by Plata A Wasted Struggle

9th August 2009:
Oh no. I never thought this would really happen.

Author's Response: Yes, i'm afarid its happened, and there is still so much to come!

Thank you so much for your reviews!

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