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Review #1, by allie_0608 Chapter 6 Dinners from the Neighbors

17th August 2009:
Lol, loved this chapter!
Hope u update soon!!

Author's Response: Lol? This was a story about a funeral. I hope you weren't laughing! But all the same, I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #2, by allie_0608 Chapter 5 Shifting

6th August 2009:
I reaally hope you update ASAP!
It's interesting to see things from Petunia's POV!!
Great job!

Author's Response: I promise, I will add the next chapter as soon as I can.

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Review #3, by allie_0608 Chapter 2 The Green-Ink Letter

4th August 2009:
I Love this! It's awesome!

Author's Response: I'm glad you're liking it!

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Review #4, by Stag Night Chapter 1 The Boy from the Park

26th June 2009:
I just validated your latest chapter on my staff account. I had to immediately come over here and add it to my favourites, because I was really impressed (and it's really rare I see something so awesome in the queue). It's really original thus far - I never see stories about Petunia. So though I have read chapter 5 already, I am here starting from the beginning.

I love how it started out, with the older sister running to tell on the younger one, and the younger one desperately chasing and begging her not to. I could just see two girls running like mad down the street. Haha. And I loved the description of the house and neighborhood, how modest. It sounds wonderful, like the type of neighborhood you'd see in those movies that always have good values.

I loved Petunia's jealousy. I think anyone with a sibling can admit that they always think the other is slightly favoured. I can remember telling on my siblings, thinking I'd get them in trouble, and it always seemed to turn around on me. How frustrating, but now that I'm older I can see I was just being ridiculous. But anyway, I love it, it's so realistic the way Petunia is behaving.

I'm glad that in their room, they seemed to make up a bit and still get along.

I'll be back to review within a few days. I have 2 other chaptered fics I'm currently reading in addition to writing my own, and I'm a validator, and then there is RL. So I'm not too fast, but I'll be back :)

Author's Response: Wow, such a good review! I hope to see more from you!

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Review #5, by Sweet Rose Fairy Chapter 4 The First Christmas Holiday

3rd June 2009:
Wow, this is an amazing story!! I can really identify with both of the sisters!!! I actually cried for poor Petunia when she got the letter back from Dumbledore... I finally understand why she would hate the magical world soo much! It made me think of how I would feel if my younger sister got to go to Hogwarts and I didn't; it would be terrible! Your writing style is spectacular, please update soon :D

Author's Response: Spectacular? Certainly high praise!

Thank you very much!

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