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Review #1, by Leent The Bracelets

16th October 2008:
What a fantastic setup here! To put your protagonist next to him in classes because of their surnames, alphabetically, perfect...

And I really loved the length too! The idea with the bracelets was pure genius if I do say so myself, even if the rubber wrist band thing was a bit premature for the time (very Madonna), but close enough to work. I also like how you characterized the Slytherin boys, and those pristinely sweet Hufflepuff girls, you have the houses down perfectly. And when she waited around the corner, cursing herself for her lack of bravery, well that is a perfect Slytherin.

And yay for supposed manwhore Sirius! That was great how you did that. Excellent one shot!

Author's Response: THANK YOU SO MUCH, dear! I am so glad to get a review from you!

This pleases me that you think it was well done - I've never portrayed a Slytherin character before, so I was quite nervous. Once again, THANKS!

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Review #2, by ChoS_sista_gurl The Bracelets

13th October 2008:
AGH! What a terrific ending! I LOVE it!

Because I remember the whole "bracelet" fad, this story caught my attention. But honestly, as I read down the page, I began to think that it would be just another one of those Sirius stories. You know the kind I mean.

But I am SO, SO glad that Sirius put her in her place instead! =P Go Padfoot! I feel slightly bad for Stacy, but only because I've had similarly infuriating experiences with those darn bracelets. She should know better that this is NOT the way to go about wooing our dear Sirius. =]

Great job!


(Thank you for helping me with my wife-of-a-Death-Eater problem, by the way)

Author's Response: Haha, thanks SO much! I find myself so INFURIATED about how people portray Sirius as being a mega player. It's almost insulting to tell you the truth.

I thought it might be neat to mock one of those stories. Show Sirius's true colors - he'd never be wooed by something like that, surely!

Thanks for the wonderful review, and I'm glad that I could help with your situation. :D

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