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Review #1, by mrsharryjpotter Invisible Man

7th October 2008:
What the hell? I don't know how you can have Hermione do that to Harry. He's supposed to be one of her best friends. I can tell that she loves him but doesn't want to admit it. She is being a Selfish, Heartless, Ice Queen B**ch. Even if she didn't really love him she did not have to be cruel to Harry. She knows what The Trio's being together means to Harry. His two best friends are his whole world. They are his family. I really hate what you have doe to Hermione in this story. I hope Hermione's bad karma comes back to her. The guys and girls could take pity on poor Harry and get mad at Hermioen and tell her her truths. They can ask her why she is being so cruel to Harry knowing that he loves her. They can tell her that they understand if she doesn't love him but what they can't understand is her cruelty towards himwhen she knows that he is so alone and introverted. They can tell her how he doesn't open up very easily to people and that hwne he does he gives them all his love and devotion. They can also ask her how she would feel if she was Harry and lost her parents, were raised by abusive muggles, constantly lied to, never seen as just herself, grew up not knowing love, losing her godfather and then to top it all off tell the person you love most in the world, who also happens to be your best friend, that you are in love with them and then have that person get angry with, ignore you and treat you like garbage and like you don't matter. Then they can tell her " So tell me how would you feel if all this happened to you and you not only lost your one true love but also one of your best friends, Huh?
". I don't really like your story so far but I will give it a shot in the hopes that it will get better for Harry. I can't wait to see how people react to the news that Harry lovse Hermioe and how she's treating him. I can't wait to see how Harry will react to the loss of Hermione. Just a thought for Harry though, He is Prongslet is he not. He can try to find someone else or just have a little fun with some girls. I want him to find someone else to love though. I think he feels better that way and I don't want him to be with Hermione anymore even though I am a huge Harry/Hermione shipper. I don't think i'd be able to get over the way it started and how she treated him but haave fun trying.

Author's Response: well i'm sorry that you don't really like my story so far, but i just submitted my second chapter and if you read that one when it is validated you will find out that it does get better for Harry. if you like to have a lot of fluff in your stories then don't read any of mine, i like to have a lot of drama in my stories. so, if you want to continue to read my story you will find out that i'm not a completely horrible person. if you don't want to read my story anymore...i honestly don't care. have fun finding out what happens in the end.

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Review #2, by marcy Invisible Man

6th October 2008:
i am completely shocked, i love the tension between harry/hermione, the way you expressed harry's feelin gs of depression & rage by punching the mirror. i personally feel that 1st chaptyer of yours was outstanding! i can't wait for the next chapter, thats how good it was!! MARVELLOUS!! total jack/pauline shipper, also a harmony shipper and a dan/emma shipper

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