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Review #1, by Lunicle You won't be seventeen forever

26th October 2008:
Wow, for such a long chapter, it went by fast! Well done on keeping it interesting and flowing properly the whole time.

I feel like you really packed a lot of plot and characterisation in here, so the other chapters are probably going to be amazing now that you have all this groundwork laid.

Anyway, I think it seems like a great plot idea! Well done and well thought out!

I have one recommendation for you, however, and that is to think about finding a beta. Seeing as this is only the first chapter you may be planning to anyway, but I thought I'd go ahead and say it. This chapter is really good, but it would be a bit easier to follow if you had someone to fix the grammatical type mistakes. But as I said, seeing as most people get a beta after posting the first chapter, you may already be getting one and you'll think this whole paragraph is just silly. :D

Back to the good, though... you seem to have a really vivid idea of what Reese is like, and it really shows in your writing. So well done on that as well!

Best of luck on future chapters; I think this fic looks to be well on its way to being one of those really touching, heartwarming ones. :D


Reviewers, unite! Writers, write!


Author's Response: yay! I'm soo glad you liked it =) I didn't know what kind of response I was going to get to it. But I'm glad you liked it! I was planning on getting a beta, but I don't exactly know where to get one, lol. But yeah, I have a lot of plot ideas in mind. I've been inspired, lol. thanks for reviewing, you made my day!

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