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Review #1, by jusbus Gerascophobia

10th May 2009:
lol "the chair's displeasure at her" hahaha awesome

haha and awesome description of harry's patroneus. hehehehehe! awesome chapter!

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Review #2, by Harry and Ginny Gerascophobia

24th March 2009:
helle how are u? the other day i sent u an e-mail about a new story. If u didn't received it, i'll tell the informations here: the story is called "Harry Potter and the untold 7th Year"; it has all the characters except the ones who died and if u could send me the reply with the banner i would be appreciated.
If u don't mind me asking, did u received my e-mail?
Reply asap please.
By the way fantastic chapter!!! Don't 4get about the banner please!!! I need it b4 next week if u don't mind.^_^


Harry and Ginny

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Review #3, by long_live_luna_bellatrix Gerascophobia

20th December 2008:
Hey there. This was a fantastic, amazing story. It has amazing potential.

The plotline was great, and you kept all the trio characters in line. Very, very nice. I loved it.

The phobia of loosing her looks was very clever, I really liked it! It's the one insecurity you'd think Ginny would never have.

A few suggestions:
One, spell check. The grammar mistakes were often, and quite distracting. Also, you forgot punctuation quite a lot.

Two: The dialogue was mostly great, but there were a few parts where it sounded a bit formal. Like here:
"There is a boggart upstairs in the laundry cupboard I am sure of it, do you think you could ask Dad to come and get rid of it Mum? Please, you know I hate the wretched things"
That could be: "Mum, there's a boggarts upstairs in the laundry cupboard, I'm sure of it! Do you think you get ask Dad to get rid of it? You know how much I hate them!"
The writing just seems like it's robots or queens talking, not people. People say "I'm" instead of "I am." for a reason.

Also, here:
"Expecto- Patronum" bellowed Harry, totally bewildered"
Harry wouldn't be bewildered about a boggart. He's dealt with them really quite often.

Otherwise, great! Nice work!


Author's Response: Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review my story.

Argh, sorry about the grammar and spelling mistakes but thanks again for pointing them out; I will get around to editing soon and reviews like this really help.

Yeah, your right some of it does sound a bit too formal.

I'm pretty sure I didn't mean to write 'bewildered' there because I agree with you 100%, he wouldn't be.

Merry Christmas


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Review #4, by xoxoginny Gerascophobia

3rd December 2008:
I loved this, I never thought about it before! Great job. Could you write more 15+ rated stories? Pretty, pretty please? This could probably be 12+, btw. There's nothing but that TINY kissing scene, so it's okay. Great job, again!

Author's Response: Haha I'll think about witting more 15+ stories.

Thank you very much for the review and the tip about the rating, I just wanted to be safe.


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Review #5, by happy_person Gerascophobia

3rd December 2008:
love the story, very funny. and i was wondering if u could make me a banner? someone suggested you to me about my banner trouble. if u can, reply to me whenever, that would be great! awsome story! :)

Author's Response: Sure just send me an email webster_only @ hotmail . com

And thanks for the review, i'm glad you liked it.

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Review #6, by lily Gerascophobia

18th November 2008:
bril story love it thanks for a great read

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing, glad you liked it.


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Review #7, by NoHorizons Gerascophobia

16th November 2008:
Nice one-shot, but the final seemed to be too hasty (just a bit).

Author's Response: Thanks, your right about the ending, I just couldn't think of a way to drag it on a little longer without it getting really dull really fast.


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Review #8, by miss hiss Gerascophobia

6th November 2008:
Good story, i really liked it. Although i don't really see Harry and Ron smoking. Well then again i never thought I'd see the day one of my friends started smoking, just goes to show how much i know lol
anyway, i really enjoyed it

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Your not the first person to mention the smoking business lol


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Review #9, by TheDirigiblePlum Gerascophobia

31st October 2008:
"A stag irrupted from his wand and launched itself at the hooded black figure that immediately turned and glided into the laundry cupboard hastily closing the door behind it."

Sorry, I thought that line was really funny, imagining a dementor doing that! :) Heehee! Anyways I liked this story, it was quite amusing what Ginny went through, and then Harry's little speech at the end was really sweet!


p.s I disapprove of Ron and Harry smoking though. Tut tut. :D

Author's Response: lol thanks for reading and reviewing I'm glad you liked it, I thought the smoking was a bit sophisticated actually lol but then again I am a smoker in real life *slaps wrist*


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Review #10, by Hermione Clone Gerascophobia

9th October 2008:
Very cute!

I liked how you revealed the phobia. You didn't come right out and say it at first, but you could still figure out enough to guess what was going on.

Interesting starting with Lily moving out. It's completely normal, yet it has the ability to seriously interfere with Ginny's self esteem about aging.

"I love you Mrs. Potter and you are sill the most beautiful women I have ever laid eyes on"- I think you meant to say woman. Just wanted to point it out, since it really changes the meaning!!!

One thing I have to say. I wish that you had expanded the last section just a little bit more. Something this major wouldn't be solved at a snap of the fingers. For instance, since Ginny is so stubborn, maybe have Harry have to tell her/show her in many different ways that he still cares, and then she finally starts accepting it.

I loved the part where they went to Hermione. It makes complete sense that they would still be clueless about some things, even as they've grown older!

I thought it was interesting that the boggart turned into Mrs. Weasley/Older Ginny. It fit really well with the rest of the story.

Thank you for participating in my challenge!!!

Nice job!

Author's Response: thanks for reading and reviewing it, it was a really good challenge. Your right I could expand the ending I just sort of felt that the climax was when Hermione told Harry what the problem was and I at the time I couldn't think of an interesting way to drag it out.

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Review #11, by jennaBee Gerascophobia

8th October 2008:
OMG!! I love the ending, two prunes sitting together here with our teeth in a glass beside us" i love it!! so funny yet really real and likely!!



Author's Response: lol thanks

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Review #12, by The Other Dobby Gerascophobia

8th October 2008:
As I began reading this I was immediately drawn to the length of the first sentence. To me, it's just too long, especially for a first sentence. Perhaps you could just take out the 'from work so she could' and just change it to 'come home, eager to tell him the news'.

New should be knew. Also, Lily is spelt, well, Lily, not Lilly, which kind of annoys me. Eight-teen: eighteen. "Come sit with me", : has the comma outside the quotation marks. Look out for that.
A big doo: big do.
Once a long ago: just read that, and see if it makes sense aloud. Try "A long time ago" or "Once upon a time". Don't mix the two.
"Wait down their": should be there.
apperated: Apparated and disaperated: Disapparated.
"bottom of this, Hermione" would work better as: "bottom of this. Hermione,"

But leaving aside the grammatical errors, this is a very sweet story. 6/10.
And so you know, I'm a bit of a grammar Nazi.
Good luck,
The Other Dobby

Author's Response: yikes! thanks for pointing that out - ill go edit

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Review #13, by Bill Gerascophobia

7th October 2008:
Cute story, older chicks rock- have no fear. I think I might show this story to my mum lol

Author's Response: thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed it :)

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