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Review #1, by LadyMalfoy06 Verdicts and Compromises

7th March 2017:
Wow... this was an amazing story, I loved it. Although not going to lie the ending really disappointed me. Surely if they were that much in love a stint in Azkaban wouldn't be that bad and they'd tell Clara to get stuffed? Maybe that's just my thoughts and how I really wanted it to go. Either way you've written a really good story :)

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Review #2, by Angela Where It All Starts

28th February 2014:
You are by far my favorite on this site :) everything is so well written! However, I do have one small concern in this chapter. Shouldn't the money be in sickles and knuts and not dollars? Just a suggestion :) thank you for your time and talent!

Author's Response: Hi!

Thanks so much for your comments! And you're absolutely right. I think I wrote this story sometime in '08. I have to admit I wasn't very content conscious lol. I've been trying to do better with that since then. I'll probably go back and do some edits :)

Thanks for reading once again!

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Review #3, by ilovehpfanfiction Discovering Secrets

13th February 2014:
Holy Merlin!!! :-ooo

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Review #4, by ilovehpfanfiction An Unexpected Fondness

13th February 2014:
Things are getting intense! Great job!

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Review #5, by ilovehpfanfiction A Day with Two Malfoys

13th February 2014:
Perfection. Couldn't have been written any better. (-:

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Review #6, by ilovehpfanfiction Prelude to Meeting Clara

13th February 2014:
10/10 I love how you told us both sides; Hermione and Malfoy. It's creative and so cool. It makes it more interesting, and informs us more about what's happening.

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Review #7, by ilovehpfanfiction The Torment Begins

13th February 2014:
Wow. That was a good intro. I like the individuality and imagination, and the originality. GOOD JOB.

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Review #8, by slightly odd kat Where It All Starts

27th January 2014:
In the UK we have pounds and pence (abbreviated as and p, singular for pence is penny, slang is quid, for s) and we do not have 100 notes (not bills). It is very annoying when people seem unable to comprehend these simple facts, and insist on using Americanisms. Also library fines are generally in the region of 15p per book per day overdue, and notices are generally sent out. Also private lending libraries do not,in general, exist due to there being arbitrary library provision for free from the local council; causing a private library to seem pointless and they would be completely unprofitable because what sane person would pay to borrow books when they can get the same service for free?
There is also a major decline in bookshops (not stores) currently. We also never measure distances in blocks. There wouldn't be an airport anywhere near Godric's Hollow as it is presumably in Somerset which has a grand total of 0 airports. If not for these brilliantly stupid errors (I am aware this is an oxymoron), this would be a reasonable story.

Author's Response: Hi,

On behalf of my "brilliantly stupid errors," I would hope that you accept the fact that I'm not from the UK, and am therefore subject to using terminology from my own culture. I'm sorry that you feel the need to pick on little details that I, otherwise, would not know. These "simple facts" are as such for you because, as I can assume, you live in a culture that uses such "facts."

I would also like to remind you that this is a work of fiction, and whether or not airports are truly in a vicinity of a particular town are irrelevant. As the author of this story it is, as I have mentioned, a work of fiction, and I am at liberty to create any setting I so choose. Fiction isn't obligated to reality.

And so I hope that when reading other stories on this site that you keep in mind that these are indeed fiction and subject to some exaggeration or inaccurate facts. I also hope that you remember that some of us writers are from different places and may, more than likely, use wording that we are most familiar with. If it were the other way around, I'm sure you would appreciate a more accepting and understanding reader in this regard.

Happy reading whether here or elsewhere.

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Review #9, by Angelica Verdicts and Compromises

19th February 2012:
Oh man what an amazing story! Great plot!

Author's Response: oh such a long time ago this was written lol! thanks for checking it out and i glad that you liked it ^_^


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Review #10, by Hedwig and The Owl Post Where It All Starts

23rd September 2011:
Every thing is great, just when does London use " dollars"?

Author's Response: thank you, and yes i know that they dont use dollars lol. ocassionally i slip and im not correct with reality.

thanks for reading and i hope you continue to!
-WP :)

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Review #11, by katyhumphris Verdicts and Compromises

18th September 2011:
wow, mind-blowing. i didnt see this coming at all. fantastic

Author's Response: thank you! ^_^


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Review #12, by gabriella Birthday Disaster

11th November 2010:
aw por harrry, amazing chapter though :)

Author's Response: ah yes, cant say that harry's heart isnt broken :(

glad that you liked it though!


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Review #13, by gabriella Giving In

10th November 2010:
wow, that was umm intense haha keep it up :)

Author's Response: lol thank you :)


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Review #14, by sophia_byrne Verdicts and Compromises

4th August 2010:
okay i have something to tell you which i think you may like :) i was introduced onto this site by my best friend Ruby and she gave a recomendation as to what to read first. AND IT WAS THIS FIC.

your fic was the 1st hpff i ever read. i only found out now that you wrote it! well i cant say i'm surprised; it was fantastic, how could it not be yours? I love how you showed cause and effect of adultry and how something so small can escalate into something so big!

fantastic writing showing emotion and the extent we will go for the people we love, and some bitterness and hate too, i bet that was fun to write! I have to say though, i think your best at emotive writing, wether its love or hate, passion or jealousy i think you can depict it extremely well! brilliant sequel too, i loved it!

p.s your the reason i decided to read more fics, i though"this one is brilliant it cant hurt to read some more?" and now i'm practically addicted and will probably hone in on my writing skills by writing a few fics my self, so thank you very very much! xx

Author's Response: AW, yes, i did like this! i mean what are the odds that your friend recommended my fic to you?? that's amazing and im touched beyond belief :)

thank you so so much for your compliment. the fic was so much fun to write because it had so much going on, and yes, i love writing emotions. i think that if all else fails, once the way the characters are feeling are depicted properly, it can turn any story around.

oh THANK YOU!! im sooo glad that it was my fic that made you want to read more fics. i feel so proud, and yes, do start writing! it's such a good recreation and you get to leave your little imprint on harry potter :)


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Review #15, by bwdancer5678 Verdicts and Compromises

23rd July 2010:
i wanted to cry it was soo ggood

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Review #16, by Vampyr Choices

15th May 2010:
Upon further reflection of my review of chapter 21, Ive decided that youve taught me a really good lesson about adultery and its its horrible consequences. Thanks!

Author's Response: hahaha, well, you're welcome! adultery has quite the awful consequences and no one should fall prety to it :)


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Review #17, by Vampyr Verdicts and Compromises

15th May 2010:
boo, thats so sad. :(
Ah well, it was a good idea, but still, im quite depressed. *sigh* Better than Askaban I suppose.

Author's Response: yeah, i'll be the first to admit that this fic was a bit depressing, but "depression" makes quite the good material for writing.


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Review #18, by :D Choices

4th March 2010:
Clara used to be such a sweet, cute, innocent girl. Now she's completely crazy. CRAZY. This girl needs some serious mental rehab. Pronto.

Author's Response: haha, if you look at things from clara's point of view, she's not crazy, she's just REALLY determined lol


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Review #19, by :D A True Love Lost

4th March 2010:
so to me, it seemed like Hermine was a bit on the bitchy side with Harry.. and it made me so sad to see his so broken up :( Affairs truly hurt, don't they? :( so sad... hopefully it'll end soon .. and poor Clara, she just can't seem to get over it...

Great job though!

Author's Response: yeah, hermione is a little on the mean side, but then again she is seeing things in a completely different light. and yeah, harry of course was completely crushed and clara is just...well, obsessed :)


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Review #20, by :D Timeless Months

3rd March 2010:
So I found this story of yours and it said COMPLETED which made me SOOO happy :D hurray!

But I'm on chapter 10 and I LOVE it so far.

Author's Response: haha, well i'm glad that you like it so far, and i hope you continue to enjoy it :)


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Review #21, by ShinyFun Verdicts and Compromises

22nd January 2010:
Am I the only one that is shocked that Draco and Hermoine would willinging give up their daughter and twins in order to stay out of Azkaban for 5yrs?

Good story though, I'm looking forward to the sequel. I can only hope that their children have not been banished from existence forever...

Author's Response: im glad that you liked my story, and draco and hermione didnt just go back in time to save themselves, but the very fact that if they had stayed, their children would have to grow up without their parents, and they didnt want that.

the sequel is called True Lovers, and i hope you like that as well :)

thanks for the review!

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Review #22, by DRACOS_GAL_1994 Verdicts and Compromises

18th January 2010:
You do know, that I was in tears after finishing this story...
I was sobbing my heart out - and freaking out my sisters.

That is such a sad story...
Im going to read the sequel now! I NEED IT!
I still cant believe you made me cry!
your evil...

...pure evil...

But I still love you and your stories, and I still wouldn't mind getting married to you.. or stealing your brain, as I said before :)

Thank you (or 'I hate you') for writing this touching story for me to read. It was REALLY good!

Sam xx

Author's Response: if it's any consolation, i was tearing up while writing it :)... it is a sad story, but sometimes sad stories are the absolute best to write.

i'm really glad that you liked it and that it was it was bit of a tear-jerker for you (yes, i know i'm evil lol)

thanks for the review!

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Review #23, by permione Where It All Starts

30th July 2009:
Awesome, I love where this is going!

Author's Response: thanks...hope u keep reading :)!

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Review #24, by candz Verdicts and Compromises

19th July 2009:
that was amazing! and beautiful!
clara is a bitch lol
Am i thinking this straight? everyone thinks that draco and hermione started the affair from clara and alex being friends? but really, it was from meeting in the library???
10 out of 10. wonderfully written. was easy to read! everything was just great :D

Author's Response: aww THANKS!! im really glad that you like it. and the meeting at the library gave hermione and draco the first intial greeting you know? clara and alex being friends just made them bond a bit more than they ordinarily would've

thanks for reading/reviewing!!


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Review #25, by no_name_girl Verdicts and Compromises

19th June 2009:
Oh, my... Clara has finally come to her senses. I was wondering what in the heck she was thinking. That was very, very sad. Well done. I know that I would be so horribly angry at my mother if she did what Hermione did, but I wouldn't do something that would send her to prison! Really, what was she thinking?
And yes, I liked your story a lot!!! 9/10

Author's Response: thank you!! im really glad that you liked it and yes, Clara was in a very tough situation... dont forget to read the sequel True Lovers which i call to call "ending #2"

-WP :)

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