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Review #1, by inkscribble Interludes of Nine and Three Quarters

27th March 2009:
Wow. That was amazing. Simply brilliant. There's really no words for how much I loved it. It was heart-breaking but it still made me smile. I really like how you cooperated the flashbacks with what was happening at the moment; it didn't come out of nowhere but worked very well with the story. There were a few grammatical errors, or rather some things you could have changed to keep the flow going a little better, like for instant:

He stood up. And. He turned away.

It might just be me, but the word 'and' doesn't work very well on it's own. But besides that, the story was fantastic! You really showed his and her feelings extremely well and the end was just. magnificent. The whole thing was, actually.

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Review #2, by Canary in the Mine Interludes of Nine and Three Quarters

24th March 2009:
Oh! This is soo sweet and cute. I like this a lot. It doesn't have a very happy ending, but it's real and true. I love this style of writing, but you don't see it often enough ^_^

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Review #3, by The Empress Interludes of Nine and Three Quarters

9th March 2009:
Aww... I don't whether I want to cry or laugh. great writing Rita. (My hero:) I loved this. The way you used the flashbacks in with the present was excellent. "Just not enough." What a heart breaker. I like the little things in here, like how the little girl has her hair pulled back and her mother never liked her own that way. And how Catherine is looking straight at him when she says, "Yes, like your brother." It communicates a lot without having lots of extra words. Great story!

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Review #4, by Misty_Rey Interludes of Nine and Three Quarters

13th February 2009:
Oh wow, what a beautiful one-shot. As much as I ship Teddy/Victoire, I really like the thought of Teddy/OC as well. After all, Victoire can't have been his first, seeing as he is a couple of years older than she is. It's more than plausible that he had other serious relationships before her. The way you wove Teddy and Catherine's relationship was so... incredible. I believed it. The complex emotions involved were told so simply and yet felt so tangible at the same time. There were so many emotions strewn throughout the story but not once did the plot felt overburdened by them. It was enhanced by them. On a side note, the summary is amazing as well. It perfectly summed up the quiet, subtle kind of love that is far more common in real life than the lust-driven passion so often depicted in fanfics. ^_^. Amazing, amazing writing, Rita. 10/10.


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Review #5, by Georgia Weasley Interludes of Nine and Three Quarters

29th January 2009:
This was very sweet and sad at the same time. One of those 'what might have been' moments in life. Well written and full of lovely imagery, I enjoyed it very much. Sorry it took me so long to get here! The ending of this left so much unsaid between them, and you get the feeling that it is so much better left unsaid. What good could it bring to ask and answer such things? Teddy longed for her to love him more than 'enough', and she just couldn't. So now he must settle for being happy 'enough'. And she must also. Sad, but very realistic. Well done.

Author's Response: Hey there! Sorry for my late response!

I'm glad you liked the story. I think the fact that they understand each other despite never voicing out their unsaid questions is what makes it all the more endearing for me. There will always be that part of them that is connected somehow and through that, I think they understand the other's reasons for doing what they did and things ending the way they did. Resignation is part of that understanding.

Again! Thank you again for reviewing!

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Review #6, by Billion Interludes of Nine and Three Quarters

7th January 2009:
This was heartbreakingly beautiful. The wording was well done with just enough hints given to tell the story without completely telling it. I salute you for the ability to impact the reader with abundant emotion in such brevity.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the great review!

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Review #7, by GubraithianFire Interludes of Nine and Three Quarters

3rd January 2009:
Rita! *faints* Ever since I read I Never Writ back in August, I've been intrigued by your writing, but haven't actually reviewed anything else (because The Crash made me lose faith in the reviewing process - or, more plausibly, I'm lazy as hell =P). I don't remember how (which is especially sad, since it's literally been about half an hour), but I stumbled across your author's page again, and saw this, and it seemed to be a Teddy/Victoire one-shot, which I love, so I'm finally reading it... and ZOMG. (Shall I get on to THIS story? I think I should).

Let me first say that for the next generation, I'm kind of adamant about canon characters (or as close to canon as these kids are, since we know basically nothing about them) get with other canon characters: Rose and Scorpius, Teddy and Victoire. So I'm not exactly big on the idea of Teddy/OC because, well, I like canon! (Sometimes). Buuut, this story is really simple and yet really interesting; because it makes so much sense and yet is something not explored in fanon enough. The story of Teddy and Catherine, framed by the new romance of Teddy and Victoire, is a bittersweet one, but not exactly bittersweet... they're both happy with their new relationships, it seems, but that question of "what if?..." always is there, you know? And this was really well done, I think. Excellent juxtaposition with the past and the future, and as much as I don't like the idea of Catherine, I actually like her, which is really hard to do with OCs in one-shots.

Yay for my first Teddy/OC! This was really, really fascinating and I'm in love with you. 9/10, because there were some minor grammatical errors, but still, enchanting job. *squishes*

Author's Response: Wowzah! It's Gubby! I am so sorry for answering this so late! Work's been busy and kept dragging me away from this! But I am here now and I am more than giddy to read this review and reply to it!

Hahaha, I am misleading aren't I? It is a Teddy/Vic fic I guess, but it's more of a love letter to a former flame while looking towards the future ahead of you. Closure so to speak. I just think Teddy can never move on from Catherine unless he faces her one more time and willingly closes that door. But it's up to the reader to decide if he was successful or not.

Hehe, I'm not much of a canon buff myself. I always like dwelling in the unlikely but plausible. I don't think anyone falls in love just once in their life time. It's a process and heartbreak enables us to love even more the next time around. Teddy loved Catherine a life time ago, and just because it didn't work out, doesn't mean that he doesn't care about here. In a limbo between friends and lovers. That's where I think they are. The what ifs are just a reflection of that because both of them knew that there was a possible future for them.

Yay for you liking Teddy/OC! And I will be sure to have it beta'd *bad me*!

Thanks so much for the review Gubby!

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Review #8, by Romina Stephanie Interludes of Nine and Three Quarters

3rd January 2009:
This was lovely! I admit that I was a bit confused at the beginning - I didn't realize he was waving Victoire off and that the woman that walked up on him had been a previous lover. I had to go back when I'd finished reading. But I loved the emotion you incorporated in this story, and the meetings at the platform, and how her life had evolved everytime since they'd last seen each other. Anyways, a very sweet and heart-wrenching story. Well done Rita!

Author's Response: Hey Steph! Thanks so much! Hahaha, I guess I should have made myself much clearer huh? I can totally understand how you got confuzzled ^_^ I'm glad that you liked the story! From the queen of oneshots, this is one hell of a compliment form you!


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Review #9, by serendip Interludes of Nine and Three Quarters

2nd October 2008:
My god. Rita, that was so sweet, yet heart-breaking and cruel.
It made me want to cry, but of course I couldn't. It'd ruin my nonexistent reputation. =P
Catherine...she's not canon, right? Is Dorian? I seem to remember the name. Teddy's canon though, and Victoire. I know that much. =P
Those last lines were just...woah. Indescribable, really. They were only nine (I probably counted wrong, you may want to check) words, but merlin they were powerful. Just not enough, eh?
Poor Teddy.
I'm gonna go cry (snap. strike through tags don't work) sit in a corner now. And think. Or something. =P


Author's Response: Sorry for the late reply Ali, but thank you for the honor of being my first review since the crash *hugs* And don't worry, I'll hush up about your reputation! LOL!

Nope, Catherine is not a canon character. I had an image that Teddy and Victoire were not first and last lovers, so I had someone come before that. Someone who made him the man he is today. And Dorian is also an OC :)

And I am glad you liked the last lines. I wanted to be short but enough to break a heart when said.

Thank you for reviewing Ali love!

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