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Review #1, by Gryffindorseeker4 An Interview with the Hogwarts Staff

11th March 2012:
Lol! That was absolutely hilarious! You managed to strip every bit of dignity from the staff and Headmaster of Hogwarts :)

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Review #2, by krazyboutharryginny An Interview with the Hogwarts Staff

18th August 2010:
FLIPPIN' HILARIOUS! Ah, I love a good story that doesn't really make any sense... in a good way. You know what I mean?
I love how Hagrid is stoned on Floo Powder. That bit was especially great.
100/10! :D

Author's Response: Thanks.

Some people have actually thought this story was so bad that they begged me to take it down. I just figure they don't have a sense of humor.

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Review #3, by Reuben An Interview with the Hogwarts Staff

9th August 2010:
O.o Were you as stoned as Hagrid when you wrote this? :P Just kidding, funny story XD.

Author's Response: Thanks. Glad you liked it. Just something I wrote one day when I was really bored.

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Review #4, by artemisia An Interview with the Hogwarts Staff

15th March 2010:
This story was amazingly insaine.. Hehe! I was repulsed at every moment!!! :D
(in a good way)

Author's Response: Thanks. I've actually had people tell me to take it down because it's so bad. What they don't get is that it's bad on purpose...it's supposed to be funny. I think those people don't have a sense of humor.

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Review #5, by CrystalPotter An Interview with the Hogwarts Staff

7th February 2010:
Oh. My. God. I don't know how I found this, but it is hi-fricken-larious!

"That weren't you, Proffser Dumbusdore." slurred Hagrid. "That was me brother fartin the forest flat."

"I love tongue twisters!" exclaimed Dumbledore in delight. "Fartin the forest flat, fartin the forest flat, fartin the forest flat. Everyone else say it too -- it's fun!"

Almost fell off my chair laughing! Brilliant!

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it. The last review I had for it was really bad. The person went so far as to encourage me to delete it. Some people have no sense of humor I guess.

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Review #6, by HardCritic An Interview with the Hogwarts Staff

26th November 2009:
This... is stupid. Hagrid may have a history of substance abuse, and Sanpe may dislike Lupin, and Lupin may act incredibly innocent- but you bring that to a whole new level. I'm aware that you have incredible work on HPFF with "Running With Wolves...", and I respect you for that, but this is pretty pathetic. You have higher standards. Either raise this story to them, or take this down.

Author's Response: I know. The original version that I deleted was much worse, trust me. But friends at elderlyharrypotterfans were still amused by it so I fixed it up and posted again. It was never meant to be taken seriously and is mostly the product of boredom. My friend Morgana67 has a similar story that was written for a challenge where she was supposed to use as many cliche's as possible. Sometimes it's fun just to goof around.

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Review #7, by Felix_chan An Interview with the Hogwarts Staff

15th March 2009:
lol thats one of the most messed up one-shots i've ever read!

Author's Response: Trust me, it used to be a lot worse. I actually deleted it before re-doing it and posting it again. The original version was something I just wrote when I was very...very...very bored.

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Review #8, by wolvie An Interview with the Hogwarts Staff

30th January 2009:
that was bloody hilarious i loved it

Author's Response: Thanks. I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #9, by someone___1 An Interview with the Hogwarts Staff

13th January 2009:
whoa... that was totally crazy. i loved the floo powder snorting. and dumbledores craziness!

He looks good in purple though, which is my favorite color. Oh look --- a butterfly."

too funny! seriously, there should be a sequel!

Author's Response: Thanks. I was thinking about this story recently and wishing it had more reviews.

The idea of a sequel has never occured to me. Actually, this was posted once before several years ago until I deleted it out of shame. Then later I was describing it to some internet friends and they thought it sounded hillarious. I overhauled the entire thing and reposted. The edited version isn't so horrible that I feel ashamed to have it associated with my name so this time I think I'll leave it up.

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Review #10, by Renfair An Interview with the Hogwarts Staff

10th December 2008:

Yes, well, I was *supposed* to be reading about dear Kerri, but I got slightly side-tracked here ;) So what possessed you to write this down? Don't get me wrong, it's disgustingly funny (er, emphasis on the disgusting in some parts...bottling giant farts? EEW!) But still very funny. I just finished re-reading Lord of the Ringsand then re-watching all of the movies (the extended editions...holy CRAP "The Return of the King" was four freaking hours long!) so I quite appreciated the Gandalf the Gay comment. Senile Dumbledore here reminds me of the Potter Puppet Pals Dumbeldore. "Naked time!"

Poor itchy Severus...I'd scratch that thing for him XD And Hagrid snuffing Floo Powder...wow! I can't believe no one thought of that one yet...

All in all, pretty darn good job ;)

Author's Response: I'm glad it entertained you.

I wrote this a long time ago out of boredom. It was my first fanfiction and it was absolutely horrible. I did it completely on a whim so it was completely disorganized. When I began writing stories that I wanted to be taken seriously, I was ashamed to have this one attached to my name. Eventually I deleted it.

During "Mischief Managed" 's Story Club run I began thinking about this one again. I mentioned some bits of dialogue that people thought were funny. It was a mixture of a positive reaction to those bits and pieces and the inspiration of Morgana posting a similarly insane comedy that led me to fix it up and post it again. This time it was purposely bad, not just plain bad.

I wondered what you'd think of Snape here. Originally the point of view shifted randomly from character to character but this time I decided to leave it with him.

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Review #11, by Georgia Weasley An Interview with the Hogwarts Staff

26th October 2008:
OMG, I cannot stop laughing. The tongue twister was the best. I can actually see him saying that. You took a small idiosyncrasy from each character and exaggerated it to the point of hilarity. You have a talent for pure, raw humor. Crude maybe, but if 'fartin the forest flat' doesn't make you laugh, you don't know how. My favorite is Severus's reaction to being asked to say it. I could imagine the look on his face. LOL! Thanks for the great smile!

Author's Response: "You took a small idiosyncrasy from each character and exaggerated it to the point of hilarity." --- That was my idea and I think that's the thing that makes it funny. There's a little bit of truth to the way the characters are behaving but it's blown out of proportion.

I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #12, by Toms Pal An Interview with the Hogwarts Staff

24th October 2008:
Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!! Completely ridiculous and wonderfully daffy. well written and a real scream. 9/10.

Author's Response: Thanks. This is actually a re-posting of the same story which I deleted because I felt so ashamed of it. After a friend posted a parody of her own I decided to rewrite this and put it up again.Trust me, this version is a big improvement over the original.

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Review #13, by Bella_Portia An Interview with the Hogwarts Staff

24th October 2008:
This was hysterical.

So far as Severus is concerned, I suppose he only needs some time with a real woman like Minerva to cure him of his tendency to, um, help Malfoy (whichever one it was) adjust his fly.

Remus may be onto something, so far as weaponry is concerned.

I had no idea you could snort floo powder. But it's gotta be powerful stuff. I could see Hagrid being into it. I just seems like it would be an expensive high.

This was a lot of fun to read.

Author's Response: Thank you.

This is the story that I originally deleted because it was so badly written. The dialogue is almost identical but I made more fun of Remus in this version and less of Snape. Poor Snape deserves more respect doesn't he?

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Review #14, by Edensapple An Interview with the Hogwarts Staff

24th October 2008:
I enjoyed reading that. Food job.

Author's Response: Thank you. This was actually my first ever fan fiction but it was so horrible that I deleted it. The plot was bad on purpose but the writing wasn't. It was something I'd done when I was very bored and the point of view was all over the place. This version is a lot better than that one, trust me.

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Review #15, by morgana67 An Interview with the Hogwarts Staff

23rd October 2008:
Oh, this is really funny! I love the bid about Draco riding his broom naked. I bet Draco fans would like to see that in the films!

Really, really absurd and funny story. The bit about bottling the farts was really good as well and the concept of getting stoned on floo power, very creative, I must say.

Very enjoyable story. Well done!

Author's Response: Certain individuals who have been posting in the sexiest wizard thread at ehpf would appreciate the Draco thing I'm sure...and would have been happy to soothe his blisters.
That part was one of the newly added ones.

The other parts you mention were in the original version. Like with "Mischief Managed" I really don't remember where the ideas came from. I remember being very bored and playing around with a tape recorder. Never ever put a microphone in front of me. This story started out with me making a spoof Harry Potter news report on an audio tape.

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