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Review #1, by Carol Life Goes On

18th July 2011:
This story is truly magnificent! It made me cry but that is okay! I hope that you write many more stories! Thank you for the truly terrific story.

Author's Response: Aww, thank you so much! Sorry you cried, but as that was the desired effect in some ways, I'm not quite as sorry as I perhaps should be (?) hehe. You're welcome for the story, and thank YOU for the encouraging review! :D

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Review #2, by Potterlover19355 Life Goes On

28th June 2011:
I loved that last chapter. Perfect. I thought Ron was dead and then Hugo came and he was two... and it'd been five years... and I said "hey"
That is the Randomness that is my mind

Author's Response: Haha nothing wrong with a touch of the random! Shows you have a rampant imagination :P. Thanks so much! Glad you loved it.

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Review #3, by megan2u Life Goes On

21st June 2011:
Yay for the wedding scene, and the ridiculous vows magical folk say..."wicked witch to the west" lol.
I guess the only remaining questions are: 1. Why are they visiting Draco's grave, what happened to him, and why does Hermione think he's a wonderful man? Surely it can't just be because he was willing to turn in his father who had implicated him?
Really like the ending of the story, and it finally makes sense and ties back to the honeymoon chapter, making it all the cuter.
Love little Rose and Hugo (who seems like a handful!), they are adorable. And I liked how you furthered the tension by a visit to the grave, making the audience think it was Ron's for a bit there.
Overall I liked this story a lot, and would definitely recommend it to others! I hope you were joking saying it was your last fanfic, you're much too good to stop writing!

Author's Response: Haha glad you liked the wedding ridiculousness--if some guests wouldn't be offended, I'd so demand this type of wedding over the traditional. It wasn't over-the-top, though? That's what I was concerned with. Had to cut out alot from the first draft.
Goodness, thank you: I really do need to work on the Malfoy men and their unanswered questions! In case I don't get around to it and/or you don't read over again: Draco was killed because he ended up testifying against his father in trial [and in the process, got on better, though not stellar, terms with the gryffie trio and fam, because he had to make dealings with them and was invited over for parties/meals/etc eventually]. Lucius wasn't entirely involved in the murder itself, but he would have been torn down from his dark deatheater "thrown" if he had not let the other deatheaters do the deed. It was kind of a Pontius Pilot move--didn't do it, but could have made more of an effort to prevent it.
Thank you so much for all your time and lovely reviews! Enjoyed your challenge--wish I could have done the pregnancy one, too, but time rudely got in the way--and I wish you the best :D!

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Review #4, by megan2u Life or Death

21st June 2011:
Loved the bickering Ron and Hermione at the start of the chapter, seemed very true to character, and added some humour into an otherwise sad chapter.
So this is my 2nd time reading this chapter, and I only now finally understand both of them were being attacked by dementors at the time, I don't know what I thought was happening the first time I read it, even though I know what the patronus charm's main purpose is...but that's just me being a bit daft.
I thought the feelings both of them had brought to the forefront by the dementors were good choices of awful memories for them. For Ron it was the war and all the deaths that affected him and those he loves, as well as Hermione being tortured by Bellatrix at Malfoy Manor - excellent choice. And for Hermione it was Ron's abandonment during the search for the Horcruxes, another excellent choice, both very true to character.
The second part of the chapter dealing with Hermione's visit with the catatonic Ron is both numbingly painful and depressingly sad. The anger she feels at herself for continuing to feel guilt and pain for this "phantom" as she calls him appears like a genuine response most people feel when in a similar situation.
The first time I read this I totally didn't catch onto the squeezing of the hand at the end, which only confused me more during the last chapter, but I'm finally picking up on things now.
I now know that it was Lucius who ordered the dementor attack meant for Hermione, although we don't know what provoked it or why he tried to pass the blame to his beloved son.
You did an excellent job with evoking emotions in your readers including intrigue, sadness, anger, and hope.

Author's Response: Goodness, that would be terribly confusing if you hadn't caught on to the dementors! haha poor dear. But I'm glad you read it again to clarify, for your sake :P. Glad the memories worked for both of them--I love that you keep touching on all my "worry points", on all the things I was uncertain about. Def loads of help :). Again, I'll need to delve deeper into Lucius...the unanswered questions about him seem like ones I should answer rather than leave people in the dark over [including myself...hehe]. Thanks, again!

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Review #5, by megan2u A Married Woman

21st June 2011:
Awww. Ron and Hermione on their honeymoon! Poor Ron and his awful breath, I do think Hermione was a bit nasty about that, waking him up with spells and charming him to brush his teeth/use mouthwash (not that he doesn't deserve it).
I hope you're finding my reviews constructive, and I do think I'll post all 5 reviews to this story because I like it so much!
Anyways, back to the review...
I thought Draco was pretty well in character as he is in the books, very unwilling to be involved with Hermione, yet knowing it's the right thing to do (and perhaps the only way to save his hide). I find it hard to believe Lucius would've implicated his son, even if Draco was the guilty pretty, although perhaps they've had a falling out since Book 7.
I think this chapter did clear some answers up, but there are still questions lingering, such as what exactly happened to Ron to put him in a catatonic state, and was it Draco or Lucius who did it and why?

Author's Response: Yay! I've definitely found your reviews constructive, and I can't thank you enough :D. I hadn't actually given Lucius's motives much thought, though I really should have--I'll see what I can do about adding a little bit of explanation on his part. I always saw him as the type that would one day go off the deep end and choose power over family, but after book 7, that's harder to believe. Thanks again for the reviews! Very helpful, indeed :).

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Review #6, by megan2u Drown

18th June 2011:
I found this chapter both intriguing and confusing. Why do Ron and Hermione have a pact against her becoming involved with clients? Why did Hermione have a panic attack last time someone was in her office and who was it?
Why are they taking Ron away? Why won't Wexler tell her the information she wants? What is "IT" in Hermione's stomach? Does the Harry and Hermione happen before or after the prologue?
You're doing an awesome job keeping the reader engaged! Very suspensful and lots of unanswered questions!
Again I think Harry and Hermione are spot on, yet Ron seems a bit off still. I do see him as the jealous and concerned type, but I can't put me finger on what's bothering me about him, I guess I just can't see him being so disappointed in Hermione (even though I don't know what she's done...)

Author's Response: I'm so grateful for your reviews! Until now, it hadn't occurred to me that I threw some details in that aren't quite fully/directly answered...though some answers, or parts of the answers, are up to the reader's interpretation and/or are proven irrelevant in the end. I reeeally hope the right questions are answered, though.
Glad you're engaged in this :D.
I cling onto Ron's protectiveness that he had/has with Ginny, and feel he would be a bit "that way" with Hermione, especially when she's becoming more "family" to him everyday (since they're engaged in the kitchen scene). I also have worked with Hermione's ironic disregard of "the rules" when they seem to be upstaged by "what is right", if that makes any sense. Getting too involved in her cases...well, you know how she is. She puts her all into everything and doesn't quite know where the line is. I don't flesh out specific examples, but the particular case that is relevant to the story, one involving the Malfoys...I believe I answer that effectively, and if not, please do let me know what you're thoughts are at the end of this. This needs to be believable and conclusive, and if neither come across in the end, that's an element I'll need to really work on.
I hope Ron doesn't turn you off too much--he'll need a bit of revamping, so thanks again for addressing his ooc-ness :).
Thanks for the review, and I look forward to the others! Hope you like the rest of this :D.

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Review #7, by megan2u So Alive

18th June 2011:
Here's the first of my promised reviews. Loved the prologue by the way, made me immediately click to the first chapter to make sure I'd interpreted it right.
At first I thought you'd gone AU, bringing Hermione into the Chamber of Secrets during the 2nd book, when she should've been unconscious in the hospital wing. I was glad to find out you'd stuck with JKR's plot and it was an unseen scene during the Battle of Hogwarts.
I think your Hermione is dead on, all of her reactions seem true to character, and I can see her having a hard time coping with her loss (although we're not entirely sure how or why).
I can't see Ron saying he'd like to see Hermione with her knickers off, though, it seems too forward and silly in that particular moment. So although Hermione's reactions are perfect, I just can't picture Ron saying some of those lines (particularly during the Battle).
Loved your beautiful descriptions (yet again), and now I'm going to read on to see what's happened!

Author's Response: Hello again!
So glad you loved the prologue--the prologue's job, really, is to spring the reader onward, usually by being vague and leaving mountains of questions for the reader. Hope the whole story isn't too vague...that's my greatest fear.
Haha the 13-yr-old Hermione doesn't belong down in the CoS.
Great to hear that Hermione's in canon--she's a personal favourite, character-wise.
Sorry about Ron--I read over this yesterday, and realise that he kinda comes off as a strange mix b/w Ron, Fred/George, and perhaps a bit of fanfic Draco (?). Not sure why, but I've always written Ron as a bit blunter than perhaps he should be. I'll be working on that. Hadn't even occurred to me that he was being inappropriate, considering there was a war going on upstairs. THat's a major flaw on my part, and as this is the first time it's been brought to my attention, I'm so grateful you mentioned it! :)
You've said you like the descriptions in my oneshot, so it's so fantastic to hear it again! Thank you so much for reviewing, and I hope you enjoy this!

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Review #8, by Billiee x Life Goes On

12th February 2011:
I really liked this story, it was really full of great language and all that englishy stuff!
I nearly cried in one bit, and I laughed and smiled as well. You are very tallented..

But...I didnt understand the last bit?
Its not your bad writing, but Im not...expirienced yes (Im not even a teenager...:L) so...did Ron recover?
Anyway, well done!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! :D
I apologize for not clearing this up till now [punches self]: yes, Ron did miraculously recover, one of the rare cases that gains their soul back after being D-kissed. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by Billiee x Just Like Magic

12th February 2011:
I reaally like your story so far, so im going to carry on reading!
well done! x

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Go right ahead haha

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Review #10, by rozen_maiden Life Goes On

13th December 2010:
I wrote a review but it didn't load ): Im sad to hear that this is your last fanfiction but I understand (: always know that you are an amazing writer with a gift and never give up.. This story has left me feeling wonderfully fulfilled - it was beautiful (: I love your writing a lot and would love to read your originals
Sorry, also that I havent gotten around to your email ATM haha... Look forward to it this week or next,
Many hugs and take care,
May xx

Author's Response: Lovely May!
Oops--didn't respond when I first read this :/. Many apologies! Ah, I love your reviews. Thank you so much :). Miss ya!
[laughs, 'cause this wasn't the last fanfic, afterall...]

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Review #11, by slytherin_queen07 Life Goes On

10th December 2010:
.I don't get it.was Hermione with Draco? At some point in time? Maybe I should read this again.

Awesome writing throughout. So heartbreaking at times, but heartwarming the next. You're truly an amazing writer.

Author's Response: No, Hermione was never with Draco...though I'm a huge fan. Should have added H/D in there somewhere... :P. Thank you so much for the feedback and review!

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Review #12, by rozen_maiden So Alive

1st December 2010:
): its so sad yet so refreshing at the same time. You kno I hate this pairing but I can't get enough of your writing! Its like you create your own world, you own song (pun intended). (:
I can't really write a long review now but you better reply anyway. Please! I miss you!

Author's Response: Haha you should be PUNished for that pun, miss. :P [Puns complete me, btw. Ask anyone I know--they hate me for it]
I've replied, as you wished. Happy? :P Again, so glad you like this so far, and keep reading, my friend! Miss you, too.

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Review #13, by rozen_maiden Prologue

1st December 2010:
ah, you better keep updating! I've come back after two years off here and everyone's gone! What's the dealio?! I will be emailing you of this predicament.
Oh, this is, like all your other stories, so beautifully written. The part where you describe Hermione not being in love with Ginny, and george and all the weasleys is just so sweet and so genius. You just do things so friggin well. I am, as always, in awe of you miss!

Author's Response: I hate to phrase it like this, but in some ways, I feel like we've grown out of it? I love writing fanfics, but I keep feeling originals forming in my mind, plus school going on and just In Retrospect's the last one, I think. And don't worry--I've already added all the chapters on here. SO you'll have our ending on here :D.
SO glad you enjoyed this prologue and reviewed!

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Review #14, by hermionegarner Christmas Cheer

18th September 2010:
Dearest cedfan ;p

You didn't tell me you were posting this here, otherwise I would have reviewed sooner, though you already got my wild banter about this entire story. You are absolutely amazing and when I read your stories, two things happen: I want to shoot myself because I'll never, EVER, be able to write like you, and I almost immediately open up Microsoft Word in order to try to prove myself wrong :D

Not only is your story completely fantastic, but so are you. You've always been there for me and I know that you always will be, something that in the past has been very hard for me to accept as you know. I brought the copy of this that you printed to school with me and find myself reading it at least once a week--partly because it holds such fond memories and partly because it helps me work through my writer's block.

Anyway, there are better places to talk than in a review to your story, but I felt the need to let the world know just how amazing you are in every aspect. I only wish that my pitiful attempt at dedicating a story to you had lived up to this (though I know it doesn't matter to you and you will naively hold to the opinion that my story was just as good as yours).

I love you so very much, and may God bless you all your days! You know you can always turn to him in times of need, because he will always be waiting, watching, and listening.

Fondest Love,


Author's Response: Woah...I read this months ago, but am reading through it again, and it brought much warmth to your faraway friend (but not for long! one week! ONE!!). So glad you liked your graduation gift and that it has helped you through writer's block. I put everything into it for YOU, so it's good to know that you did, indeed, enjoy it. And STOPSTOPSTOP comparing your writing with mine or with anyone else's! You can get ideas from others' writing, you can say "I will NEVER do this in my writing", but please don't say "their's is better"...just do your best, reap what you can from your life, from others', and the pen will do the rest. :D
LOVE YOU, too, bffl! I updated the rest of the story to the end, btw. Though I don't see why you'd read it on here, as you have the hardcopy :P.

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Review #15, by jkelly Christmas Cheer

11th September 2010:
Am really liking it!!! update soon!

Author's Response: Yay--thank you!

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Review #16, by lucekd08 Drown

6th September 2010:
Ok, so, let me just say, that this is one of the saddest things I have ever read. It's good, but it's sad. I absolutely love it, without a doubt. Your writing is so... (er, what's a good adjective?) brilliant? no. Wonderful? no. Impressive? yes, and no. Well, you get the main idea. I"m kinda confused as to what happened to Ron. This is probably AU, eh? It looks like Harry and Hermione were the aurors and Ron was a Keeper for the... something with two Ks. Please tell me if I'm wrong. One part of me dosen't want Ron to be dead, just in the hospital, but since you said "late" husband" at the beginning, it makes me a little sad that the possiblity isn't even there. Anyway, less about me and more about your story. I love the two componets to each chatper: the flashback type thing at the beginning, showing Ron and Hermione being happy and carefree together, and then at the end showing how hard it is for Hermione to move on without him. It's really unique and orginal. When I get done with the first section of each chapter, I feel so elated, and happy, but by the end of the entire chapter, I feel... not depressed, but neutral. It's like each side is so different in emotion that they balence each other out and in that I respect your talent to be able to do that.
For now, I shall leave you with your story and this review. I really do hope it helps and let me mention again, that I absolutely love this story. I'm almost as excited for this chapter as I am Deathly Hallows (eep!). Sorry... fangirl moment. :) And... yeah. The end. I'm going to stop rambling now and press "preview"...

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much lucekd08! Such an elaborate review. I love knowing what I did right haha (and wrong, of course), but also just love to hear what's going on in the readers' heads as they read. Usually, you find yourself in the reader's position trying to see it through the author's eyes, but here, I'm the author trying to see it through the reader's eyes. Thank you so much for the review...sorry about Ron's misfortune--though you may be surprised if you read on. :D

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Review #17, by Akussa Just Like Magic

5th September 2010:
Oh I just love the way you make Luna come to life! She's so fresh and yet so true to the original, very good job.
Oh and I hope I am not understanding what I think I'm understanding because it's a tought too horrible to stand!

Author's Response: So glad you appreciated Luna's bit! I loved writing her in this so much. Sorry, but your suspicion, if I understand correctly, is correct. Just read to the end, and you may be less bothered ;). Thanks for the review!

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Review #18, by Akussa So Alive

5th September 2010:
This is beautifully written; very engaging and enjoyable to read. I love the emotional dept the characters hold and the almost-poetic rythme you use to present them.
I hope you will keep on writing !

Author's Response: Thank you, Akussa! So glad to hear what you liked about it so far. Thanks for the review, also!

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Review #19, by Katelyn So Alive

19th August 2010:
I truly adore Ron and Hermione and can seldom find a fanfiction about them, and this one just took my breath away!! This is exactly what I've been looking for!! I loved how in the flashback you filled in with what had happened in the Chamber in deathly Hallows so beautifully!! Just Wow!! I cant wait to read more!! Update soon:)

Author's Response: So glad you liked it, Katelyn, and that you were able to find an H/R finally! Thanks for the review :).

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Review #20, by dianapotter Prologue

1st December 2008:
OMG i love it. but i got a tad bit confused. i know your talking about Ron and how Hermione loves him.i got that far lol sry itslike 2am over here in FL and i guess im just tired.but still i love it.i cant wait for the following chapters.

diana xx


Author's Response: ^_^ I'm thrilled you like this so far! You're right, but I haven't revealed what happened with Ron yet. You'll see soon. 2am?!? It was a school night! Whatever floats your boat, dianapotter! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #21, by twixie Prologue

30th November 2008:
OMG! You got me with this opening! I hope it's not too long a wait!! WOW-my curiosity is really peaked!

Author's Response: Yay! I'm so happy you like the opener! I will update soonish. Thanks for reviewing, twixie!

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Review #22, by hermionegarner Prologue

30th November 2008:
Aww! I'm crying! I started crying during the dedication, and it just didn't stop. Why can't I write like you?! Ugh!

It's beautiful, but it's going to be heartbreaking. The way you were describing her family and the familiarities--I was hardly able to read it because of the tears clouding my vision!

I can't wait to see what you write about, and it might give me some ideas for 'Kissed by Death' now that I think about it (I already have plenty, though ;p) It means so much to me that you're writing this and that you're *currently* enjoying my story.

Thanks for being a great friend :D

~hermionegarner *Tiff*

Author's Response: Why, hello, Cho, the human fountain. :P. Sorry it made you cry! It means alot to me that you think it's beautiful, and yes, it will be heartbreaking (or that's the aim, anyhow). Ooh! Kissed by Death is so kol so far! And thank YOU for being an even greater friend (beat THAT). ^_^

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Review #23, by ravens_rising Prologue

30th November 2008:
You already know I'm not a R/Her, but this looks really interesting. An intriguing begining! What happened?!
PS: Your writing is beautiful.

Author's Response: Wait--you don't like R/Her? When did this happen?!? :P I'm so glad you're intrigued! And *beams* you think my writing's beautiful? YAY! Thanks for reading this...Rae, right? Can't remember if you don't want me to say your real name...>_

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Review #24, by luna__lovegood Prologue

30th November 2008:
WOW!! is all I have to say. This is great so far. You're a very good writer. I like your extended vocabulary too. Good Job!! Can't wait to read the rest!

Author's Response: Wow's a wonderful word (hehe). I'm so pleased you like it so far! I will update soon, though how soon is TBA. Thanks for reviewing, luna__lovegood!

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Review #25, by Banba Prologue

30th November 2008:
I am so confused. You have to hurry up and add more. Just please don't let her take Ron out of pity, that would make me cry. It's very well written though.

Author's Response: Oh, I'm sorry it's confusing!'ll have to see how it unfurls. I'll update soonish. Thanks for the review, Banba!

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