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Review #1, by justme Empty: One-Shot Angst

6th January 2009:
this seems kind of the same as a well known fanfic on this site, which is also called 'Empty' and like this one, Harry dies, but the other one is based on James and Lily. I'm just curious, because this story seems to be along the same lines as that one.
but this story was really good, keep it up!! :)

Author's Response: Oh! I had no idea that it seemed I might be copying someone's idea! I assure you that any resemblance between the two stories was completely accidental.

Thanks for informing me,


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Review #2, by Sakura Empty: One-Shot Angst

6th October 2008:
I just wanted to say that I love this story a lot! I think they're super into character and the story was really good too. The whole dictionary thing was just so hermione-ish.:)
Although Harry's death is sad, you needed it to make it realistic so I forgive you. Plus, it's a thousand times better than if you'd written something stupid like Harry 'miraculously' having survived and coming back. Thanl you for such a good story Kels! 10/10

Author's Response: You're welcome, 'Sakura'. (I'm quite sure I know who you are...)

I had someone say this sort of thing before, about how Harry's death was sad but better than some silly plot line where he was suddenly alive again. Reiterating what I told them, I say that you're completely right. While it hurt to write Harry's death (it really did), I hoped, as you said, to make it realistic. To loosely quote what that previous reviewer said: when someone's gone, they're gone. No editing, no do-overs.

And it's good to know that I captured the Hermione-ish-ness of Hermione's character in this story. I was wondering if she might be a little OOC because of her 'numb' sort of emotional state, but now I know that she wasn't.

Thanks for reviewing!


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