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Review #1, by James_Got_Punked Going Home

20th September 2014:
Oh,I read all the chapters in a go and had a great laugh :D
This was hilarious..
Thanks for writing this :) Amazing:)

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Review #2, by M Going Home

27th May 2013:
I loved this story!!! It was very very funny, and made me laugh. I think my mum's ben wondering what I've been doing on my computer...

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Review #3, by maya Going Home

18th August 2012:
I do so love this story, i've read it 3 time now, still love it!
I have to laugh at the crazy things going on in it, it's one of my favorites!
I'm curious though, what did happen with Hermione the ice cream and the dinosaur??
Please tell me.

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! Particularly for reading the three times :D I will be honest and say I had no idea about Hermione and the dinosaur, but I will try and cobble something together now... Right here goes! Hermione had had a long internal debate about whether to purchase an ice cream, having been on some sort of experimental diet involving Flobberworm Mucous (to Ron's disgust). The diet in question omitted dairy but as she was on holiday she decided to "just go for it". Sadly though, a nearby display of T-Rex skeletons came tumbling down, the claw of which knocked the ice cream from her grasp! - Far fetched but it's a magical world out there :P Thank you for reviewing again! :D

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Review #4, by sachin Going Home

11th January 2012:
very good...but some emotional wld have been grt

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Review #5, by WaitingForARon Sleepy Children and Sneaky Spiders

31st October 2011:
Love it. Haha, Albus and James are like me and my brother.

Author's Response: Thank you! :D I'm glad it was authentic! Being an only child and a girl I'm very happy I managed to get a brotherly relationship right. :D

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Review #6, by may Going Home

16th July 2011:
This is such an exelent story!! I've read it twice now. Still love it with all my heard!!!

thanks for writing!!!

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Review #7, by alwaysthetoneofsurprise A Toilet Related Antic that funnily enough... Involves Toilets

29th March 2011:
Okay, seriously. How are you this good? I am so incredibly jealous.

Loved the part about Ron and Hugo in the ladies' room, and the "Hermione, the ice cream, and the dinosaur" bit. (Will we get that story later?)

You have perfectly imagined Ronald as a father: "Because, Master Weasley..." LOVE IT. :)

And James. I am adoring him more and more by the minute. "... said James, with a finger in the air..."


Author's Response: Haha thank you! I love you for all your lovely reviews that make me all happy inside. :D

Writing dialogue between all the characters is just so so so so fun! Especially with characters like James and Ron and Harry. Ahhh now that story is for you to decide! Far more fun with a bit of ambiguity. ;)

Thank you so much for all your lovely reviews again! I'm very pleased you enjoy my stories. :D

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Review #8, by alwaysthetoneofsurprise A Traffic Jam and a Fat Lorry Driver

29th March 2011:

More brilliant-osity!

I loved the bit about, "Just thought thus journey would be more fun if I had an enemy."And the parts about the traffic: "...traffic still very much not moving. Ronald reaching mental breakdown." Exactly how I imagine Ron in Muggle traffic. :) Also the bit where Harry went mad over the fat man. I pretty much adored all of it. Would it be all right if I came to your house in the middle of the night and captured your writing talent in a jar to use for my own selfish purposes? It would? Good. See you then!

Author's Response: So it was YOU in was in the house last night! I thought I heard something...

Muggle traffic jams are nerve grating at the best of times but I figured Ron's temper was quicker to be frayed than most... which added an interesting element. :)

Thank you lots for all review! Glad you enjoyed the story. :)

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Review #9, by Karly Sleepy Children and Sneaky Spiders

28th March 2011:
Absolutely brilliant! Your writing is very similar to J.K. Rowling's in my opinion, which is not only a compliment but also means I can almost believe I'm reading an official sequel series (which is a VERY good thing, trust me). I love all of your stories so much, you're such a talented writer! Please keep up the fantastic work!

Author's Response: :O Now that's a compliment! JK Rowling is my most favourite writer in the world (obviously). When I write my fanfics I try to replicate her style because I like to feel like I'm really reading Harry Potter when I read them back... if that makes sense. That's why I started writing fanfics in the first place, because I couldn't deal with there being no new Harry Potter books! Yet anyway (fingers crossed for book eight!!) :D

Thank you so much for your lovely review! :)

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Review #10, by Hermionegrangeravis "Oh the people we're related to..."

11th March 2011:
Voo-lay voo coo-shay avec moi? what does that mean? ps i love it!

Author's Response: It means "Would you like to sleep with me?" :D It's from a song that I thought Ron may have heard. It also explains why Fleur got angry with him when he asked it. :D

Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #11, by Geliaebrina A Traffic Jam and a Fat Lorry Driver

18th September 2010:
I am reading this at 1 in the morning and laughing my head of. You are stealing my beauty sleep;-)

Love protective Harry

Author's Response: Oh no! Quickly go to sleep, don't be distracted by Ron's road rage! :D Lol I'm really pleased it's making you laugh!

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Review #12, by Ginnypotter87 Going Home

1st July 2010:
Omigosh! It was lovley! I also like your story: Muggle Fairytales as improved by Ron Weasley, and both your stories are hilarious!!!

Author's Response: Thank you! I always like to hear I'm funny... nice little ego boost. :D

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Review #13, by sofimac16 A Traffic Jam and a Fat Lorry Driver

3rd June 2010:
Ahhh... the usual family fun during a road trip... Gotta love it!

Author's Response: Heehee :D Yes, possibly the most memorable part of any holiday is the journey. Especially on language trips. Always fun trying to watch about three teachers dealing with over a hundred over excited 13 year olds. :D Thank you for reviewing !

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Review #14, by sofimac16 Sleepy Children and Sneaky Spiders

2nd June 2010:
You gotta love brotherly love. Favourite line:

"I love you," he hastily, "Please don't hurt me."

The defeater of Voldemort is afraid of his wife... of course it would happen that way!

Author's Response: Well he needs somebody to be afraid of. :P And who better than his lovely wife!?

Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #15, by VoldemortTheGreat Going Home

9th January 2010:
love the ending it is awesome

Author's Response: Thank you! xx

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Review #16, by You Know Who Going Home

6th January 2010:
It reminds me of my family vacations.

God times, good times

Author's Response: Big family holidays always seem a nightmare at the time but then when you get home you know you just had the best time of your life. :D

Or so I find...
Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #17, by kassandra466 Going Home

29th December 2009:
OMG!! i LOVEd it!! hahah!! made me laugh!!! lilly locked herself in the suitcase cuz she didnt want to leave!! : D

Author's Response: Thank you for all your reviews! I'm so happy you liked this story. It took me forever to finish!

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Review #18, by kassandra466 Ron's Slippers and Merlin's Trousers

29th December 2009:
hahaha!! omg!! i LOVED it!!1 it was AMAZING!! : D made me laugh and SMILE!! : D

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Review #19, by kassandra466 "Oh the people we're related to..."

29th December 2009:
Oh this is very pretty, Lily gushed upon arrival. She clapped her hands together, and began tugging at her mothers hand, Look at all those necklaces! They’re so pretty!

Wait a minute Lils, Ginny said, We’ll obviously need to split up. I don’t think the men of the group will want to look at jewellery.

She looked sideways at Harry with a wry smile, because she had seen a flicker of panic pass across his face at the mention of necklaces, and looking at said necklaces.

No way, James said, backing away with his hands in front of him, We want to go looking at – power tools? Is that right Herm? That’s what Muggle men like isn’t it?

Hermione nodded wearily, not bothering to point out that power tools were unlikely to be found here.

So me, Al, Hugo, Dad and Uncle Ron will all go looking for – he paused, and then said, power tools! in a very proud voice, having remembered their name.

Are power tools like wands? Albus asked.

That would depend, Hermione answered, and for some reason she looked at Ron with an oddly suppressed smile, who went bright red. Harry noticed this.

Couldn’t you – confund – someone into giving us their boat? James whispered, so that Harry had to bend down to hear him.

What? No! Harry said, quickly standing up and looking at his son sternly, That’s not very nice James. Its called taking advantage of people.

But – James looked around desperately, LOOK! That boat has people on it.

Why are you so desperate to go in a boat James? Harry asked, exasperated Last time you went in a boat you got so scared that you –

SHHH! James hissed at his Dad, Don’t tell everyone!

Why, what happened?Ron asked, with an evil grin, which had also appeared on Hugo’s face. They looked uncommonly alike.

We can’t tell you, Albus said to them, not out of loyalty, but out of fear of what James would do to him.

Harry? asked Ron. Harry hesitated, wanting to repeat the funny story, but it caused James so much embarrassment that he simply couldnt, especially as James was looking at him beseechingly, willing him not to tell. Loyalty to his child meant that he couldn’t tell the story. Everyone was very disappointed, except James.

And anyway said James, looking at his shoes, that was a dodgy old boat that belonged to that horrible old man down the road… it wasn’t fit for human use.

Thats fair enough James, Harry said, ruffling his sons hair, so it became even messier. It looked like Harrys messy hair would be carried down many generations… he just hoped that a girl never got it, because girls were funny about things like hair.

He shrugged and gave Ron a small smile, as though daring him to laugh, even though he knew he never would. Ron gave Harry a hasty pat on the back, and a quiet I know and they quickened their pace to catch up with their rowdy children, who were now earning disapproving glances from seagulls and pedestrians alike.

They all walked around, stopping at separate market stalls to admire apples, clothing, more jewellery, handbags, and even some rather sinister looking leather bracelets with metal spikes coming out of them.

COOL! said Rose, Mum please –

Good God no! Hermione said, Those are foul.

But think! I could hit Hugo so much better if I had –

Oh Rosie! Hermione said, Don’t do this to me! Next think you’ll be – you’ll be dying your hair black and wearing black nail varnish and –

Rose’s eyes widened as she contemplated this new image… it sounded amazing. Hermione spotted this and blanched. Ginny chuckled.

Good luck Hermione, she said, patting Hermione on the back with a laugh.

hahaa!! I LOVED it!! it was AMAZING!! : D

Author's Response: Wow thank you! I've never had a review with this many quotes in before! You've made me feel like I'm quite famous! :D I don't know how... but thank you so much for all your reviews! :D It's always nice to hear I've been funny. It doesn't often happen... :D

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Review #20, by kassandra466 The Tussle with the Cupboard

29th December 2009:
hahaha!! OMG!! i LOVED it!! made me laugh! : D haha!! :D

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Review #21, by kassandra466 A Lethifold?

29th December 2009:
haha!! i LOVED it!! : D wow!! it was an intense in a box chapter!! : D

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Review #22, by kassandra466 Advantage

29th December 2009:
haha!! i LOVED it!! made me laugh!! haha!! : D

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Review #23, by kassandra466 The Swimming Pool and Some Lemons

29th December 2009:
hahaha!! OMG!! i LOVED It!! it made me Laugh and SMILE!! : D

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Review #24, by kassandra466 The Duvet

29th December 2009:
HAHAHAH!! OMG! I LOVED it!! it was AMAZING!! Made me SMILE!! : D

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Review #25, by kassandra466 "You can see his bott- !"

29th December 2009:
hahaha!! OMG that made me laugh!!! hahaha!! i LOVED it!! it was AMAZING!! :D

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