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Review #1, by HPizmalife Stop

23rd July 2011:
Absolutely poetic(: I love it. ^^

Author's Response: Poetic. Definately a new description, although I must admit, I do like it! Thanks!!!

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Review #2, by Maybe Someday Stop

1st October 2010:
Hm, interesting. ;D
Pretty intense, XD.
Good job. ;D

Author's Response: Thank you =]

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Review #3, by Jennifer16 Stop

26th June 2010:
This was really good! :D It left me wanting to read MORE!! Are you going to write a sequel? I hope you do!!

Author's Response: sorry, but no sequel to this one =[ but im glad you liked it =]

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Review #4, by Sweets-Caandy Stop

24th June 2010:
well that's quite everything I can say to that story...
Well and : great!
And : I didn't know what the words were till I looked down to the review box...
Well I might've guessed, for it is the storys title...

Author's Response: its ok, alot of ppl dont realize it lol =]
and thanks =]

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Review #5, by devon380 Stop

21st June 2010:
Was draco trying to kill himself? Your story was bittersweet though...I'm glad it ended well...
I take it the fourth word was "stop" ?
as in "draco please don't stop"

hehehe... ;)

Author's Response: yes to everything lol =]

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Review #6, by Malfoylover01 Stop

19th June 2010:
what the word i want 2 know i think it i love you but i'm not sure plz tell me xx

Author's Response: its the titles. She always tells him, "Draco, please don't" and then at the end and she says "Draco, please don't stop" =]

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Review #7, by Shelby Weasley Stop

22nd May 2010:
That was really good. I was sort of confused when I first began reading it, but it definitely started to make sense as I read further. Good job!


Author's Response: thanks =] im glad you liked it =]

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Review #8, by xlivexlovexdreamx Stop

20th April 2010:
very well written!!

Author's Response: thank you very much =]

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Review #9, by Sharpie Marker_ Stop

19th April 2010:
oh my friken god you are amazing. write more soon. this is right up at he top of my list with Roses & Thorns and Finding Dominique!!1
Luv it,

Author's Response: thanks, im glad you really like it =]
and i wont be writing more until i get my AP tests out of the way in a few weeks

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Review #10, by Fluffball Stop

15th April 2010:
wow, that was scary, no story has actually made me truly sorry for draco, while still maintaing and developing a relationship with hermione.
every dramione story tends to revolve around headboy/girl and a common domain, but this was a refreshing change.
throughout the whole story, i was wondering what the three words were, until i read the title again...feeling really stupid, but still was an amazing read..
deserves a 9/10 - something i don't normally say :)

Author's Response: thank you very much =], im glad you liked it. dont feel stupid, thers alot of people that dont get it lol
my novel-ish story does sort of revolve around them being headboy/girl, but there is other stuff going on in it. maybe you might like to check it out? its Revelations, and its a sequel to Collision, but i dont think you really have to read the first one to get the second.

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Review #11, by nichola kirkpatrick Stop

20th March 2010:
i read this out loud quietly and slowly to myself and it was so beautiful i loved it :D

Author's Response: thank you =]
im glad you liked it

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Review #12, by dramionefan_Rilla Stop

6th February 2010:
Hi! I don't know if I reviewd before but I just love this One-Shot!

This was so beautiful yet so sad, It made me cry! (I'm a very emotional person sorry) Beautiful job! It's simply lovely! Please write more.

Also if you have time check out my dramione fic called "Mission Malfoy"

Thanks a bunch
Rilla :D

Author's Response: well i will most definitely check out your story, im sorry i made you cry, thank you for reviewing, and im not a big one shot writer but i do have one that i am working on =]

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Review #13, by HP0247 Stop

24th January 2010:
Nice Short - thanks for sharing.

Author's Response: well thank you for reading =]

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Review #14, by Fearless18 Stop

19th January 2010:
oh geez. this was intense. i absolutely love it

Author's Response: thank you =]

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Review #15, by x3Draco Stop

18th January 2010:
you should definitely continue writing this story ..


Author's Response: well thanks but its all done. i wouldnt want to ruin the magic of it by trying to add something to it

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Review #16, by the_elder_wand Stop

17th January 2010:
thats very beautiful:)
well done its very emotional and perfect
great one-shot =)

Author's Response: thank you very much =D

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Review #17, by Jaclyn Stop

17th January 2010:

Author's Response: thank you so much =]

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Review #18, by dracos_hotter Stop

14th January 2010:
Ah, I love a Dramione. Although I hate the word Dramione. Very much.

So sweet... so strong. I quite like this.


Author's Response: thanks!
yeah i agree, its a little weird. like brangelina or what ever lol =]

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Review #19, by stephanie Stop

13th January 2010:
she says: draco please don't go, right?
it was really great. :)

Author's Response: close. she says Stop, not Go.
and thank you very much =]

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Review #20, by Hearts Then Tears Stop

19th December 2009:
So at first I did not want to read this story, for the introduction... well the grammar wasn't very fabulous.

SO I read the reviews first and the ones I did read were giving you thumbs up so..

I must say, this was a very well written story. I really liked the last sentence.

What does confuse me is that when Draco goes into the room to see Hermione he then calls her "beloved"? But if it is who I believe it to be then... well... don't they dislike each other? I find it odd...

But still it was... just... great.

Very good. Very good.

You should get a banner. They attract attention! I don't know I seem to look at banners then read what people wrote for the introduction THEN if I like one or the other I read it..?

Okay. I am done blabbing.


~Hearts Then Tears

Author's Response: he doesnt call her his beloved, he is saying that hermione calls ron her beloved =]
and yeah, i need a banner lol =], and im not one for grammar lol =]
thank you for the nine and the good reveiw =]

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Review #21, by jenkent Stop

18th November 2009:
Very interesting. Quite a deep storyline for a one-shot. It was wonderfully well-written, however, I have one question. If she added Draco to the 'I love you' phrase, technically it would be adding a five-letter word, not a four-letter word. That is, if I'm correct in my assumptions on the words being exchanged. Anyway, wonderful job! I really thought it was intriguing. 9/10 ~Jen

Author's Response: thanks =]
the first phrase is Draco, please dont
and then she adds stop

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Review #22, by Theia Luna Stop

5th November 2009:
wow this is good..!! but i'm a bit confused.. were the "three letter words" "i love you"..?? and what about a the end:
"from the second she added that simple four letter word, those three words became the very best words he had ever heard." i'm just a little confused.. what does it mean..??
otherwise.. i loved the story..!!

Author's Response: "Draco please dont" are the first three words.
the last one is "stop" hence the title and chapter title =]
and thank you very much=] im glad you liked it

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Review #23, by Avi Potter Stop

1st November 2009:
I love this story. It's awesome! I particularly love how you didn't use any dialogue whatsoever. I often find it hard to continue with just thought and no words, but you did it so perfectly. I really enjoyed reading this story. :D 10/10!

Author's Response: Well thank you very much. i know what you mean, i prefer to read stories that people talk in, it just seems more realistic. but there are som where there are little to no words spoken and it still gets you.
like Dissolved Girl, there isnt much talking in it, but i aboslutely LOVE that story =]
you should check it out if you havent read it yet lol =]

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Review #24, by Chiibo Stop

19th August 2009:
Wow.. I cried at the first part- then at the middle- then again somewhere in between- then again at the end, out of pure happiness that there could be a happy ending ^o^ ! I was bracing myself for a sad ending.. so thank you so much for that beautiful little up-turn note.
Written incredibly.. just written so goddamn WELL! Easily one of the very best fanfics I've ever read, from any series or anything, just.. Wowzorz xD.
And yes yes yes! I definitely enjoyed it! Sublime >0< !

Author's Response: THANK YOU!!! i love compliments from strangers about my writing lol =]
im sorry you cried though

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Review #25, by Harmony Stop

20th July 2009:
It filled me with a feeling that is hard to explain. The passion and love that went into this writing truly is magic. I can't believe how amazing this piece of writing is and how amazing it made me feel.

Author's Response: thank you so much for the compliment! i just, wow. Thank you!

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