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Review #1, by harryginny_1fan Chasing Harry

17th October 2009:
are u going to continue this story ?
i would really like to finish
its been almost a year

thanks harryginny_1fan

Author's Response: Sorry I have been very busy over the last few years. I have missed Harry Potter fan fics and hope to return soon

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Review #2, by jusbus Chasing Harry

10th May 2009:
naughty naughty hehe! awesome pilot chapter!

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Review #3, by Jessiy The Wrath of Mrs. Weasley

30th March 2009:
Loved this chapter and yet again well written! I love your work and style...so what is this conflict?

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Review #4, by Jessiy Chasing Harry

29th March 2009:
I love this, your writng is alot like JK Rowling and it is excellent..I can't wait for more. I understand your keeping to the actual story but I hate that Fred is dead :( Love him, poor George :(
The author Harry and Ginny asked u to make a banner 4 a new story she has called..."Harry Potter and the untold 7th Year" and she has sent u e-mails but u haven't replied. the story has alll the characters except those who died and this is a Harry/Ginny; Ron/Hermione; Draco/OC and Other pairing. Get back to her if poss or even me, jessiy_in_love @ hotmail.co.uk
Jessiy x oh and 10/10

Author's Response: Sorry I was very busy when you wrote me this, over the last couple of years I did not have time for anything but work sadly. I am sorry I was not there for you, Thank you for your nice comments

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Review #5, by Amy Rowling The Rescue

3rd February 2009:
hi im jk rowlings daughter and my mum told me to always carry on witha story no matter hoe hard it may be keep going

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Review #6, by Hermione Clone The Loo

28th January 2009:
Wow, that was unexpected. I wonder who Blackfang is working for? This is getting more and more interesting!

I loved the interaction with Harry and Ginny in the bathroom! It was so perfect, and it was going wonderfully until George barged in.

one thing that has bothered me a bit about this story. Whenever something happens, Harry just casts Ginny aside, and focuses on work. I just can't see that happening. Although he would probably still go and do whatever it was he had to do, i think he's be more conflicted about it. I don't know, that's just how I've been feeling.

Nice idea to get everyone out of the house. I wonder if it will really work, or if they will all be in more danger because of it.

Good job!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review, I'm glad you liked it.


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Review #7, by Hermione Clone The Wand Within

28th January 2009:
Interesting how they didn't attack Harry once he showed up I mean, it makes sense, though.

Just one thing. I thought that Grayback was dead? And even if he wasn't, i would think that he would take control over the wolves, not let someone else do it.

I hope that Harry's alright. Maybe he won't get turned into a wolf, since he was in wolf form when he was bitten.

Maybe having Ginny back will be a good thing. I hope they get a chance to work things out!

Author's Response: I couldn't find a part where Grayback died but maybe I didn't look hard enough...

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Review #8, by Hermione Clone The Rescue

28th January 2009:
Oh, interesting! It's a good thing that no one is at the Burrow (I hope) so that even if there is a battle, none of the Weasleys get hurt at least.

I didn't like the part with Ginny smoking. I don't know, it really just bugged me. Not to mention the fact that if she is pregnant (which I think she is) she'll probably hurt the baby!

Anyways, I thought the whole thing at the camp was neat. The whole branding things sounds painful. I hope it's not like the Dark Mark and doesn't stay with Harry once he's turned back into his regular form. Too bad that some of the Hostages didn't survive, but at least McGonagall is alright.

Nice job!

Author's Response: As to your time-line question it was a typo >< it was supposed to say "after two and a half days" not weeks. :) good eye

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Review #9, by Hermione Clone Battle Plan

28th January 2009:
Very interesting! I wonder how Harry will be able to function properly with a Veela right next to him!

Oh, I hope that Ginny is alright! She's not ready to have a baby to deal with, and with the way things have been going with Harry...not to mention her family's reaction, and not being able to play with the team! Oh, but I have a nasty little feeling that she is knocked up. *sigh*

I have a question about the time line. At the end of the last chapter, it said there was four days until the full moon. This chapter was two weeks later, and it said that the full moon was approaching again. I was just wondering if this was supposed to be a second full moon, or was it supposed to be the same one? I got a little confused with that.

I hope Harry can successfully infiltrate the camp and they can find the hostages!

Nice job!

Author's Response: err I have to check that out again. thanks for pointing that out :)

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Review #10, by Hermione Clone Pet Peeves

28th January 2009:
Very interesting turn of events. I loved the whole Harry having to escort Ginny, though I wish a little more could have happened in that time. Oh well, they'll have to work things out eventually.

There were a few little things. Ron seemed a bit...stereotypical. Maybe there is something else going on that we just aren't aware of yet (and if that is the case, than you can just ignore this part), but otherwise he seemed off. Also, there were a few grammatical things, like "your" instead of "you're", so you might just want to read through it again.

I wonder why the wolves are targeting Animagi? Could it be somehow related to their own transformations?

I love that the guy is turning himself into a racehorse! Hilarious!

I hope they can figure out where all these people are before it's too late.

Nice job!

Author's Response: I do want to edit and make the bus scene longer. I've been waiting to edit a lot of this story I just haven't had the time yet... Your reviews are making me want to though lol so thanks for the motivation :D


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Review #11, by Hermione Clone Barking Mad

28th January 2009:
Very interesting, with McGonagall and Rita being held captive. I hope they are alright.

I liked Harry's first day of Auror school! The comparison with Snape teaching DADA was great!

Just one thing. I was surprised at Harry's lack of reaction to the teacher's references to the werewolves. I mean, even though he knows that these wolves are bad, he would probably think of Remus at least once, and have to remind himself that these wolves were different. Also, some of the spells, such as the one that would make them transform differently, could have helped Remus out with his transformations, since he didn't want to be a full fledged wolf. Just curious about how that all fits in.

Anyways, I loved the confrontation between Harry and Ginny. He's still being a total arse, but Ginny's reaction was spot on. Nicely done with that!

I loved Ginny's reaction to the Harpies letter! What a great surprise in the midst of all these terrible things.

Nice chapter!!!

Author's Response: omg you are so right about Harry's reaction! I'm definitely going to have him flash back on a Lupin moment :D thanks for pointing that out.

Thanks for the review.


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Review #12, by Hermione Clone Proposition

28th January 2009:
Sorry I've taken so long with this! I was away for a week and I didn't have access to a comptuer.

Ut oh, this doesn't look good.

I hope Harry comes to his senses soon and tries to talk to her rather than just leaving now. They just have to work things out!

Just one thing. I thought that Aurthur sounded too proper when he came home with Kingsley. What he said sounded more like something Hermione or Umbridge might say, not him. Maybe just tone it down a bit.

Very interesting situation with the werewolves. I'm a bit curious about the spell the head wolf used. I wonder was it some spell that he/some wolf created?

I like where this is going. Very intriguing so far! Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. I think you're right about the dialouge with Arthur, I'll edit it at some point :)

& that spell is actually another thing that needs to be edited lol ><

I'm glad you like it so far


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Review #13, by Spicky Proposition

25th January 2009:
i LOVE this story!!!
ps could you please read my story 'three little words'? thanks

Author's Response: Thanks for all of the kind reviews and yes I will definitely check out your story as soon as I get back from work tomorrow ( I work nights so I am about to leave now). Thanks again, I can't wait to check out your story :)


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Review #14, by Spicky The Wrath of Mrs. Weasley

25th January 2009:
its not that slow...
its really great, love it!!!

Author's Response: Thanks again :) I think some parts are slow and others not, I'm working on it still. I'm glad you like it.


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Review #15, by Spicky Chasing Harry

25th January 2009:
ooh, silly teenagers!!!
really good story!!!
i LOVE it!!!

Author's Response: Lol, thanks so much for the review... they get sillier!


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Review #16, by PottersGirl The Wrath of Mrs. Weasley

16th January 2009:
I really like your story. You portrayed the charactars perfectly I truly liked it. I love Ginny, she is just so full of fire that I love. Well anyways besides the wonderful story that I was reading, I was wondering if you could make banners for my stories. If you want of course I don't want to push you into anything. I have seen your banners and they are very nice looking. ;) Very nice story. Please reply soon 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the nice review. I can definitely make you a banner just email me either through the HP forums or my personal email:

webster_only @ hotmail . com

(take out the spaces of course)

Please let me know in the mail exactly which stories need banners and what you would like on them, unless you just want me to do my own thing with it.

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Review #17, by ginnyharryromance The Loo

14th January 2009:
wow i really like your story
when do you plan on posting the next chapters
its really good your a creative writer

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review. I'm not sure when my next update will be, i'm really busy and I want to edit the current chapters first. I'm really glad you liked it though.


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Review #18, by harryginny_1fan The Wand Within

8th January 2009:
i see you made some imporvements that great
i can't wait to see the next chapters
i know there going to be great
happy writting

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm getting a beta really soon so it will get even better :D


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Review #19, by jennaBee The Loo

6th January 2009:
I really loved this chapter, and the reoccuring place setting!! lol. that and the little ginny/harry moments, wonderful!!!



Author's Response: Thanks Jen :D I just found a beta for this story so i'm not going to post anymore chapters until all of these ones have been fixed; I think it will be worth it though :)

I"m glad you liked it & Thanks again


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Review #20, by vanitycrash Proposition

5th January 2009:
Um, isn't 'Crucio' the curse you were looking for? But then again, you pointed out that he died, so wouldn't it be 'Avada Kedavra?'

To be quite honest, there were numerous grammar and punctuation errors, but I overlooked them, as you said you were taking care of them. But the fact of the matter is, it's really hard for me, and probably many other readers as well, to read a story when there are many errors, such as the ones you have here. I am not trying to be rude-- on the contrary, I am trying to give constructive criticism, and hopefully you won't lash out on me like many others have, as I am only trying to help.

Sorry for the very short reviews!

Author's Response: Yeah that spell is another mistake that I have to fix. *Soon soon soon* :) Thanks for the review. I appreciate your advice, & I am definitely going to edit all of these chapters before I post anymore.


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Review #21, by vanitycrash The Wrath of Mrs. Weasley

5th January 2009:
vanitycrash again, here as you requested.

Again, you haven't quite explained the grief of the Weasley family's lost son. I know that isn't the main point of the story, but you really should add in the emotions and feelings of the characters.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. Again, I will be expanding on this, BUT I still don't want the grief to be the main focus of the story.


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Review #22, by vanitycrash Chasing Harry

5th January 2009:
Hello, vanitycrash here as you requested! Firstly, I'd like to apologize for the long delay. I thank you for your patience; everything has been quite hectic for me and I hope you understand. Second of all, since your story has more than three chapters, I will only be able to review the first, second, and third chapters. Sorry for any inconvenience, but this is the only way I'll be able to review all the other stories.

Firstly, I noticed in the first sentance, it's cut off, and starts off on a new line. Could you possibly edit it and make it proper, as it's quite hard to read?

Quite honestly, it would make for a good story, but the problem is, you don't explain/grasp Ginny's despair and depression over her brother, who has just died. You should show her grief, and at least explain her emotions, mourning over her brother.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, I've fixed that sentence.

I will be expanding on this chapter soon so hopefully you will see some improvement in detail of feelings, especially Ginny. ( I Just found a beta for this story so we're going to edit it together :D )


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Review #23, by onestop_hpfan18 Chasing Harry

4th January 2009:
Hey, here to review as requested. I thought this was a well written chapter. The only mistake I found was 'allot' which I'm assuming you meant 'a lot'. Other than that, though, I didn't see anything else that needed to be edited. And the flow was nicely done as well and it kept me reading. Great job. 9/10

Author's Response: thanks for the review, I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for pointing out that mistake, I will esit on the 6th :)


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Review #24, by Hermione Clone The Wrath of Mrs. Weasley

3rd January 2009:
Well, I have a few things.

First, it was a bit confusing at first what had actually happened up there in the tower. I thought that they had slept together, but then if almost sounded like they hadn't. Maybe in the part where Harry was trying to act like it hadn't happened, he could have thought about it a little more specifically, just to make things a little clearer.

Also, I didn't care for Hermione's reaction. She seems like the kind of person that would try to be there for her friend, even if she thought her actions were irresponsible. Hermione probably knows better than anyone about Ginny and Harry’s feelings towards each other (Remember it was Hermione that Ginny consulted for advice on how to get him to notice her), and would be more sympathetic than disappointed. Also, I think she would know how much both of them, as well as everyone else would be dealing with, and wouldn't say that they shouldn’t be together because of that.

With that said, I did like parts of this chapter.

First, the funeral was great! I loved how Harry thought of what Fred would think about his wandering mind at the ceremony. That fit perfectly! I was a bit surprised that the funerals were being held so soon, but I think it was very interesting that they buried the dead at Hogwarts. Nice touch!

I hope Harry and Ginny can work things out! After all that they've been through, they deserve to find some happiness!!!

Sorry if I sounded a bit harsh. :-/

Happy writing!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. Sorry you found it a bit confusing, I'm editing it soon so I will look into it.

You're right about Hermione's reaction to it all BUT it is just after everything that has happened she's not going to be in a wonderful mood. I sort of planned their personalities to be a bit ooc for a bit but maybe it is too much so.

Harsh, is good :D thanks for the review


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Review #25, by Hermione Clone Chasing Harry

3rd January 2009:
A very interesting take on the aftermath of the final battle.

One thing I noticed was that the constant point of view changes were slightly confusing. I couldn't really tell where one began and the next ended, and some of them were so short it was hard to register whose point of view it was from. Maybe try staying with one POV for a little longer, or at the very least make a clear defining mark as to change in perspectives, such as the page break or a few asterisks or something just to help the reader with the flow.

At first I was a bit surprised by Ginny's characterization, and she seemed a little bit off. However, by the end of the chapter I completely changed my mind and I thought she fit perfectly in the position of someone who had just lost so much.

Also, there were a few little grammar/spelling things you might want to look for. Just try reading it through again and you’ll probably pick them up-nothing that really disrupted the flow of the story.

Now that the nit-picky stuff has been taken care of...

I loved how Ginny stopped Harry! That was exactly something that she would do. I also liked the idea of the headmaster having to set all the charms like the one on the girls dorms. A very clever and unique idea!

I hope that Harry and Ginny don't get into any trouble. They've both gone through enough!

Nice job!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. Someone else said ai switch POV's too much, I think I might slow it down and add in the _POV_ lines for when I switch, maybe...


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