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Review #1, by ed Off Chapter 14: In This Diary

22nd December 2014:
This book is identical to 'The Truth About Forever' by Sarah Dessen.

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Review #2, by ree Chapter 17: Anchor

19th December 2012:
Oh my god.

I'm sorry, but that was absolutely awful. You've been building up the tension between those two for what, 16 chapters and you resolve it with 6 lines? 6 lines? Really? Maybe feels arent the most important part of a fic but damn I'm frustrated right now!

I did really enjoy the horrible tension and recurring mistakes on Em's part. Truly awful feels. And at least that didn't last for long but seriously, that isn't a resolution! No! Argh!

anyway sorry for this awful review. just a slight inconsistency with how good the rest of this fic has been :)

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Review #3, by missxbasalisk Chapter 9: Out Loud

10th August 2012:
Loved it! So great, really:)

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Review #4, by missxbasalisk Chapter 7: Look After You

10th August 2012:
Im bad. I haven't reviewed yet! But so far this story has been super awesome!!! I've added this story to my favorites list:)) just thought id let you know

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Review #5, by YES Chapter 17: Anchor

11th April 2012:
AWH:3 (I've been awaiting this moment for 16 chapters!)

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Review #6, by WildFlower Chapter 18: Epilogue - Best Days

19th February 2012:
Loved every moment of this beautiful story!


XOXO WildFlower!

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Review #7, by c Chapter 17: Anchor

30th December 2011:
This is the cutest story.

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Review #8, by Loving_Sirius_4eva Chapter 18: Epilogue - Best Days

2nd September 2011:
Wonderful, great, incredible, amazing, spectacular, perfect, special, romantic and fantastic story.
I loved it! Especially Sirius's character and the way the fall in love. :) 10/10

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Review #9, by Loving_Sirius_4eva Chapter 3: Shine

20th August 2011:
Gets better! :) Can't wait top read more. :)

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Review #10, by Loving_Sirius_4eva Chapter 2: I Should've Known

20th August 2011:
Love the story:) Hope to read more!

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Review #11, by Leela Chapter 18: Epilogue - Best Days

18th July 2011:
I am so utterly impressed! For once someone has written a fanfic where the Marauders weren't stupid pigs, Lily wasn't psychotic and Wormtail neglected. I read this all the way through and am really upset it's over. I think it it ended perfectly (i think you missed out a word in the final line though). It's actually a sad ending, because we all know how short lived their happiness will ultimately be. Thankyou for restoring my hope in fan fiction and not patronising the reader with overt obviousness. This was bloody brilliant!

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Review #12, by Going Crazy Chapter 5: We're Going to Be Friends

14th July 2011:
Capital chapter! I really liked it.

Truth; the way it allows Sirius and Emily to get to know one another so well has me wishing I would have tried it with some of my own prospective- ahem, well. I think it is one of those quirks that really, really sets this apart (even if it appears in this book this is based off of, still haven't read that).

Emily's mother; I do not like her, no, no, I do not. But as a character, she plays her part well. I enjoy that Emily has a conflict with her mother that isn't entirely explosive and volatile, but just simmering, right below the surface.

Backtracking up the chapter a bit... I admit to reading that first question to Sirius, "What was the worst time you've ever had at Hogwarts?" and thinking - 'Oh! I know this answer! That time after the incident with Snape and Remus, wherein all his friends were disappointed in him and all.' I was surprised he didn't mention that, but given her knowledge of Remus' condition (non-exsistent), I can understand. The Nifflers thing was cute, though, and the other might have been a bit more heavy on the angst for the lighter mood of this story anyway.

Mistakes not found. Sorry if you enjoyed my pointing them out, but this is actually the third time I've read the story (I really do love it), and it's quite hard to go back to find them. Plus, there are so very few!

Well, on to chapter six.

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Review #13, by Going Crazy Chapter 4: Best Of You

10th July 2011:
It's burning me up that I said third instead of fourth in my last review. Oh well.

This is easily my favorite chapter so far. Truth seems like a very good way to get to know someone, and Emily and Sirius interact very easily together. I'm so glad you've not painted Sirius as a playboy (I'm really getting sick of that).

The girls interact well too; it'd be so easy to fall into the trap of having them converse just to get a point across, and forget to stay true to their seperate personalities - I feel their conversation on boys and love was absolutely brilliant. Sa-woon... love it. Just the right touch of detailing to suggest a pairing between Sirius and Emily would work without over-doing it before they get to know one another.

I didn't notice any mistakes this time (perhaps because I was SO sucked into the storyline).

On to chapter FIVE. Got it right this time.

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Review #14, by Going Crazy Chapter 2: I Should've Known

10th July 2011:
Oh! I keep little notes on what I want to say in my review elsewhere, and somehow ended up skipping this chapter. So, this is a short review compared to the rest.

First off, Peter. Thank you. Thank you for not making him mysteriously disappear for most of the time and for having his friends actually be friendly to him - because, well, most stories are really cruel to poor Peter. I mean, c'mon, this is the time where they ran around as the FOUR Marauders, not the three Marauders and that little kid who likes cheese. Peter is such an overlooked character in stories predominantly about a Marauder-era couple.

I love the slowly-progressing friendship between Marlene and the gang and Emily; you're making things move slowly enough to be believable, and that's a really great (and sometimes rare) thing. I also like that there's not an overload of sexual tension between Sirius and Emily - so many stories put in too much of that.

The break-up; nicely done and perfectly in line with something I figured Aaron might do.

Fantastic chapter - on to the third!

Only mistake I had time to go back and find:
"...Michael, and myself - [want] me to keep the presidency."

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Review #15, by Going Crazy Chapter 3: Shine

10th July 2011:
Even better than the last chapter, I must say.

I simply adore Marlene! Her character just jumps right off the page. And I have to say, I like that, while Lily is very much included, she, for once, takes a more subtle role. Speaking of Lily, I really like the way you've set up the Gryffindor girls / boys interaction. I can't recall reading a story where they interact without the main focus being Lily and James fighting.

Having the group sneak out to go to Hogsmeade for clubbing and the like is really great, as well. It's refreshing and a nice break from the monotomy of reading about classes and food.

Before I head on to chapter three, here are the mistakes I noticed (changes in [] as usual):
-- "Suddenly [a] familiar feeling..."
-- "Sirius was staring at me with an inscrutable [expression]..."

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Review #16, by Going Crazy Chapter 1: The New Year

10th July 2011:
Wow, as a big fan of Sirius/OC Marauder stories, I have got to say I love the way you've set up Emily. I enjoy the occassional love/hate fic, and the quiet-girl-not-from-Gryffindor fics, and I really dig how you've balanced the interaction between Emily and some our most beloved characters. You've got the of-course-we'd-know-her-but-not-well thing down - something I've seen a lot of stories fail at.

I like Aaron; I understand that I shouldn't, but the uniqueness of his personality makes me enjoy reading about him as a character. I like Emily even more; she has real problems and is coping with them (beyond just boys and school, which is refreshing).

You've got good spelling and grammar (only minor mistakes), so that's a huge plus. That said, that last line has a comma that should be taken out - the line would read better like this: "I nodded up at him[, sending] him a fleeting smile before taking off up the steps and into the [castles shelter]." The changes are the parts in [].

Another error I noted was this (changes will be in [] as before): "...returned to [the] conversation that they'd..."

Anywho, those were the only things I felt should be pointed out. Love this so far. On to chapter two!

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Review #17, by Jojo Chapter 18: Epilogue - Best Days

17th June 2011:
OMG U maniac u so got the idea of Sarah Desssen!?!?!?!?!!?

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Review #18, by lydia :) Chapter 18: Epilogue - Best Days

13th April 2011:

off-the-scale brilliant.
l-l-l-loved it! seriously, can you please please please puh-lease write another one like this?!

brilliantly brilliant, seriously.
gah :D

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Review #19, by Middle_of_September Chapter 1: The New Year

10th March 2011:
That was amazing! It's not too often that you find really high-quality writers on a fanfiction site, but your writing is really impressive! I love how you based your story off of the book (I've read it too) and managed to put your own unique twist on it. Once again, amazing job!

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Review #20, by madness Chapter 18: Epilogue - Best Days

14th January 2011:
This was a really well written and thought out story. Well done. Thanks xxx

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Review #21, by Emily Chapter 18: Epilogue - Best Days

17th September 2010:
Loved this so much! Coincidentally, my name is Emily, and I just got a kitten...well that was a useless piece of information, but her name's Luna! As in Luna Lovegood...rambling again sorry. Thanks for the great writing; keep it up!

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Review #22, by Armadeo Chapter 15: You'll Be In My Heart

21st August 2010:
But she's still got the mirror right?
I know the story's already finished, but yeah, still keeping that hope alive that something good will happen.

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Review #23, by Armadeo Chapter 14: In This Diary

21st August 2010:
I absolutly loved that part when Sirius passes on the Truth question. So suspenseful!

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Review #24, by Ava Chapter 6: Save Me

19th August 2010:
Sirius and Emily are SO going to fall in love!

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Review #25, by Secret Admirer Chapter 18: Epilogue - Best Days

10th August 2010:
You are amazing. I was laughing, crying, and occasionally shouting at some characters throughout the story. I liked how you had Emily be unsure of Remus's "furry little problem" since all the other fanfics i've read, the character just accepts it easily. But to me, I thought that some people would have to adjust, I would have wanted to see them take the time to wrap their heads around it, sorta like Emily did. I also loved how the game of Truth brought out things about Emily and Sirius that I, the reader, would never have known. Also, instead of making it into a story where everything regarding Voldemort is downplayed, you incorporated all of that into the story. Reading the whole novella, I was amazed. :) Thank you for being such a wonderful writer and granting me the privilege of reading it. :) You're the best!!! :) This totally deserved the 10/10

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