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Review #1, by speak4silence Alone

5th January 2009:
wow... that was really good!!! I liked how you added mystery to this story by not revealing who the prisoner was. I enjoyed this a lot.
sorry i haven't been reviewing for a while... I took a break from fanfic; I was driving all my friends insane.

Author's Response: i took a break as well; i think it was driving me more insane than my friends though :D
i'm glad you liked that i didn't put the identity of the prisoner; it seemed like the right thing to do. thank you for reviewing, no matter the time!
Dilys :)

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Review #2, by elyon Alone

25th December 2008:
who the hell was that even

Author's Response: a random character. thanks for reviewing, i hope you liked it anyway.

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Review #3, by rosie_sirius93 Alone

17th December 2008:
I kinda liked it. At first I assumed it was Harry, then I realised it was a character you had invented (right...??) 'coz he called them a Mudblood. Very clever!

Author's Response: i think you might have been the first person to realise it is a character i have invented. it was actually someone i was suing for another story but i abandoned it but i still wanted her to face Voldemort. more reviews! i thought i have finished answering them earlier. not that i am complaining. i love them. thank you.
Dilys :)

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Review #4, by morgana67 Alone

22nd November 2008:
This little story is very powerful indeed. It goes a bit on the lines of the collaboration chapter you have just reviewed for me, so I really loved the topic. The final confrontation between Harry and Voldemort has always been something that fascinates me.

I love also how you depart from canon and kill Harry. It's very sad but also there is a glimmer of hope because he is in peace and happy, which Voldy will never be... Quite a wicked and wonderful concept.

I loved it!

Author's Response: thank you. i never actually meant it to be harry and voldy's last confrontation, although i had never really decided who it was and quite a few people have thought it was harry so i suppose it can be. thanks for the positive feedback!
Dilys :)

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Review #5, by x0xcaitlinx0x Alone

26th October 2008:
Very nice, I liked it a lot. I haven't read first person POV in a while, I forgot how much I loved it.I liked seeing into Harry's mind, a different take on one of my favourite chapters in Deathly Hallows. Great job!


Author's Response: technically it wasn't meant to be Harry, but i suppose it could have been as i'm not sure it was meant to be. i'm glad you liked it all the same. thank you for reviewing!
Dilys :)

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Review #6, by Moondanser83 Alone

22nd October 2008:
Wonderful little one shot - though I admit it's a bit shorter then I prefer, you still got your point across. I liked how your character taunted Voldemort, made him think about how things will be if he succeds in this insane mission. Over all this was well written, though there were a few point where some of the sentences seemed to short or slightly fragemnted, but I still enjoyed this story... now I BEG YOU... who was it?!?! Who told this story??? You're killing me here!

Great Job

Author's Response: i'm not a murderess. honest. but really i don't know who she is (i think it's a she). i prefer to let you decide, but i'm fairly sure it's not Hermione. could be anyone. sorry.
it's a bit shorter than i like either, but i didn't want to add any more. i think i'm going to go back to it later and then i might add who it is :D
thank you for reviewing.
Dilys :)

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Review #7, by Ollie Vander Alone

16th October 2008:
Wow, I really liked this. It's refreshing from all the romance and angst. The character intrigues me, I want to find out more about her. (I feel it's a I right?) I would be willing to read anything else about the life of this character, especially the way you wrote it.

My only critism is that you use a bit too many sentance fragments. Now, I understand that the thoughts of our hero(in) are a bit choppy, but you probably could have combined.

I really enjoyed this. It was short and simple, but entertaining.

Pray tell me; is this a canon character, ie Hermione, or a original?

Nice job!

Author's Response: thank you for both the praise and the criticism. i think it is a her. I'm not entirely sure who she is, actually, but probably not a canon. personally i can't imagine Hermione or anyone else from the books of the top off my head acting like this woman. if you're lucky i might do some more with this character, i enjoyed writing her but i can't be sure yet. I'm glad you liked it though and thanks for reviewing.
Dilys :)

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