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Review #1, by james and lily fan Volpone/Hookum-Snivey

9th November 2013:
that was awesome!! please continue soon.

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Review #2, by halska. Volpone/Hookum-Snivey

4th April 2012:
Really, it's amazing what you have written. And thakns to Merlin I've found your story.
You have wonderful skill, you know? You can write some pretty good things and that's why I am so glad! Congratulations, mate. You're my master.
It's all funny sometimes and I like it. A lot. So I hope that soon you'll write something more, 'cause you just have to! I'm too much into it. :D


PS: I'm from Poland, sorry for my mistakes. :)

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Review #3, by Fawks5 Volpone/Hookum-Snivey

23rd November 2011:
Oh, oh, oh! The story is so good! I can't wait to read more!

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Review #4, by lindsay1220 Sansculotte

9th January 2010:
I am seriously worries that you're dead, or were kidnapped (in July), or your computer exploded and a chunk of it hit you on the head and gave you amnesia so you forgot you were writing this... I DON'T KNOOOW!!! This story is just sooo amazing. The poor thing has an M.I.A mother. *sniffles and a sad face* 10/10, which is how I always feel about this story, which I have reread and will continue rereading. YOU CAN'T STOP ME! Heehee.

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Review #5, by Bookworm045 Volpone/Hookum-Snivey

18th December 2009:
Ooh! I love your story! I really do. Please continue writting it after the Holiday Break!


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Review #6, by LumosMaxima Volpone/Hookum-Snivey

1st August 2009:
I wasn't sure about it at first... but I absolutely ADORE this story!!! I think you got the character voices spot on and the innuendos sprinkled in are so perfect. Please update again!!!

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Review #7, by lindsay1220 Abligurition

25th July 2009:
Please tell me you're not dead or something. Please. This is a fantastic story. I want to see how you're going to devolop it. 10/10 for this chapter.

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Review #8, by DefyingBoundries Volpone/Hookum-Snivey

11th July 2009:
This is awesome (lol!)

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Review #9, by DefyingBoundries Dititigradient

5th July 2009:
This is.AWESOME!
Im Loving It!

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Review #10, by Run_Butterfly_RUN Volpone/Hookum-Snivey

4th July 2009:
Wow. I actually really really really really really times infinity love this story. A LOT!!

'I'll die a slowandpainfuldeathofmortification' love it!!! I adore all of the characters they are AMAZING!

much much love


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Review #11, by breezieair Sansculotte

3rd July 2009:
I love the moment when sirius was like "Oh. Dear. God.It's a revolution."

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Review #12, by lindsay1220 Volpone/Hookum-Snivey

20th June 2009:
Hey hey! I know the queue is closed right now, but you haven't updated in a long time. I really like this story, and I think it's going somewhere. Keep on writing! 10/10, all the way! :)

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Review #13, by coolkitty Volpone/Hookum-Snivey

17th June 2009:
lol, I started laughing out loud when I read ur story
VERY original, it cracked me up
update soon!

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Review #14, by coolkitty Callipygian

17th June 2009:
This was so amazing, we had a lamp together!
just LOL
I'll keep reading

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Review #15, by sreduaram Volpone/Hookum-Snivey

6th June 2009:
i lovelovelove this story!! its hilarious. and i love james' character and that lily secretly likes him. aww :)

and the kiss (from a few chapters back) was sooo adorable sounding!
update soon. 10/10

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Review #16, by dianap00 Abligurition

2nd May 2009:
Generally, I like it. I like that James is so calm and not ridiculous or overly obnoxious. It was quite funny as well, I thought. Lily came on a little strong - she was a bit too angry, petulant and screechy imo. But the Marauders were wonderfully done, all the exchanges were perfect. I love what they said and did. Well done, through and through. I believe that Lucius Malfoy would've graduated before they got to seventh year though - as he is in about seven years their senior - but other than that, I thought the story moved along quite nicely. I like that two rando heel-wearing chits just left them in the middle of a corridor though. That was nice of them. I wonder who's got a hold on James, I have a feeling it may be Lily but I can't be too sure. And I wonder who the fifth person is who shot a spell because it seemed as though James didn't use his wand... or at least he didn't mention pulling out his own wand...
*scurries off to ch.2*

Author's Response: LOL I know what you mean about Lily!! :P
I actually added in a chapter from her pov, specifically because she seemed too ... well too exactly how you described her XD

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Review #17, by Diis_LiiL_StuunnaH Volpone/Hookum-Snivey

14th April 2009:
Haha I Love This Storiii :D
Its Hiwawious!
Aniwaiis Plz Rite Anova Chapter Soon!
Can't Waitt!!!

Author's Response: Thank you :)

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Review #18, by Evans_Potter_Perfection Volpone/Hookum-Snivey

6th April 2009:

Author's Response: pardon? :D

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Review #19, by madelgranger Volpone/Hookum-Snivey

5th April 2009:
i really liked james' random thought processes. thanks for writing!

Author's Response: hahaha, would you know that they were taken directly from me? *sigh*

thanks!! :D

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Review #20, by madelgranger Mournival

4th April 2009:
i felt like not much happened in this chapter but it was fluffy and fun, and who doesn't like fluffy and fun? thanks for writing!

Author's Response: yeahh, more will hapen later!
thanks!! :D

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Review #21, by madelgranger Sansculotte

4th April 2009:
i love alice! this was such a fun chapter. can you put in more alice in the future?
anyways, fave line: "All I could see was one reaching hand."
as always, thanks for writing!

Author's Response: I will definitely try!!
bahaha, this was my favorite chapter. SO fun to write :P


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Review #22, by madelgranger Sandapile

4th April 2009:
this was a very funny chapter. thanks for writing!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing!! (x10)

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Review #23, by madelgranger Paramene

4th April 2009:
"I grabbed her hand and we snuck off to the door, slipping out under the cover of shocked gasps and excited squealing. Manly squealing." haha yay for manly squealing. thanks for writing!

Author's Response: hehe ohh yes, gots to add the 'manly' in there :P

fank you darles

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Review #24, by madelgranger Dititigradient

4th April 2009:
ahahaha! yay for evil/awesome dares! i really liked remus' reaction, and of course i can't wait to see what happens with sirius' dare! with that in mind, i am going to find out by reading the next chapter!

Author's Response: hahaha thannnks :D

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Review #25, by madelgranger Bogglish

4th April 2009:
i really really like the lily POV. it helped explain a lot. thanks for writing!

Author's Response: yeah, I felt she came across to b!tchy :)

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