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Review #1, by Mrs HJ Potter The Tell-Tale Heart

13th July 2010:
First time to review after reading straight through. I have to say the story isn't bad but the idea of Harry leaving Ginny again is difficult to understand. And after reading the last 2 chapters the thought that he might do something with another girl is sickening. I would hope that somewhere amonst his head he is brought back to reality that Ginny is the best thing to ever happen to him. Maybe something should occur for him to finally realize he could actually lose her. Ginny is always the one to give and give again, I think its time she finally gets something wonderful in return!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading; glad you don't hate it.

As I have said in other review responses, I never wanted this to be a shipping fic. For me, the relationship is just one aspect of the story, not its focus. I'm a guy, so I tend to leave the heavy relationship stuff to other writers.

We do know from J.K. that Harry and Ginny end up together, but we don't know that it was smooth sailing the whole way (and it would be rater dull if it was).

There will be more Harry/Ginny, but you might not like where I take it.

Thanks again! Oh, and kudos on reading it straight through.

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Review #2, by magic_seeker The Tell-Tale Heart

11th July 2010:
Just came across this story and really liked it! I guess it was a bit surprising how easy Harry/Ginny gave up to convince Mrs. Weasley to let Ginny go with Harry. Do you plan to bring Ginny into the story somehow? Everything else is great!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I'm glad you liked the story so far.

As far as giving up trying to convince Mrs. Weasley: as I have said many times in apologizes scattered throughout the story, I badly need to rewrite some parts up front. That issue will probably be one of them.

In fact, that question gave me an idea for a later plot point, so you will get a sort-of explanation for it.

Ginny will make an appearance in a chapter or two (Christmas) at the very least, but I never intended the the story to be heavy with Harry/Ginny shipping. The first chapters ended up that way just 'cause Harry was around Ginny. On the whole, however, I want to focus on Harry's pseudo-identity crisis in the wake of Voldemort's defeat.

Thanks again for your interest.

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Review #3, by ranrob An Even Match

8th April 2010:
are you still writing or have you given up?

Author's Response: I gave it up for a while, as I was really busy with school. I've taken it up again, but it will be slow going.

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Review #4, by helf An Even Match

21st February 2010:
:(.im guessing you are giving up? That's so sad...I have been waiting for months

Author's Response: I'm still working on it, but I am making very slow headway; the past chapters have been very difficult to write for whatever reason. I'm trying to work on it more, but I promise nothing.

That said, thanks for the interest. It is good to know I am not forgotten.

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Review #5, by safire smith An Even Match

30th October 2009:
I love it and love it some more... update as soon as you I will be waiting!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. I've got a little over half of the next chapter done, so the rest should go fast.

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Review #6, by HP_Ravenclaw An Even Match

24th October 2009:
I'm glad you finally updated. I was almost giving up on you.

Author's Response: Yeah, I'm going nowhere fast, but I refuse to stop writing altogether. I'm taking a rather heavy course load this semester and don't have abundant free time anymore, and when I do I'm in no mind to write.

It might take a while, but I will get it done.

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Review #7, by michael An Even Match

4th October 2009:
hurry up and finish the story. i hate not finishing one.

Author's Response: I'm working as fast as I can, but writer's block is taking it's toll. However, even if I get a good stretch of work done, it will take a while to finish the story; by my estimation it's only about half done.

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Review #8, by august61 An Even Match

2nd October 2009:
glad to see an update. Yes, it's been a great story so far.

Author's Response: Thanks for your support.

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Review #9, by stark40763 Crossing the Pond

25th September 2009:
Love your magical version of Stargates! At least that's what I thought they were based on anyway! You have a great story here!

Author's Response: They are somewhat (I am a big Stargate fan), though I initially got the idea from something in World of Warcraft.

Thanks for the comment.

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Review #10, by fenix64 Acting on Instinct

2nd August 2009:
you're very creative. it's been months since you posted a chapter but all i have to say is take your time. i'd rather read quality like the first 11 chapters than read something that was hastily put together.

Author's Response: Thanks for the support. I've been working on what I can, but my ideas are not coming chapter by chapter. As such, I have about 3 chapters of stuff written, but spaced out over the rest of the book, not to mention the improvements I've made to the chapters I've already submitted.

I'll still post each chapter as I complete it, but when I'm done I'll have to re-submit the whole thing, after I've had a grande olde rewrite.

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Review #11, by helf Acting on Instinct

5th July 2009:
So.its been months.next post cant get here any faster?

Author's Response: I\\\'m sorry that it is taking so long. Every time I go to work on the new chapter, I get sidetracked editing and adding to the old chapters.

The next chapter is shaping up nicely, but I have no idea when it will be done; I hate to put down and artificial deadline, miss it, and disappoint you.

And as I said, I\\\'ve been editing the old material, but I\\\'m not going to update the chapters on here every time I do; that would just be silly. I\\\'m not changing anything major, but there may be a few details out-of-whack in the new stuff I post.

In all reality what I should do is simply finish the book then update everything in one fell swoop, but for the sake of those few who want to read everything as fast as possible, I\\\'ll keep posting the chapters as I write them.

Thank you so much for your support and your interest.

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Review #12, by Rayb008 Acting on Instinct

12th June 2009:
When is the next chapter?

Author's Response: I'm sorry, but I really don't know. I've developed some nasty writer's block, and I don't want to just push chapters out just to have them out. I want to ensure that there is some semblance of quality and consistency to my story.

Thank you for your interest and you patience.

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Review #13, by racint55hill Acting on Instinct

6th June 2009:
when are u going to post new chapters?

Author's Response: When I've completed them. When that will be I have no idea.

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Review #14, by matt Acting on Instinct

15th May 2009:
nice chapter, wish they'd come faster!

Author's Response: So do I, my friend. So do I.

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Review #15, by fenix64 The Underwood Academy of Magic

10th May 2009:
ahh! so now we know about the title of the story.

great story so far, i love it because it is different than most stories. there are not that many stories that have to do with Harry, Ron, and Hermione going to America; usually it is just one person going to America and starting a new life, which i don't like because it is not accurate! Harry, Ron, and Hermione will ALWAYS be a trio.

i love romance stories about Ginny and Harry, but this is something new for me and i'm enjoying Harry's single life.

keep it up, this is quality! 10/10!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review. There is more coming on the title as well, but not for a few more chapters.

I just finished my year-end tests, and I am determined to write a lot this summer. To my regular readers: I'm sorry that it has been so long since I updated. I've been kicking ideas around for a while now, so I hope to be able to make some pretty serious headway.

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Review #16, by CRW Acting on Instinct

27th April 2009:
Very long comment follows:

It is a good technique that you use Harry's perceptions to illustrate American wizarding society. The story highlights the differences without (usually) shoving them in the reader's face.

However, there are several problems with the story. Most notably is your apparent over reliance on spellcheckers. A spellchecker won't pick up homonyms which leads to mistakes like "manor" instead of "manner" and "illuminated" instead of "eliminated".

You also should pay attention to use of Britishisms such as saying "Happy Christmas" rather than "Merry Christmas".

While I realize the need to show Harry as a fallible young man and not a demigod, I think that you could have done so without creating new areas of magic such as offensive runes (btw, isn't a hand on the ground considered "hiding"?) or relatively powerful wandless magic. If they were that effective then why is there no evidence of such use by Voldemort and his inner circle, or Dumbledore? Dexter's father knows of them, but British aurors don't? It strains credulity to believe that Voldemort and Dumbledore would not be familiar with these techniques. It also seems not so believable that Harry would just stand there and allow something to hit him even if he didn't recognize it. He would have at least made the attempt to dodge.

Which leads to the problem with your characterization - the Trio's attitudes vs that of the other students. The most significant difference between the Trio and the other students is their experiences. Harry, Ron and Hermione know what it is live on the run from deadly enemies, be tortured, face terrifying monsters, to fight for their lives, to lay their lives on the line for others; and in Harry's case, to voluntarily go to his death. Dexter's loss of his mother, as bad as that as, is a single event and he had family to support him. Harry lost his parents, his childhood, Sirius, Dumbledore, friends and much of his adolescence (having a megalomaniacal sociopath with his own private army after you tends to drown out most other problems).

Such experiences change people. Being British is less of a difference than the challenges that the Trio have faced. They give a different perspective on life.

Just a reminder, besides Remus, Tonks, Fred and Colin, fifty other defenders were killed in the battle of Hogwarts. How many of them were friends and classmates? Could they have included Alicia Spinnet, Katie Bell, Susan Bones, Anthony Goldstein, Justin Finch-Fletchley, Terry Boots, Padma and Parvati to name a few whose fate isn't known? Did Lavender recover from her injuries? How many of the DA died that day? Who was the girl that Ginny was comforting? Even though they weren't family like Fred, Losing friends has an effect.

Author's Response: Author's Response: I just spent an hour writing an elegant response to your questions, but I was over the character limit by about 2000. As such, my responses re much more abbreviated than I really want, but there you are.

Yes, I know my spelling and Britishisms are lacking. I have enlisted the help of a BETA reader and we're working on everything.

Half of the reason I wanted to write this story was to create wandless magic. I do not mean it to be a replacement for wand magic, but a supplement. The reason for Harry's ineptitude will be explained later. Voldemort might have written wandless off as less-important. Dumbledore might have known some, but not emphasized it. Wandless magic is not meant to be more powerful, just different.

The Trio's attitudes will not have changed that much. They have faced death and destruction before without it effecting them much. Also, Dexter might just be much weaker (emotionally, mentally) than the Trio, and thus more apt to go off of the deep end.

I don't want to say who died and who lived. That is a job for the character's creator (J.K.R.). Anything that I make up is either essential to the story (the Trio's going to America, etc.) or completely separate from what J.K.R. wrote (the American magical society). Who lived and who died has no real effect on my story, so I'll avoid laying down (probably wrong) canon.

Finally, thank you SO much for your review. You brought up many good points; even if I don't want to change what I wrote, your questions let me know that there is confusion about some things. Now I can go back and fix the stuff that needs fixing and expand on the stuff that needs expanding.

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Review #17, by Rayb008 Childhood Memories

27th April 2009:
Oh this is getting good!

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it; we're finally past the introductory stuff and into the meat of the story. I hope you like the rest of it.

Thanks for the comment!

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Review #18, by Rayb008 Magical States of America

27th April 2009:
Oh I do like this story, can't wait to see where you go with it

Author's Response: I have most of the rough details worked out; I just need to wait for my final exams to finish before I can dedicate more time to writing.

Hopefully the story will have some twists and turns that you won't expect.

Thanks for the comment!

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Review #19, by Rayb008 Crossing the Pond

27th April 2009:
Hey I like the idea of this mode of travel.very interesting!

Author's Response: Thanks for the comment!

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Review #20, by pottyandweezlbe89 Acting on Instinct

27th April 2009:
Fresh Prince marathon? nice! havent cn that for ages lol

Author's Response: It was the first show that popped into my head. And I haven't seen it for ages, either; a travesty that should be remedied immediately.

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Review #21, by helf Acting on Instinct

23rd April 2009:
So i saw that it was updated.but alas there isn't a new chapter. The wait continues.and that teaser just made it more agonizing.

Author's Response: I know, and I'm sorry. There will be many of those updates incoming. One of my biggest distractions when I sit down to write new stuff is I get caught up editing old stuff. The edits I've made since are major enough to warrant me uploading everything again, but not significant enough to warrent a re-reading.

My final exams are coming up soon and as of yet I don't have a summer job, so I may have a LOT of time to spend writing soon.

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Review #22, by racint55hill Acting on Instinct

3rd April 2009:
wow great story you have too keep it up please lol 100/100

Author's Response: Thanks for the continuing support. However, as I put in the story's intro, I've taken a bit of a break from writing; I've developed a tinge of writer's block and decided not to push it, especially considering BETA reader is taking a break too. As such, it may be a few weeks before I start updating again

But don't worry, I will not abandon this story. It may take me a while to get it done, but I WILL get it done.

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Review #23, by helf Acting on Instinct

26th March 2009:
Interesting chapter... can't wait to read more

Author's Response: I'm working on the next few chapters, but I've also found myself going back and revising some other chapters (I finally have a beta reader working with me). Rest assured, I will finish the story. However, it may be a while.

Thanks for your review.

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Review #24, by knplsa Acting on Instinct

26th March 2009:
I really like this series and this chapter, and I hope that you will continue with it. I find it interesting and the plot is different most fanfiction I have read. I also like that Ginny is not a big part of the story and that it is mainley on the trio. Thank you! I am looking forward to the next chapters.

Author's Response: Thanks for you interest; I will continue with it, I just needed to take a break and let my brain recharge (I'm working out the details for the end half of the story even if I'm not actively writing it).

As for Ginny: most of the 8th year fics do focus heavily on Harry and Ginny's relationship, especially first off. I didn't feel like that kind of high-school drama was fitting with this story.

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Review #25, by racint55hill Childhood Memories

20th March 2009:
update update update please

Author's Response: It's in the queue; I submitted it like two weeks ago, but they rejected it because I had a line that screwed up the page formatting. It should be validated in a few.

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