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Review #1, by Janni The Beginning of a Tidal Wave

16th June 2013:
please write more! I love this story :D

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Review #2, by JohannaMarie The Beginning of a Tidal Wave

22nd February 2011:
Wow. I think that's all I can say. Or may be not. This is a simply wonderful story. I get so worked up reading it sometimes because we (the readers) know what's going on in Lexi's "memories" but she doesn't. And if she talked to someone, they would be able to help her! I mean, if she even bothered to mention "Padfoot," "Prongs," "Moony," "Wormtail," or a werewolf going into the Whomping Willow I'm sure Albus, James or even McGonagall would know what she was talking about. And speaking of our dear Headmistress. Why doesn't she tell Lexi whatever it is already?!?! And why is Dumbledore letting her put it off??? He made this mistake once, protecting Harry from the truth because of love, and look how that ended up!
Anyway... I guess this is my way of expressing my extreme facination with this story. I REALLY want to read more! :) PLEASE update soon!

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Review #3, by JohannaMarie "Engaged"

22nd February 2011:
This is an absolutely wonderful story! I really should go to bed, but I just can't seem to stop reading - the halmark of a truely great story. You have just the right balance of mystery, humor, and serious issues and possible relationships :) I love it!

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Review #4, by Arabella The Beginning of a Tidal Wave

16th January 2011:
Wooow, I love this story! Lexi is so sweet and selfless, and the way she and the Potters interact is so adorable. You're a great writer. Please update soon!!

Love, Ari

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Review #5, by miss_aurora The Beginning of a Tidal Wave

15th October 2010:
Well hello there, it's been quite long. I'm sure you were either busy or dealing with some kind of writer's block, regardless I'm so happy that there's an update at last.

Compared to previous chapters, there's little going on here. This chapter is sort of filler-ish, I think? But I still like it. However, it saddened me that Lexi decided to run away instead of facing the truth. The way I saw it, she's alone by her own choice and sometimes you need someone else to lean on. Yet, she couldn't fully open up, not even to Albus, which is such a big shame. I know she probably sees herself as a great danger to the Potters or rather to other people, but still, if only she tries, she will figure out that she could choose not to be alone.

Alas, that's just my personal thought.

Anyway, wonderful update! I'm so excited for this. Thank you for the update :D


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Review #6, by wolverine83 Lily Understands What Her Parents Don't

1st March 2010:
Whew, that was a long read but was definitely worth it. This chapter really made me wish that you will pair Lexi up with Albus someday because I just cannot get past the idea of the two of them not falling in love someday especially when Lexi asks Hagrid why she would tell anyone but Albus about Grawp and I hope that Hagrid sensing something that he didn;t understand when Lexi asks him that might be significant to future events as well. I also enjoyed the interaction between Lexi and Lily as well in this chapter. Anyways, it was another excellent chapter and did a good job at portraying just how close of a relationship Albus and Lexi have and how they are the most important person in the world to each other.

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Review #7, by miss_aurora Lily Understands What Her Parents Don't

27th February 2010:
Well, it takes long enough for this update yet seeing the word counts, I doubt I can protest much somehow. So, this review is going to be way shorter than the previous one but I assure you that I'm still in love with this series (it's just I'm not good with long review, so yeah...)

As I had said, Lexi is an intriguing character. Normally, as i can imagine, the sight of thestral should be...surprising, terrifying even, but she could easily bond with a thestral and well, what can I say about that. Then she apparently has the capability to associate with any kind of creatures easily. Honestly speaking, i would definitely envy this kind of girl if she is for real, despite the kind of life she actually has to endure, but it can't be helped. She excels in way too many things.

I'm a bit bothered by Harry's visit to Hogwarts and, moreover, how easy it is for Lexi to leave Hogwarts just to visit Lily. I know, she has explained that nobody can forbid herbut where's the sense of responsibility or such? Idk, lol, I'd better stop mentioning that. So leave that aside, I find her concern rather sweet.

One last thing, when will Lexi's mysteries be revealed? And when will the romance start? Haha... I can't really wait for those two.

Anyway thank you for the update! :D

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Review #8, by Leah Eavesdropping

12th February 2010:
Please write! your story is amazing! i love how you potray the characters, and you have a steady plot!

write SOON,


Author's Response: Thanks Leah! I really appreciate the review! It made me smile. ^-^ If it helps, I just submitted Lexi's next chapter. It should appear in a little over a week if the 8-day period is right.
Happy Reading!

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Review #9, by miss_aurora Eavesdropping

24th October 2009:
Phew, it took me long enough to finish the whole 12 chapters straight at the end (between projects and assignments, classes and interns, I wonder how I manage to juggle them all now..)

In any case, I am honestly amazed by Lexi. Although there are so many mysteries which are yet to be revealed, her current character was hard to ignore, I should say. For a young girl to possess such a powerful magic, she surely has to keep an important secret, a twisted one that is (or at least what I've assumed judging from your notes).

I love following Lexi's point of view the most (and basically, hers are mentioned most of the time). I don't know, at such a tender age she has to suffer a great deal of pain (once again I assume).

Her headache and the vision she had about the marauders+Lily intrigued me once again. In fact, I couldn't help but wonder 'how' it could have happened. Logically, she should have come from a family (or a clan) which was powerful enough, and perhaps has inherited the vision from her family as well, but they are all just how I try to figure things out. Strangely, she couldn't hear their names, but she caught the nick names anyway. Then why does it have to be the marauders, James spesifically, and Lily? The more I think, the more confused I become, but strangely I couldn't get myself to be annoyed by it. Instead, I was 'trapped' by this story, and I couldn't stop trying to solve the puzzle while waiting whether I've made the correct assumptions or not.

Dumbledore is another character remain mystery to me. I mean, there should be a reason why he decided to keep an eye on Lexi, also why he shared it with Minerva. Then why couldn't McGonagall let Lexi inside her office, why did she seem so reluctant about that? Yet there aren't much clues available, so I guess I'll have to live with my guesses alone.

All this thoughts eventually lead me to a question: was it just a coincidence that Lexi bumped into Albus on her first day to Hogwarts? Or is there a deeper meaning beneath that? She was way too close to the Potters, and Weasleys as well, in a real short time as well, as if the bond has always been established at the first place, not something she has to built from the scratch. Haha... I'm so intrigued now.

Lastly, I wonder whether this isn't supposed to be asked now (like if you've planned to explain this in the future), but how the hell did she receive her hogwarts' letter of acceptance. I mean, frow owls, yes, but how did they find her? Of course, you needn't have to answer that if it will eventually be revealed in either the near or long future, besides I'm an extremely patient girl (apparently). Oh and sorry if some of what I've mentioned had been written in other reviews, since apparently I didn't have that much time to read other reviews yet, or something along the line.

To be honest once again, I was rather disturbed by the usage of the long dots to separate some sentences, but thankfully there aren't that many, so whatever :p

And so, this is the real last paragraph. Thanks for writing, and please excuse me for this immensely long review (well, immensely, as I rarely write something this long, then since I tend to rant at some point :p)

Author's Response: I feel honored that you took time out of your apparently insane schedule to read my story, first off. That's a great compliment to me and I'm sure Lexi would be overjoyed, as well.
And yes, I can say without a spoiler alert, that Lexi has a pretty big secret.
I couldn't be happier to hear that you find Lexi's character so appealing! I'm glad you enjoy following Lexi around so much! And yeah, she has been through a lot for someone who's basically still a kid. But without it, I really don't think it'd be Lexi, y'know?
Unfortunately, I can't say much about Lexi's headaches and visions right now; I don't want to ruin anything for you. But I can honestly say that I truly admire your thought process; it's amazing how much you've been trying to figure everything out.
And good hit on Dumbledore; I think you're the first person to mention him and his portrait-y self. He is a bit of a mystery, isn't he? I can safely say that the only reason Dumbledore would share whatever he was thinking about Lexi with Minerva is because he trusts her more than anyone. True, that doesn't mean he tells her everything he thinks might be going on, but he trusts her enough (and knows she won't do anything stupid or rash) to include her in what's going on. Besides, Minerva isn't the type to be left out of something so important. Especially if it involves one of her students.
I'm sorry that I can't tell you anything behind "Was it just a coincidence" question. I wouldn't want to spoil anything. Especially if someone likes the story so much, haha. But I'm ecstatic that you're so intrigued.
I don't mind when people ask questions that'll be exlpained later on; in fact, I love it. Ask all the questions you want! Not only do the questions sometimes give me ideas, but it also proves that people are picking up on certain little things that others might not. Like Lexi getting her letter, which, as a matter of fact, will be explained further on in the story. Also, you don't need to apologize for anything. I mean, you haven't really repeated anything that I can immediately tell just by looking, true, but I wouldn't mind anyway. I like hearing what the readers think; it's always interesting and different.
I'm glad you're being honest, by the way, because otherwise how can I know to fix things that bother or confuse people? I won't lie, there are still a bunch of dots in there, but they're much less extreme than when I first started, and mainly when people are talking.
You don't need to thank me for writing, by the way, though I appreciate it a lot. I love writing! And don't worry about the immensely long review; it makes me smile. I like talking with the readers, especially when they ask questions and muse about things, haha. And don't worry about ranting; I have a tendency to do the same.

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Review #10, by irrelevant Albus Goes Away

22nd September 2009:
It was kinda long, this chapter, but the more the better, eh? :) LOVE IT! the mystery is starting to get to me though. When will we finally know some stuff for sure? That Lexi girl is way too secretive XD and she needs someone to take good care of her, she's too generous and selfless for her own good-not that its a bad thing... a billion out of ten and more

Author's Response: Every once in a while I either can't stop writing and realize that there's no where I can cut it off for it to make sense, or feel like throwing in a long chapter for readers. This was a mixture of both. ^-^ I'm ecstatic that you liked it so much! And unfortunately, I can't tell you when Lexi's secrets start being discovered; it'd ruin the story, now wouldn't it? I agree with you, though: Lexi does need someone to take good care of her, instead of her trying to care for everyone that she meets. That's Lexi, though. So smart, yet suprisingly oblivious, huh?

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Review #11, by wolverine83 Albus Goes Away

19th September 2009:
Sorry it took so long for me to review, anyways this chapter was excellent as usual. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: No problem: I haven't been able to do anything in awhile, either. School and searching like a maniac for the about fingerlength flash drive I have my stories on has taken quite a bit of my time. And thanks! I'm glad you liked it. I wasn't sure if it was too out there or something. ^-^

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Review #12, by irrelevant Redheads Ruin Lives

12th September 2009:
I LOVE your Lexi story!!! Only thing I don't get is why George's wife is called Aupelina... I mean isn't her name Angelina? Just asking cause all the other names are canon (right?) :) :)

Author's Response: The reason George's wife's name was Aupelina was because I had seen it on this one family tree that JK Rowling has on her website. That's where I got all of the marriages and kids from, really. I forget the name of her website, though... Either way, it's awesome. Try to Google it or something ^-^

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Review #13, by irrelevant Lexi and the Potters

9th September 2009:
I wonder who Lexy is... great so far, i really like it!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm really glad you like it!

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Review #14, by wolverine83 Adopted Habits and Potions Partner

14th August 2009:
Very interesting chapter with all the information you gave on Lexi's view of the world which only adds more to the mystery of Lexi's past, I found the part where she had a vision of the Marauders at Hogwarts with Lily slapping James to be pretty funny, I love how she gave each of them their own names. I'm hoping that you will reveal the secrets that Lexi refers too in this chapter at some point soon in the story cause I'm dying to know. Anyways, it was an excellent chapter as usual, keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Thanks for the great review wolverine! It made me really happy to know you liked the new chapter! ^-^ I had fun writing the Marauder-past-thing, especially with the names. (Just a heads up for later) I wanted to make the names somewhat relevant for the future Lexi stories. And I can promise that I'll get to Lexi's secrets before this is all over. (It'd be just too mean not to, you know?) But anyway, thanks again, I really do appreciate it a lot. Happy Reading!

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Review #15, by Havoc 62 Nights is a Loooong Time to Be Cleaning the Castle with Filch

29th June 2009:
awsome i have been waiting for this chapter and cant wait to read the rest keep up the good work

Author's Response: Hey thanks! I liked working on this chapter and tried to make it longish before posting! I\\\'ve got more written already, but I\\\'ve gotta wait until the staff\\\'s vacation is over. (They deserve a break though, I guess, with all they have to do.)

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Review #16, by wolverine83 62 Nights is a Loooong Time to Be Cleaning the Castle with Filch

23rd May 2009:
Well gee thanks for all the praise, when you said you were going to mention me I didnt expect for you to say all that but I am glad I was able to help your story. I really liked this chapter especially with Albus being willing to stick by Lexi for all of her detentions, I also dont know if you meant to do this but your part about James and how he thinks hes so much better than Albus and how he doesnt understand how Lexi could like Albus better than him just makes me wish that Lexi and James never get together or atleast not until he grows up. I still like an Albus/Lexi pairing better than James/Lexi largely because it just seems like they belong together since Albus is the most important person in the world to Lexi and Lexi is the most important person in the world to Albus and they both are willing to do whatever it takes for each other.
Anyways, I really enjoyed this chapter, I'm thrilled you finally were able to get it finished and posted and thanks again for all the praise.

Author's Response: Well I kinda had to, wolverine! You really did help a lot, you know! ^-^
I know I made James seem like a total immature idiot in this chapter, but I felt that I had to portray him as such for the time being, if only to make what's going on in his head a little clearer. James is a bit spoiled (and very obviously big headed), and needs a reality check. I'm hoping that I can make Lexi deliver that reality check. Even if they never get together.
Albus and Lexi mean the world and more to each other, you're right, and they'd definitely be ready and willing to do anything and everything for each other. (Stubborn kids, though, aren't they? ^-^)
I'm glad you liked the chapter and I'm immensely happy I was finally able to get it through as well. It took a bit longer than usual, I think, but whatever--it's up now! And hey, you're the very first reviewer, so props! And you deserved every bit of praise you got for all the help you gave me, you know, wolverine!

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Review #17, by wolverine83 Lexi and the Potters

1st April 2009:
I understand when you say Albus and Lexi might be too close to ever get together but at the same time with the way that you have wrote James's character, I just cant see him and Lexi being together and still have Lexi and Albus be such close friends but I don't know for sure, the more I think about this the more confusing it is, anyways I'll email you a list of my favorite stories at some point. Hope all is good with you.

Author's Response: I get what you're trying to say about James, don't worry. He IS a tad of a spoiled brat, isn't he? I really didn't mean for him to come out that way, but I guess he did. (Boy must've written himself crazy some time after I'd left my computer or something, huh?) Sorry if Lexi's confusing you by the way. (Didn't mean for THAT to happen either.)
Oh, sidenote: Since I'm finding it literally impossible to update at the moment, my next chapter is most likely gonna be really, really long.
Happy Egg Day! ^-^

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Review #18, by wolverine83 "Engaged"

25th March 2009:
Well its okay with me if you mention me, I was re-reading the story and I gotta say that as of now I dont think Lexi really fits in a relationship with either Albus or James. I was just wondering are you planning on detailing all of Lexi's years at Hogwarts or is there going to be a jump ahead? I still think an Albus/Lexi pairing would be the best but they both need to mature first

Author's Response: Well, I can definitely say that some years are going to be more detailed than some, while others will jump forward a lot. Summers and other holidays'll probably be thrown in there as well, obviously. I kinda agree with you on the relationship thing as of now, though: Lexi isn't close enough to James yet for anything to happen, and Albus just might be too close, huh? (And they all are pretty not-matureish for that now, anyways, so yeah.)
I'm having major issues with the updating at the moment, but on the bright side, I've been adding more since I've been unable to update! So yay...? But anyways, I'll definitely mention you when I'm able to update.
Oh, and feel free to tell me of any good stories to read, should you think of any. ^-^
Bye and Happy Reading!

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Review #19, by wolverine83 "Engaged"

23rd March 2009:
Well I feel honored that I saved your story and Im kinda okay with you putting me in the story but Im curious as to how you are going to mention me? I hope its nothing bad, Just so you know I'm not an author on here just a big HP fan who enjoys reading HP stories. Anyways I totally understand everything you said in your response its basically what I was thinking too. Anyways keep up the good work and I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response: No, nothing bad, don't worry. I just wanted to mention you in my A/N when I explain the whole pairing change thing. You know, give a public thanks in a way? Cause I really do appreciate all your input and I can totally see the story going much easier towards the end now. Besides, I wouldn't say anything bad about you! I am glad you understood what I was trying to say, though, cause sometimes I don't get it when I talk. ^-^ I'll update as soon as I possibly can, promise! I'm working on the next chapter now!

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Review #20, by wolverine83 "Engaged"

15th March 2009:
Thanks for the reply, I figured since you were so courteous in your reply, I figured I get everything else I thought off my chest. Anyways, I just wanted to say first and foremost its your story so you should write it as you please. My main concern stems from the fact that I think putting James and Lexi together will ruin the dynamic of the story. In regards to previous chapters, it seems like James is jealous of the close relationship between Albus and Lexi and I feel that if James and Lexi get together than James will try to come between Albus and Lexi. Now, this is just my opinion and I might be totally wrong here depending on how you plan to have the story play out, thats just my concern right now when I saw that you were going to pair James and Lexi together.

Author's Response: Hmm... I see what you mean, wolverine... I've actually given this whole thing a lot of thought before responding (oh, and I appreciate the interest you've taken with Lexi, by the way). Truth be told, I've decided to take the pairing out and free up the story a bit... Honestly, I had an idea on how to get them together, but no clue as to what to do afterwards, so you probably saved the story, let me tell you that right now. On another, slightly related note, I'm glad that my less-than-subtle "hints" at James' jealousy haven't been horribly misplaced (which basically means I'm happy you noticed). If you don't mind me saying, James really isn't mature enough to handle such a drastic change in positions with his brother just yet. He's kind of used to being "number one", so Lexi's choosing Albus over him has him in a bit of a fit. (Okay, more than a bit.)
I do truly appreciate your input, as I believe it's helped my poor story immensely. As a matter of fact, if you don't object, I'd like to maybe mention you in the next update of Lexi? (Don't worry, it's taking longer than normal for me to write this chapter, so you don't need to decide right away.) I don't mind if it's a no, by the way. Oh, and if you want to chatter some more about Lexi or some other related things, I made a new email address and have it on my author's page. (I can't put it here, I don't think.) Bye and Happy Reading!

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Review #21, by wolverine83 "Engaged"

7th March 2009:
I love the story so far and cant wait to see how it goes, I will admit I was really disappointed when I found out that Lexi will eventually pair up with James because it seems as if most stories on here have James as being the mega popular ladies man and Albus as being kind of shy and awkward and I was hoping that maybe Albus might get the girl over James in this story, not to be too critical because I do really like the story and I find Lexi's character to be highly fascinating and you do a great job at making the story enjoyable to read with Lexi and Albus's antics. Well I think I said all I wanted to say, I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response: Yeah I know what you mean, actually, and truthfully I've always loved Albus more than James. And honestly I'm not entirely sure if the pairing is gonna stay that way forever. (I've been thinking about it for a while, trust me.) If I do decide to keep an option open I'll just take the pairing out. It's really not important at all right now, so I could probably do that without feeling bad at all. I don't think you're being too critical at all; I'm glad you're being totally honest and that you reviewed at all. I enjoy writing Lexi a lot and I'm pretty sure that, after this story is completed, I'll probably keep writing more about her. And I'm glad you have fun with Lexi and Albus! I love those two and all their craziness, really I do. ^-^ I'll update as soon as I have another chapter ready! Happy Reading wolverine!

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Review #22, by Havoc "Engaged"

26th February 2009:
cant wait to read the rest

Author's Response: thanks! :D i'll be sure to post ASAP
--moon (fullmoontonightO)

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Review #23, by aidygiz "Engaged"

23rd February 2009:
lol, you're an awesome writer! i loved the last bit about the plate shaped toasters. And how Lexi has all these hidden qualities. can't wait for another chapter.

Author's Response: lol thanks for the review! i really appreciate it. XD i loved writing this chapter: I kept laughing and laughing whenever i read it. Happy Reading aidygiz!

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Review #24, by aidygiz The Worst Summer

1st February 2009:
wow, that was intense. you must REALLY be feeling terrible. Argh! but it just leaves more questions. poor harry, he's so freaked out. jeez, i feel so selfish after reading about what Lexi did. i love how she suffers but doesn't complain about it, not like some annoying characters.
hope you feel better. and thanks for the fantastic chapter.

Author's Response: Wow. I'm glad you liked it so much! I could've sworn that some readers would've been after my blood after that one! But hey, Lexi had to hit summertime sooner or later, right? Cause if she didn't, how could Albus ever get to Hogwarts? (Hint hint) Just so you know, the next chapter's already in the box, so if nothing's wrong with it the next one should be up soon! Yay! Oh, and thanks.
(PS: Why do you feel so selfish?)

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Review #25, by aidygiz The You-Know-What

25th January 2009:
argh! this is stressing me out! just WHO is Lexi?! i'm guessing she lives in an orphanage, which means that she has mysterious parents, so then WHO are her parents?! Were they good or evil? the bit about her knowing the entire school seems very intereting, especially then broken down passage. Where does it lead? and what was the thing with Dumbledore and the shreiking, engraved word box thing?!
tch, questions come and questions go, but will answers ever follow?
please reveal more in the next chapter!

Author's Response: Wow I'm glad you like Lexi so much! And (even though it seems to be driving you a tad crazy) I'm glad you're enjoying the story thus far! Lexi and Lucy (another story, don't worry about it) are, like, two of my favorite characters that I've ever written about, so I'm glad you like it! And I promise the answers WILL come sooner or later. Certain things sooner, others later. Enjoy! And thanks again!

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