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Review #1, by dragonfire Can I realy be.....

3rd January 2009:
i remember reading this at yours theother day hunn and thinking omg i love it. hope you will be writting more on this one
love you
mr damian

Author's Response: lol, i will doing some now!

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Review #2, by rowenaravenclaw94 Can I realy be.....

3rd January 2009:
it's really not that easy to tell someone. and knowing hermione, her first instinct wouldn't have been to talk to someone about it. she probably would have made a pro-con list or something. hehe. 10/10! good job! update soon! annabelle seems cool. :)
-xoxo, rowenaravenclaw94

Author's Response: I no, it was hell when i came out!

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Review #3, by fullmoontonightO Can I realy be.....

16th December 2008:
ooh! how's harry gonna take it?! and i like annabelle! (and the description of malfoy, crabbe, and goyle!) great so far, update soon, yeah?

Author's Response: Thannks for the comment.
Glad you like it!
will try and updat asap!

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Review #4, by marisalovesharry Can I realy be.....

5th November 2008:
I love this plz update soon
Dying to see how Harry reacts
Gr8 Job.

Author's Response: I think i'm gunna update today,
Been really busy with rehearsal my my plays at the mo.
They say acting is so easy but it really aint.
Should be good.
and thanks
I agree Go Obama

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Review #5, by benzskater_4life Can I realy be.....

29th October 2008:
Good start at the beginning of the story. Keep it going. I want to see how everything plays out. Repost as soon as possible.


Author's Response: i will deffo update soon im in liverpool at the mo seeing my g/f so been a bit busy, but when im back i will.

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