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Review #1, by Curiosity is not a sin Locked

3rd November 2008:

I'm back to leave my second review :P

Another fantastic chapter!! I'm loving it so much! James makes me laugh!! Sneaky intellegent kid ;P

Just advising you to check through this chapter - quite a few errors here :P Won't take you too long though!

I love the way that you're portraying emotions! It's so superbly well portrayed that Teddy's emotions are very realistic as well as Victoire's innocence at making him jealous.

Teddy's blue hair that "feels right." Now that I really like. Fell into your story very well and I can tell (I hope I can anyway!), that his hair is going to have some important significance in the story..?

The last scene was my favourite - the bit where Teddy tells James about specifying where the kiss should take place ;P The little kid sure does know a lot ;) hehe

Wonderful plot and I look forward to more! Adding it to my favourites so I'll know when you update!

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Review #2, by Curiosity is not a sin Prologue: Farewell

3rd November 2008:

Well, first of all, thanks so much for getting TWO chapters up!! Yay!! More for me to read :D I'm going to review both of them - but if I haven't reviewed the second, it's not because I'v forgotten - I'll be back later on today :P

Next point, I really like the banner you've got :) It's beautiful and the quote fits in very well with your first chapter - which is extremely intriguing.

You've wrote Teddy beautifully - I can feel how he feels for Victoire. To make such a sensitive emotion come to life, its a very big feat and you've achieved it tremendously! Well done :D

As for James, wow. I love the mystery you've created around him - the fact that he seems taller and that Teddy almost doesn't recognise him. Now that part I thought was fantastic because, from what I can tell, he's going to be the one stirring things up for Teddy. You've put in the quote so well into the first chapter :)

Very lovely first chapter that gives your description so well. I also like how it's a continuation of Deathly Hallows :)

I'mprovement-wise, a couple of very minor grammar errors but otherwise very well written!

Keep up the awesome work and I'll read and review the next chapter in a bit - My lecture starts soon so I've got to go for now :P


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Review #3, by Rylin the Ravenclaw Locked

21st October 2008:
Hiya! lol I absolutely love this! Teddy feel awkward of what to say or ask to Victoire. He tries not to say anything stupid, while Victoire answers smoothly with poise. hehe Their conversation is so cute.
^-^ I really like this chapter of the two going back to Hogwarts, and they're two years apart.

He seems to change his hair when he's comfortable around his surroundings. Around his family and friends it's brown and when he's going back to school it's turqoise blue. I actually like that color, but I was thinking of more like a sky blue color as well.

Aww... Victoire was actually on a Dragon Reserve in Romania getting assistance from Huck! [I sense a lil jealousy, hurtness, and curiosity from Teddy]

That was absolutely classic at the end! Jamesie had to lock those two together in the compartment, and they had to kiss, good thing he didn't say "on the lips" because that would surely put "Vicky and Teddy on the spot!" Haha wonderful chapter!

-Rylin/Reyna 12/10!

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Review #4, by Rylin the Ravenclaw Prologue: Farewell

21st October 2008:
Hi I'm Rylin! (^-^)/|! Lovely plot, great development, and brilliant prologue! For a Teddy/Victoire and next generation fic you did very well for a beginning chapter/ or to start us readers off with! =] I love it how you put it in Teddy's perspective and make everything run smoothly with every defined detail. Teddy's love for Victoire is so beautiful yet very admiring. I thought the beginning was so adorable when Victoire asked Teddy to marry her when they get older. It's funny how he still kept to that promise to prevent it from being broken! lol I'm a hopeless romantic!

Teddy: You make his character so calming, caring, passionate, humble, and loving! He grew with a family that watched over him, and he might as well call them family, considering Harry and Ginny are his Godparents. So, basically his Godfamily is the Weasley-Potter bunch. lol

Victoire: She's so sweet, caring, affectionate, loving, daring, and has this craze charisma that allures Teddy in little by little. I so can't wait to see what happens between those two! lol

James Potter (the second): He's just like his grandfather, who he was named after, and the lil bugger. Haha. =D

Oooh I also like it how you end it w/Teddy and Victoire sharing a compartment together. They grew up together, Teddy tenses up, while Victoires makes herself comfy around him. lol Great Awesometastic and Brilliant job!


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Review #5, by rachm34 Locked

20th October 2008:
"I managed to ask without missing a beat in my voice."- i managed to ask without even skipping a beat with my voice. Missing doesn't work out that well there. I think you meant skipping, it's a better wording for that

another good chapter, once again i love your idea and love reading this ship

i am very impressed at Teddy's willpower and his ability not to kiss her. ahhh tense and well written

i love your characterization and i love how they are both friends whove known each other a long time

request a review from me anytime. i always love to review


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Review #6, by rachm34 Prologue: Farewell

20th October 2008:
here's one thing i spotted right off the bat:
"My first memories were of her and me " - i personally think you should say: My first memories of her, were of the two of us.

so i really like this idea of your story, i would love to see some andromeda in this as well maybe more than you have mentioned her because i feel like she would play a bigger part in Teddy's life

i love this pairing and your writting is very beautiufl

one thing i will question is the play on words: as clear of days

don't you mean something chrystal clear or something else. it kinda confused me

i love your descriptions and love reading from Teddy's point of view. i would say this is a very strong start. watch out for missing words because there were a few non significant missing words here and there i

i am on to the next chapter

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Review #7, by collette michelle Locked

12th October 2008:
Oh I liked this too! I love how you write both Teddy and Victoire. I can't wait for the next update, make it soon. James is too funny as well, i love what Teddy last says to him, made me laugh!

Author's Response: Thanks! The Next Chapter Is In The Works And Should Be Up Soon...If Procrastination Doesn't Overtake Me! Lol. I Adore James (II) Character And I Really Wanted Him To Be As Mischevious As Possible. I Hope To See More Reviews & Thanks For Reading =)

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Review #8, by collette michelle Prologue: Farewell

12th October 2008:
I liked this a lot, I cant wait to see where it goes. I absolutely love the Victoire and Teddy pairing. It's one of my favourites that has came from the novels. But really the set-up was quite nice in this chapter. It was a good way to start off the story.

Author's Response: Thanks A Ton. I Really Do Like Their Ship And I'm Excited To Finally Get The Chance To Write About Them. I Hope You Keep With It =)


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Review #9, by Hyperchick1120 Locked

12th October 2008:
Wow. It must've taken real will power for Teddy not to kiss Victorie so for that I must give you props. You've seemed to produce a fine upstanding gentleman!
Great Work!

Author's Response: I Really Had A Hard Decision When It Came To The Kiss. I Decided To Play Up Some Of His Pure Gentlemen-Like Qualities And A Bit Of His Underlying Insecurity. Hope You Keep With It! =)

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