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Review #1, by AlexFan A Case of Denial

22nd June 2014:
I'm with everyone else on this Amos business. Something about that boy just doesn't seem right, he seems to be laying it on real thick and I'm a little disappointed in Lily and the fact that she didn't see through it. I never really pegged her as one of those girls that falls for a guy just because of a few well executed lines. Has she noticed that Amos has only complimented her on her appearance? Hasn't it occurred to her that if Amos really cared about her he would've told her something about her intelligence or her kindness or the fact that she's a loyal friend?

I agree that she shouldn't let other peoples opinions affect who she dates because not all of your friends are going to get along with the person that you choose to date but if literally each and every friends gets rubbed the wrong way by someone, it wouldn't hurt to take a closer look.

And I don't if it's just me being paranoid but for some reason I don't think Amos was actually going to tutor a third year.

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Review #2, by AlexFan An Unwanted Arrival

20th June 2014:
Someone definitely needs to give Lily a good talking to. Honestly, this girl is being ridiculously rude to James. He's been nothing but polite to her and she's practically fishing for reasons to hate him at this point. She's the one who starts the arguments and then she expects James to just take everything that she spouts out without a fight so that it can prove to her that he's changed that's not how James is at all.

James will take any accusations about him as long as they're founded and the person accusing him as the right and the reasons to do so and Lily just isn't in that position anymore. I admire the fact that even though he's a total goner when it comes to Lily, he won't let her walk all over him anymore and let her hurl abuse when he doesn't deserve it.

But I mean at least both of them realize that they're being ridiculous and should just swallow their pride and apologize (I feel like I'm asking too much from a Gryffindor).

I loved how Sirius was insinuating all kinds of sexual things when he was talking to Aria but she didn't seem to notice any of it. She actually thinks that Sirius was only talking about the bet. She was getting serious and Sirius was thinking about something totally different. I think even that manages to show the difference between the two of them in terms of character and how they're kind of the opposite of each other.

The ending where James punched Sirius was an overreaction on James' part. Sirius probably told James to move on from Lily and forget about her plenty of times before their seventh year so it just seemed really weird that James would resort to physical harm over a small comment like that. I feel like the last thing James would do would be to turn on his own friends over a girl, even if it is Lily. I know that he's in a bad mood and Lily is the last thing that he needs in his life at the moment but I don't know, it just didn't seem like a James thing to do.

Either way, I enjoyed the chapter!

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Review #3, by AlexFan Head of Houses

16th June 2014:
I'm so excited that I finally got a chance to start on another James/Lily story because they've been lacking in my fanfiction reading list.

I'm liking the story so far, everything flows really smoothly and the chapters aren't too long either so that's a bonus. My favourite thing about this so far is that even though it's only chapter two, Lily is already noticing the changes in James and it's so funny how confused she is by James' reactions.

Of course Sirius chooses Lily Potter as the password. I don't think anyone shipped James and Lily more than Sirius to be perfectly honest.

And just something that I noticed whiled reading through the chapter is that you often slipped between third person and first person narrative. For the most part you stuck to third but you'd occasionally slip up and use "my" instead of something like "her" like here for instance:

She changed into my pyjamas and slid into bed.

But other than that, awesome chapter!

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Review #4, by Court Mooning the Marauders

29th April 2014:
I like your portrayal of all your characters, but have to say that Lily is really annoying. I don't get why James is pining after her. I can sympathize with her desire to at least talk to Severus sometimes, but the whole Amos things makes her seem pretty stupid and pathetic. I'm all for giving people second chances and acknowledge it that it takes a kind of strength to be that kind. But in this situation she is just being willfully ignorant. She herself knows from his actions that he doesn't care about her and the way she is just letting him ignore and walk all over her makes me lose a lot of respect for her. I hope James moves on with Chloe and Lily works on developing some self-respect because with the way she is now, I don't think she could make him very happy.
Thanks for sharing your story.

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Review #5, by GryffindorFan19 Train talk

23rd January 2012:
Oh my gosh, this is awesome! I love it so much! AMAZING!

Author's Response: Thank you kindly!

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Review #6, by marauderz Mooning the Marauders

27th December 2011:
Holy, I absolutely love this story! I've read the entire thing in 2 days... Please update soon, I can hardly wait to read what happens next!

Author's Response: Updates coming soon! I am in the process of doing some minor edits, and then will continue on with the story.

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Review #7, by Mims Mooning the Marauders

24th December 2011:
Wow. Great story. It would be nice to have more frequent updates though.

Author's Response: Frequent updates will be coming soon, hopefully!

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Review #8, by SnitchCat Mooning the Marauders

21st December 2011:
Please, please, please, tell me there will be an update soon? :) That would make my day !
I'm desperatly addicted to this story !
I'm so fed up with waiting for all my favorites writers to update that I might write my own story so that I would be in peace lol ^^
[But I think I will publish it on a French website because as you can see my English isn't very well, so my fanfic would probably be in my mother tongue]

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Review #9, by SnitchCat Smooth Sailing or Rough Seas?

21st December 2011:
OK! I have to stop here to review this chapter because I can't stand it any longer! Lily acts very meanly here ! :S

I'm usually a bit supporter of her, but in this case I must admit that it's utterly her fault... I mean, come on, she started calling him a git for no reason at all ! That's stupid and immature of her... ^^ It's like she wanted to fight, and took the first excuse to show him how much she despises him...once again, completely unnecessary and stupid!
I hope things will get better for the two of them :)

I really love your story by the way, and I'm apologizing in advance for my bad English, I'm French ;)

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Review #10, by wallowizard Mooning the Marauders

12th December 2011:
I was just looking through my old documents on my computer and I found this story from like 2 years ago!! I really enjoyed then and I really enjoyed rereading it again now. I hope you keep on writing!

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Review #11, by Cassandra Marjorie Judith Amelia Saddilla Hannah Kimmi A Case of Denial

5th December 2011:
I like this chapter! Though Amos seems bit dodgy.

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Review #12, by mef_hplvr Like Wildfire

23rd November 2011:
She really needs to dump Amos! I mean seriously! Anyway. Update soon please!!

Author's Response: I agree haha!
I promise an update will come soon - I am almost finished all the editing.
Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #13, by Lillylunapotter Mooning the Marauders

23rd November 2011:
omigosh please update soon!

Author's Response: Haha! I am getting there, I promise. I am almost finished with all my editing- and then I will get underway with the next chapter.

Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #14, by ClawBabe Mooning the Marauders

22nd November 2011:
Okay. Well. I'm kinda speechless. Just read through your entire story in like 2 hours and AM.FREAKIN'.SPEECHLESS. Shut up, brain, stop saying that.
Don't worry, you can bet your Hippogriff I'm gonna review each chappie in excruciating detail(so BE WARNED!), but for now, just gotta say- YOU MADE MY DAY. (which was already bloody perfect to start with ^_^)
Was planning to have a nice long sleep, but your amazing fic made me sacrifice my sleep. And believe me you, that is almost unheard of. -_-
Your Pads(HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA) and Jamsie are, I have to say, one of the BEST ever seen. Or read. And THAT is a high compliment, darling. Lily didn't do much for me, I'm afraid. The Lils I know is this brave, outrageously nice but SENSIBLE chick. But the Lily in the story is KIINDAAA weak-minded, and me is not liking it. =_=
I CRIED FOR JAMES. **dabs eyes** I am NOT a sniffy type of person, y'know, so to make moi cry is the equivalent Hermione ever forget about the library. Nuff said. :P
Oh, and I almost forgot. ARIA SLATER. That girl has got some spunk(in our beloved Paddy's words). And SOMEONE just got a girl-crush. Darn, I have enough of those already. :3
Lastly. UPDATE if you do not want to be responsible for the death of a lovely young girl. I.e MOI. (if you didn't get it)
And thus, ends the Ramble to end all Rambles.

Author's Response: You seriously made my night. When I read this I was like, did I just review my own story?! Hahaha... this review was so awesome. Thank you so much. My friends are over at the moment and I read it out to them I was that excited.
I seriously can't wait for you to review every chapter!! I am just so excited lol.

In relation to Lily, I'M SORRY! I totally feel the same way, but in my head, this is just the way it goes in their 7th year... she is going through a very interesting time. But don't worry, by the end of the story, you will love her and she will be the Lily you know and love to read.

Lol, yes... I love Aria too. She is modeled after one of my good friends but I always imagined Lily to have a friend like that.
And I am a massive Sirius and James fan too. They are my muse. Sirius particularly so. He is so fun to write.

I'm so pleased you got through all the chapters! I always get worried people are going to stop after the first chapter... but you read right to the end!!! How exciting. Thank you so much... you made an Aussie girl very happy!

Will update soon!

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Review #15, by ms4aisa Mooning the Marauders

24th October 2011:
love this story! :) even though Lily is really naive, I like both of Lily's and James's personality and how their relationship develops... :) can't wait for the next chapter! (L)

Author's Response: Thank you so much, ms4asia! I appreciate your kind comments.
It's exciting to see that this story is still being read! :)

Planning is underway for the coming chapters! I'm very excited to see where it is all headed :)

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Review #16, by Happy Foolish Fidelity

14th October 2011:
I don't hate Lily. I just think she's lame and as a guy I can't imagine James wanting someone so stupid and weak.

Why would you want a girlfriend like that? It would be horrible.

Hopefully James will see that she really deserves Diggory and he can move on to some better.

Author's Response: Yeah, I agree Happy - Lily is a bit dumb at the moment, but hopefully, with time, she will change!

Thanks for reviewing! It's always so exciting to read reviews! :)

Planning is underway for the coming chapters. I am very excited about where it is all headed.

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Review #17, by Lfg Mooning the Marauders

6th October 2011:
this was impressive so far. im intrigued at to see what is wrong with james, and curious about how Remus will react about his secret being revealed. impatiently awaiting your next update,

Author's Response: Wow! You're the first review I have gotten in so long! Over a year and a half! That's incredible. It's awesome to know that people are still reading my story.
I really wish I could finish it. I would really like to. Perhaps I will read it all again and start a-fresh. I hope so. Your review has given me a spark!

Thank you so much for your review! :)

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Review #18, by gryffindorgirl94 Mooning the Marauders

13th March 2010:
i love this story please keep writing.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I really appreciate you taking the time to review!
Update will come soon!

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Review #19, by Bri Smooth Sailing or Rough Seas?

7th March 2010:
You used the word 'whilst' a few more times than needed, causing the word to become distracting. But I still like the story. I think you should add some more of James "swagger" because he is comming off a tad boring. I'll keep reading though because you are a very good author and I love reading storys that lack grammatical errors. :)

Author's Response: Thank you for your review! It has taken me a long time to get back to you - I've had a huge time away, but coming back on and seeing all the reviews has left me with a renewed passion to finish this story!
Thank you for your constructive criticism. I hope that I can correct all the little issues I have when I start writing again.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #20, by g-woman Mooning the Marauders

23rd February 2010:
please write more i'm absolutely in love with james!

Author's Response: Haha! Thank you! I'm glad you like him. I have always had a soft spot for him too.

I hope to start writing some more soon.

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Review #21, by SeVeRuS LoVeR Mooning the Marauders

23rd February 2010:
K well I just read thru the whole thing at once so I'm going to just review everything up till now haha

Well I'll start by saying I LOVE ur writng haha :))

I somewhat hate lily for not knowing that she deserves a lot better than Amos and don't even get me started on how much I want to punch Amos' face in for being such an arse haha

I love ur Sirius and James they're just perfect haha I also love Aria she's so fiesty perfect for Sirius!!!

I love the story so far I can't wait for more!!! :))

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Review #22, by JilyRonks Mooning the Marauders

22nd February 2010:

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Review #23, by JilyRonks An Unexpected Gesture

22nd February 2010:
Please, Please, PLEASE don't let Lily fall in love with Amos Diggor! Great chapter ! JilyRonks x

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Review #24, by cnewk Mooning the Marauders

22nd February 2010:
I liked the chapter

Interesting distinction Chloe says that she is over the top not because she Likes him but because she finds him attractive, though she said that isn't what she meant it's what she said as a first response and that says a lot.

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Review #25, by LOLhaily Mooning the Marauders

22nd February 2010:
HEY!! cant wait for more!! im srry this isnt much of a review but im in a hurry!! ill reveiw again later!

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