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Review #1, by Emerald_Girl This is Definitely Worse

26th October 2008:
This was amazingly sweet. I just love that all your Ron/Hermione stories are so different from eachother. It must be really hard to come up with so many uniqiue ideas. The emotions were written so well. Hermione's emotionswere so wonderful and i could really fee her pain and love coming through. It was really nice to read. The detail in this was so great and I found myself really connecting with her, and her feelings. The idea of her throwing things made me laugh though. I was so glad that he came back to her. I really love our writting style, and I cant wait to read more of your things! Great job!

Author's Response: Do your reviews ever stop!? Hehehe, I don't mind, it's nice that someone likes my stories that much!
Anyway, I wrote this in about half an hour, a random idea off the top of my head. I'm glad you like it!

Thanks for reading and reviewing!



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Review #2, by Seeker86 This is Definitely Worse

10th October 2008:
I don't know what to say... Personally, i didn't enjoy the story, BUT it was extremely well written and your spelling and grammer were excellent. The story is engaging and it is good how Hermoine the brain box has got everything so wrong, and i loved how they all got back together at the end.

Sorry that it's not a completely good review, but well done anyways...


Author's Response: Thank you. I understand that you just don't like the story. Anyway, thank you for the other nice comments. Thanks for reading and reviewing!



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